* = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES

dec. = deceased
otp = of this parish
p = written in the patronymic form
wcof = with consent of friends
wcop = with consent of parents
Wits: =  Witnesses (i.e. to a marriage)
(x) made his/her mark
A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
BT = Bishop's Transcript
DB =Domesday Book
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr = Old French
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh

Take note of the number(s) with the name in which you are interested and then, if necessary, refer to the KEY page (link above) to identify the transcription(s).  

C.G. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: C. G. 1829 aged 7

E.G. 350 Wrexham St. Giles Churchyard MIs:
                                   Elizabeth ROBERTSON   1 Dec 1831  &     E.G. 17 Sep 1839 aged 7

E.G., J. G., 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Robt. GRIFFITHS d. 21 Feb 1841 aged 13
                                                                            J. G. March 13 1841 aged 6
                                                                            Thos. GRIFFITHS d. 16 Sep 1841 aged 63
                                                                            Elizabeth GRIFFITHS d. 13 Dec 1842 aged 19
                                                                            E.G. d. 12 Sep 1845 aged 15
                                                                            Edward G. d. 29 Apr 1846 aged 25
                                                                            Ann G. d. 16 Jan 1820 aged 61
                                                                            Mary the wife of Thomas GRIFFITHS d. 27 Mar? 1811? aged 27 years 

J.G. 31 Hawarden transcription p.49 - 30 Jan 1829 note made by J.G.   Vicar or Curate    
M.G. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: M. G. 1819 (no other information)

S.G. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Francis the wife of Thomas GRIFFITHS of Acrefair d. 29 Apr 1816 aged 25
                                                                  Thomas GRIFFITHS d. 18 Jan 1819 aged 55 years
                                                                  S. G.  1829 aged 19

T.G. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Mary wife of Richard PLATT d. 2 Aug 1798
                                                                  T. G. aged 68 1831
                                                                  Richard PLATT d. 10 May 1808 aged 71
                                                                  Simon TUNNA 1 Nov 1830 aged 13

G. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Ann, Edward - see E.G., J.G. above

G.... 209B Llangedwyn: 18 Feb 1747/48 bap/o Thomas G----------- s/o David & Catharine, Banhadla
        349 Ysceifiog: 26 Dec 1741 mar/o John BRADSHAW & Mary G-----------
        441A Hope: 11 Mar 1837 mar by Banns of Evan THOMAS & Elizabeth BOYES both otp
                                                                      Wits: Thomas G....?, William WILDE, Anne HALSTONE (x)
        560p Llangollen: 11 Jan 1657/58 bap/o Edward fil Roger Jenings & Mary G.........

GABBIE fem. diminutive form of GABRIELLE

GABES *143 Llanrwst: 7 Feb 1802 bap/o Gabes WILLIAMS c/o Hugh & Anne


     GAB. *17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Gab. EDWARD
               79 Gresford: 25 Feb 1788 bur/o Hannah ROBERTS (GAB.) w/o Edward
     GABALL 552 Wrexham: Jane, John;
     GABAREL 435 Gresford: Edward, John;
GABBRIEL 310 Gresford: Jane, Tho;
GABL 235 Gwyddelwern: John;
              259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Edward, Humphrey;
     GABRAEL 84 Treuddyn: Edwd, Margaret, Sarah;
     GABRAL 445 Wrexham:
     GABREL    4 Llangollen: Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Evan Jon, John, Jon, Mary, Phillip, Simon, Thomas;
                     30 Wrexham: Mary, Owen;
                     38 Wrexham: Mary, Owen;
                     84 Treuddyn: Edwd, Hannah, Margt;
                    238 Llangollen: 13 Sep 1772 bap/o John (b 9) s/o Edward & Elizabeth, Trefor Issa
                    437 Ruabon: Jane;
                    445 Wrexham
     GABRELL 389 Hawarden: 26 Mar 1596 bur/o Jane
435 Gresford: Edward, Ellis;
     GABRIAL 310 Gresford: Jane;
     GABRIEL    1 Llandegla: Alis, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Sara;
                      *2 Llandegla: Gabriel EDWARDS
                       2 Llandegla: Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Thomas;
                       3 Llangollen: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Sarah;
                       4 Llangollen: Mary;
                       5 Llangollen: Eliz, Elizabeth, John, Martha, Simon, Thomas;
                      *6 Isycoed: 1670 Householder in Dutton Diffaeth: Gabriel SHONE
                       9 Efenechtyd: Dorothea, Evan, Henry, Jane;
                     13 Llandegla: Elinor, Grace, John, Moses;
                     14 Llanferres: Edward;
                     16 Hawarden: Catharine, Robt, Thomas;
                     17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Alice, Edward, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Jane, Lewis, Martha, Mary, Matthew, Richard, Thomas;
                     18 Hawarden: Cath, Catharine, Catherine, Robert, Susanna;
                     27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Alice, Anne, Catherine, David, Edward, Elin, Elinor, Elizabeth, Grace, Jane, John,
                                                  Jonathan, Joseph, Mary, Phebe, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                     29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Edward, Hugh, Jane;
                    *30 Wrexham: Gabriel THOMAS
                     30 Wrexham: Hannah, Owen, William;
                    *33 Llangwm: Gabriel THOMAS
                     33 Llangwm: Margt, William;
                     36 Ruabon: Charles, John, Sarah;
                     38 Wrexham: Cath, Catherine, Mary, Owen;
                    *44 Denbigh: Gabriel EDWARDS
                    *45 Denbigh: Gabriel EDWARDS
                    *49 Holywell:  5 Apr 1835 bap/o Edward EVANS s/o Gabriel (malster) & Margt
                                        12 Jan 1838 bap/o William EVANS s/o Gabriel (malster) & Margaret
                     49 Holywell: 12 Jun 1836 bap/o Henry s/o John (smith) & Anne, Bagillt
                    *53 Wrexham  :3 Aug 1801 bur/o Gabriel JONES, of Wrexham Regis
                                          21 Mar 1802 bap/o Mary ROBERTS (b 7) d/o Gabriel (flaxdresser) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                                          11 Nov 1810 bap/o Gabriel WATSON (b 23 Oct) s/o Joseph (sawyer) & Ann, Wrexham Regis
                     55 Nantglyn: 2 Nov 1677 bur/o Gabriel Thomas
                                        3 Jan 1700/1701 mar/o Thomas Gabriel of Llanrhaiader & Dorothy JONES otp
                                        5 May 1731 bur/o Thomas otp
                     56*D Rhuddlan: 23 Oct 1807 bur/o Ellin WILLIAMS (d 19) d/o Gabriel & Ellin (HUGHES), of Liverpool
                     57 Ruabon: Anne, Mariah, Samuel, William;

                                      9 Sep 1821 bap/o Samuel WRIGHT (GABRIEL)
                                                    illeg. s/o Samuel GABRIEL (lab) & Elizabeth WRIGHT (servant), Dinhinlle Isaf
                     61 Ruabon: 17 Nov 1838 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Edward ROBERTS (x) (lab) ba. of Acrefair s/o William ROBERTS (lab)
                                                          & Sarah GABRIEL (x) (servant) sp. of Penybryn d/o Thomas GABRIEL (lab)
                     77 Bryneglwys: 29 May 1720 bap/o Eilizabeth (b 28) d/o John
                     79 Gresford: 30 Jun 1778 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Daniel, pauper
                                        15 Sep 1780 bur/o Ann EDWARDS alias GABRIEL, aged 81
                                        24 Mar 1781 bur/o Jane ROBERTS alias GABRIEL, pauper

                                        29 Jul 1781 bap/o William EDWARDS (GABRIEL) s/o John GABRIEL & ------ EDWARDS
                                        18 May 1784 bur/o Elizabeth EDWARDS (GABRIEL) d/o Daniel, pauper
                     81A Hope: 27 Nov 1808 bap/o Edward (b 4) s/o Thomas & Anne (DAVIES of Kinnerton), Kinnerton
                                     21 Sep 1811 bap/o William (b 1) s/o Thos. & Anne (DAVIES of Higher Kinnerton), Hope Owen
                     83 Ruthin: 15 Jan 1784 bur/o Sara;
                                     12 Nov 1794 bur/o Margaret;
                                     19 May 1901 bur/o Thomas;
                     84 Treuddyn: Anne, Charlotte, Edward, Edwd, Isaac, Margaret, Margt, Robert;
                     86 Derwen: 8 Dec 1767 bap/o Thomas GABRIEL (EVAN)
                                                       illeg. s/o Thomas GABRIEL (shoemaker) of Clocaenog & Elizabeth EVAN (wid) otp
                     87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd: 30 Mar 1748 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Mary
                                                            26 Nov 1769 bap/o Evan GABRIEL (EVANS)
                                                                                 base s/o Thos. EVANS & Jane GABRIEL, Rhiw
                    106A Llangwyfan: Lowry;
                         B Llangwyfan: John;
                    107A Llanrhydd: John, Sarah, Thomas;
                    109 Pentrefoelas: Ann, John;
                   *113 Llanelidan: 13 Mar 1699/1700 bap/o William BURGOFFE s/o Gabriel & Elizabeth (JONES)
                                             9 Oct 1702 bap/o Magdalene BURGOFFE d/o Gabriel & Elizabeth (JONES)
                    114 Llanferres:
                    116A+C Llansilin:
                    123 Ruabon:
                    127A Mold:
                    129A Treuddyn;
                   *134 Llanefydd:
                   *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                   *141 Llangwm:
                    147 Llanddoget:
                    148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                    153 Hope:
                    158 Holywell:
                   *161 Mold: Gabriel EDWARDS
                    163A+B Ruabon:
                    165A+B Ruabon:
                    168B Hope:
                    169*A+A+B Llanrhydd:
                    176 Tremeirchion:
                    182 Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog: Ann, Dav, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas;
                    187 St. George:
                   *193+193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                    202 Bryneglwys:
                    205 Llantysilio:
                    208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                    209 B Llangedwyn: Dorothy, William;
                          C Llangedwyn: Edward, William;
                    212 Llangollen:
                    213 Llangollen:
                    215 Llanrhydd:
                    222 St. Asaph:
                    227C Ruthin:
                    229A St. Asaph:
                    232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                    235 Gwyddelwern: Anne, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Grace, Henry, Jane, Lewis, Mary, Owen, Richard, Richart,
                                               Richd, Thomas;
                    237 Gwyddelwern:
                    238 Llangollen:  2 Jan 1771 bur/o Evan Jo-th (lab), Eglwseg
                                            3 Jul 1771 bur/o Simon, Llangollen Abbot
                                           11 Aug 1782 bap/o Eliz. w/o John, Trefor Ucha
                                           12 May 1786 bur/o John (lab), Trefor Ucha
                    239A+B+E Llangar:
                    241A+B+C Llangar:
                    242A Gwyddelwern:
                    245C Llanrhydd:
                    246 Llanfwrog:
                    247 Llanfwrog:
                    250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                    251A+B Corwen:
                    252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                    253 Llanfawr:
                    254C Llanfawr:
                    255 Corwen:
                    256 Corwen:
                    257 Llandillo yn Edeirnion:
                    258A+C Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy:
                    259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Evan, Jane;
                    263A+C Llansilin:
                    282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                    285 Llanuwchllyn:
                    287 Llanycil:
                    292 Rhosymedre:
                    293 Hawarden:
                    294 Mold: 21 Jan 1827 bap/o Edward s/o Edward (lab) & Elizth of Bistre
                    304 Wrexham:
                    310 Gresford: Adam, Daniel, Edd, Edward, Edwd, Eliss, Eliz, Ellis, Jane, Jenny, Margt, Mary, Thomas, Thos;
                    315 Ruabon:
                    338 Llangollen:
                    337 Connah's Quay MIs: J.H., Mary Ann;
                    340 Mold: Edward, Sarah;
                    341 Ruabon: Ann, John;
                    345 Rhosllanerchrugog: Thomas;
                    348 Wrexham: Owen;
                    351 Ruthin Road Cemetery, Wrexham: Mary, William;
                   *352 Flint: Gabriel JONES
                    355 Ruabon: Edward, John, Maria, Samuel;
                    356 Ruabon: Maria, Samuel;
                    361 Llangollen: Ann, Elizabeth, John Thomas, Richard Henry, Robert Lewis, Thomas;
                   *366 Wrexham: William Gabriel OWEN
                    367 Abergele: 13 Jan 1688/89 bap/o Thomas (born 11th) s/o Thomas ap Humphrey & Anne (GABRIEL) of Villa/Harvilla
                                         28 Aug 1692 bap/o Jonett & Catherine (born 27th)
                                                                     twin ds/o Thomas ap Humphrey & Anne (GABRIEL) of Gwrych
                   *370 Wrexham: John Gabriel THOMAS
                    371 Llangollen: 16 Sep 1865 mar. by Banns of Thomas DAVIES (x) (boatman) ba/22 of Cys. s/o William (boatman)
                                                                                    & Sarah GABRIEL (x) sp. aged 21 of Cysyllte d/o Thomas (collier)
                    372 Wrexham: 17 May 1816 Sarah GABRIEL (x) & Richard BAINES (x) wits. at mar/o
                                                              John GRIFFITHS (x) (lab) ba. otp & Elizabeth BANES (x) sp. otp  by Banns
                                          25 Aug 1816 mar/o Morris ELLIS (x) (farrier) ba. otp & Sarah GABRIEL (x) sp. otp
                                                                        Wits: Thomas JONES (x), Anne JONES (x)    by Banns
                    382 Llanynys: 18 Jul 1730 mar. by Lic. of John JONES alias GABRIEL of Llandyrnog
                                                                             & Dorothy JONES alias EYTON otp
                    383 Ruthin: 15 Jan 1728/29 bur/o Evan (pauper);
                    386 Ruabon: 16 Jul 1852 mar. by Banns of Thomas GABRIEL (x) (blacksmith) ba/22 of CM s/o John (blacksmith)
                                                                              & Elizabeth THOMAS (servant) sp/21 of CM d/o John (druggist)
                    392 Gresford: 14 Jun 1734 bap/o Jane d/o Thomas
                                         17 Oct 1739 bur/o Jane d/o Thos.
                    393 Wrexham: 13 Jan 1879 bur/o Edward, aged 82, W House
                    395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Ann(e), David, Edward, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, John, Lewis, Marg., Margaret, Martha,
                                            Mary, Maurice, Richard, Roger, Thomas;
                    396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Anne, Edward, Hugh, Jane, John, Maurice, Sara;
                    400 Wrexham: 22 Oct 1829 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Robert GABRIEL (x) (farmer) & Hannah JONES (x) , both otp
                                                                                                Wits: Robert SIMONS (x), Anne DRURY
                    402A Denbigh: 23 Jun 1708 mar/o John PRICE (glover) & Mary GABRIEL
                    417 Wrexham: 17 Jun 1769 mar. by Lic. of Owen GABRIEL (x) wdr. & Catharine JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Robt EVANS, John EDWARDS
                    420B Halkyn:  4 Jan 1741/42 bur/o Samuel
                                        11 Jun 1748 bur/o Anne
                    427 Ruabon: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John;
                    430 Llangollen: David, Elizabeth, Mary;
                    431 Llangollen: Mary Ann;
                    432 Llangollen: Robert;
                    433 Llangollen: John;
435 Gresford: Catharing, Dorothy, Edward;
                    437 Ruabon: David, Margaret, Mary;
                    438A Broughton: Anne, Catharine, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Frances, Mary, Robert, Sarah, Thomas;
                         B Broughton: Mary, Robert;
                    440A,B Hawarden
                    445 Wrexham
                    447A,D Llandyrnog
                    450  Llanycil
                    454B Llanrhos
                    466 Hawarden
                    469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
                    475B Llangystennin
                    480 Rhuddlan
                    490 Chirk
                    491A Henllan
                    494 Chirk: Ann, Edward, Hannah, Hugh, John, Mary, Peter, Rachel, Robert, Thomas;
                    498 Bodfari
                    506B Abergele
                    509 Dyserth
                    511 Llansannan
                    513A Rhuddlan
                         B Rhuddlan
                    515C Corwen
                         D Corwen
                    518 Llangollen
                    519 Llantysilio
                    521 St Asaph
                    525 Whitford
                    526A Llanfair Talhearn
                         B Llanfair Talhearn
                    529 Rhuddlan
                    533B Overton
                    536 Llansannan
                    545 St Asaph
                    549A Llanelian yn Rhos
                         B Llanelian yn Rhos
                    559A Rhosymedre: Blodwen, Edith, Edith Emily, Henry, John, John Henry, Margaret Ellen , Norman, Sarah Jane;
                         B Rhosymedre: Henry, John, Samuel;
                  Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Saddler: Richard Gabriel, Broad st
     GABRIELL  *17 Llanarmon-yn-Ial: Gabriell JONES
                        30 Wrexham: Henry, Richard;
                     *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                     *141 Llangwm:
                      166 Cilcain:
                      250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                      389 Hawarden: 30 Mar 1590 bur/o Thomas
                      392 Gresford: 30 Dec 1727 bur/o John, Gresford
                                          26 Sep 1729 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas, Gresford
                                          23 Apr 1738 bap/o John s/o Thomas, Gresford
435 Gresford: Edward, Ellis, Jane;
                      436B Hope: Edward, Jane;
                     *459 Mold
                      526B  Llanfair Talhearn
                      536 Llansannan
     GABRIELS 310 Gresford: Thomas, Thos;
     GABRILL   *38 Wrexham: Gabrill ROBERTS
                     552C Wrexham:  8 Sep 1705 mar by Lic of John WILLIAMS (yeoman) & Alice GABRILL, Llanarmon
                                             20 Apr 1710 mar/o  Edward GABRILL (yeoman) & Jane vch Thomas, both of Llandegla
                           D Wrexham: 11 Jul 1704 bur/o Margaret wid., Bersham
395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 26 Aug 1750 bap/o Margaret d/o Edward & Mary
     GARBRIEL *373 Wrexham: Garbriel JONES
     GIBRELL 267 Ruthin::


GABRIELLE fem. form of Gabriel
     GABELLA *383 Ruthin: 27 Mar 1602 bur/o Gabella OLIVER


GADD *405 Wrexham: 20 Dec 1896 bap/o William James JOY (b 31 Oct) s/o Henry Gadd (soldier) & Sarah Aspley, Barracks
           562B Tallarn Green: 18 Jul 1898 mar by Banns of Thomas SKITT (lab) wdr/58 of W s/o John SKITT (lab)
                                                                                   & Elizabeth BARTEM wid/54 of Threapwood d/o John GADD (lab)

Gaddesden, Great and Little, Hertfordshire
     GADODEN 348 Wrexham: John;
     GADSEN 417 Wrexham: 7 Feb 1776 mar. by Lic. of John GADSEN (souldier) & Sarah JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Robert JONES Esq.,?, John EDWARDS
     GADSTONE 420A Halkyn: 24 Sep 1749 mar/o William GADSTONE & Anne SCALE, both of Whitford

GADHRIN *253 Llanfawr:




GAGE 363 Wrexham: Caroline, Isaac Thomas, John William;
           375 Wrexham: 6 Sep 1874 bap/o George Daniel s/o Thomas (malt maker) & Caroline, Crescent Buildings
           Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Groves School: Wm.   13   Pupil   not born in County
     GAIGER 380 Wrexham: 4 Oct 1904 bap/o Frank (b 18 Sep) margin note: St. John's
                                                                             s/o Frank (Q.M. Sergeant R.A.M.C.) & Kate, The Barracks
     GAUGE 363 Wrexham: Caroline, Isaac Thomas, Margaret, Mary, Thomas;
     GUAGE 363 Wrexham: Caroline, Elizabeth, Thomas;




     GAINSFORD    39 Halkyn: Sarah;
                         *556 Llangadwaladr: 14 Jun 1891 bap/o Robert Gainsford Wynne WILLIAMS (born 7 Nov 1888)
                                                                s/o John (Vicar otp) & Susannah, otp (Vicarage)
     Gainsford End, Essex
     GAINSFORTH 39 Halkyn: Sarah;


GAITER A derivative of ON geit, ME gayte 'goat', hence 'goatherd'. The frequency of the names may be due to
             the absorption of gaythird 'goat-herd'.
GAIT 391 Colwyn: 25 Jun 1906 bap/o Lilian May d/o  -------------- & Mary Tamar, 9 Twnan Ter.
     GATE possibly see also
     GAYTHER 408 Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth, Robert;


     COALBREATH 306 Holywell:
     COALBROATH 500B Holywell:
     COALBURT 500B Holywell:
     COLBARTH 306 Holywell:
     COLBURT 306 Holywell:
     COLEBURT 531 Cilcain
     COOLBRETH 306 Holywell:
     COOLEBRETH 500B Holywell:
363 Wrexham: Christopher, Esther, William;
GOLEYBRYD *139 Cerrigydrudion:

GALE  from OE gal 'light, pleasant, merry, wanton, licentious'
           but also from the central French form of (Old German) Walo see WALE - Reaney & Wilson
GAELER 315 Ruabon:
399 Wrexham: 26 Aug 1821 bap/o Thomas s/o Richard (potter) & Elizabeth, Broughton
Gailey, Staffordshire
     GALAIS 175*D Llandyrnog:

          267 Ruthin
          361 Llangollen: Catherine, Henry, Richard;
          363 Wrexham: Beatrice Georgina, George, Laura Ellen Victoria, Mary, Ruby Jane;
          369 Llangollen: Catherine, Henry Russell;
          381 Llangollen: Albert Leonard, David Edward, George, George Henry, John Richard, Joseph, Mabel Annie,
                                      Mary Elizabeth, Mary Ellen;
         *405 Wrexham: 11 Mar 1896 bap/o Violet Gale JACKSON (b 14 Dec) d/o Elisha (dairyman) & Eliza, 20 Madeira Hill
          405 Wrexham: George, George Harold, Mary, Violet Gertrude;
          407 Wrexham: Beatrice Georgina, Laura Ellen Victoria, Ruby Jane;
          432 Llangollen: Emily, George Henry;
          449 Trelawnyd
          487 Gwersyllt
     GALES 387 Hawarden: 18 Feb 1669/70 bur/o Ellin d/o Thomas of Great Mancot
158 Holywell:
               306 Holywell:

               500B Holywell
     GALLEY 445 Wrexham
GALLS 306 Holywell:
     Gaul, Hereford
     GAUL 215 Llanrhydd:

galearis: wigmaker (560p)
galerius: wigmaker (560p)

GALFRIDI (Latin form of Geoffrey)
                *58 Erbistock: 18 Apr 1712 bap/o John MEAR s/o Galfridi & Mary
                *397C Llansilin: 29 Mar 1683 bur/o AnneTHOMAS d/o Galfridi (Geoffrey?)
     GALFRID *209C Llangedwyn: 18 Apr 1727 bur/o Ann ROBERTS d/o Galfrid & Eliza, Dolwar


GALLAGHER  Gallchobhair (Irish) 'foreign help'
     GALACHER 364 Wrexham: 27 Jan 1847 bur/o John aged 61, Poor House
                        399 Wrexham: 9 Dec 1821 bap/o Isabella d/o John (marble pollisher) & Jane, Bersham
     GALAGER 384 Wrexham: 21 Jun 1869 bur/o Mary, aged 33, Beast Market
     GALAHER 373 Wrexham: 14 Dec 1821 bur/o Isabella aged 5 days, Bersham
     GALLAGHER  51 Holywell: 29 Jul 1833 bur/o James aged 29
                          358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs:  
                                      F66: Ellen Jane wife of Joseph Gallagher died 23rd September 1939 aged 82 years
                                      F74: William Gallagher died 25th June 1935 aged 79 years
                                                                          also his beloved wife Ellen Gallagher died 11th July 1925 aged 72 years
                                      F91: Tom Gallagher 7.4.1899 - 31.3.1963 also his wife Gwen 6.4.1899 - 15.1.1987
                                      F97: Joseph Henry Gallagher who died March 16th 1974 aged 74 years   
                                      G37: In memory of Patrick Edward Gallagher died 9th April 1988 aged 77 years
                                                                 and his sister Christina Gallagher died 22 February 1991 aged 76 years
                                                                 Mary Frances Gallagher died 18th May 1993 aged 76 years   
                                      G38: Robert Thomas Gallagher died 19 June 1988 aged 76 years    
                                      G85: In loving memory of Michael Gallagher died Jan 29th 1960 aged 61 years
                                                                          his beloved wife Evelyn Gallagher died 23rd April 1978 aged 68 years
                                                                          their beloved daughter Mary Gallagher died 26th October 1985 aged 41 years
                          550 Gresford: 25 Jul 1813 bap/o James EDWARDS (GALLAGHER) (b 10 Jun) base s/o James GALLAGHER (lab) & Mary EDWARDS, Gwersyllt
                          565B Esclusham:  Peter, Peter Henry;                                                                     
    GALLEGER 412 Wrexham: 22 Jul 1858 bur/o Martin, aged 75, Union
    GALLICHIA *381 Llangollen: 29 Dec 1901 bap/o Mary Alice Millicent HALSEY (b 3 Dec)
                                                       d/o Harry Philip Gallichia (agent) & Hannah, 'St. Clair', Craigydon, Llandudno  
     GALLIGER 411 Wrexham: John;
     GOLLIGER 453B Yscefiog
     GOOLOOGHER 297 Chirk: 23 Jun 1794 mar/o Thomas JONES & Mary GOOLOOGHER both otp    by Banns
                                                                         Wits: John JONES, Robert JONES

(GALLANT)  OFr, ME galand, galant 'dashing, spirited, bold'

GALLANDERS 565A Esclusham: 17 Apr 1946 bur/o Maria Jane, aged 60 yrs, Esless House


Gallow (hundred), Norfolk
     GALLIER 363 Wrexham: Clara, Emma, James, John;
                   370 Wrexham: Angelina, Emma, John;
                   406 Wrexham: Angelina;
                   554 Brymbo: Emma, John;
                   555 Brymbo: Emma, Jane, John, Sarah Ellen, William;
     GALLOR 173 Holt:

     CALLOWAY 189 Holywell:
                        206A Hanmer:
                        422 Hanmer: 17 May 1586 bap/o Joan d/o Thomas
                        424 Hanmer: Anne, Brian, Bryan, Humphrey, Mary, Nicholas;
                        425B Hanmer:  Bryan, Humphry, Mary, Thomas;
                        467 Holywell
     CALLWAY 424 Hanmer: 8 Mar 1616/17 bap/o Rondle s/o Brian
                      425B Hanmer: Joan;
     CALOWAY 189 Holywell:
                       422 Hanmer: 16 Feb 1588/89 bap/o Bryan s/o Thomas
                       424 Hanmer: Brian, Elizabeth, Mary, Randall, Thomas, Willm;
                       425B Hanmer: Joan;
     CALOWEY 424 Hanmer: 15 Sep 1608 bap/o Julian d/o Brian (CALODWEY in body of transcription)
     Carloway, Western Isles
     COLLOWAY 159 Holywell:
     GALLAWAY 76A Mold:
     GALLOWAY 366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Henry Marmaduke, Tho's Maude, Thomas Maude, William;
                         552C Wrexham: 16 Dec 1722 mar/o William GALLOWAY & Mary TOTTY, both of Holywell
     PAYNE-GALLWEY 490 Chirk
     GALOWAY 378 Holywell: 5 Oct 1723 bap/o Will s/o William, Bagillt
     Galway, Ireland
     KELLOWAY Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Thomas, Bettisfield, Inventory   1612


GALTREY 336 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs
: Christopher C.;


Gamaches, Eure - Reaney
     GAMACK 192 Ysceifiog:
                     349 Ysceifiog: Alexander;
     GAMMACH 178 Ysceifiog:
                       192 Ysceifiog:
     GAMMACK 178 Ysceifiog:
                       349 Ysceifiog: Margaret, Margreat;
     GAMMOCH 178 Ysceifiog:
     GAMMOCK 178 Ysceifiog:
     GAMOCK 178 Ysceifiog:
                     331 Ysceifiog:
     GANMACK 349 Ysceifiog: Marget;

GAMALIEL masc. Biblical 'benefit of God' (Hebrew) - the name of Saint Paul's teacher
     GAMILIEL Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Gamiliel JONES, Marple, 1718


GAMBLE (Common in Norfolk - Addison)
     GAMBAL 213 Llangollen:
     GAMBLE 353 Pentrobin:
                   356 Ruabon: Thomas Lloyd;
                   375 Wrexham: Anne, Annie, Florence Louise, Gertrude Lilian, Walter;
                   393 Wrexham: 11 Sep 1877 bur/o Florence Louise, infant, Park View
                   404 Wrexham: Andrew;
                   559A Rhosymedre: 15 Jun 1909 private bap/o George Griffiths -/o ------ & Dorothy, Acrefair
Gamblesby, Cumbria


     GAM 387 Hawarden: 21 Sep 1666 Marriage Licence: Thomas FOX of Hawarden & Ellen GAM of Rake.

                                    21 Sep 1666 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of Thomas FOX and Ellen GAM of Rake.
                                                      ( i ) Thomas FOX of Hawarden (carpenter) & Richard Ridgate of Hawarden
                                                      ( ii ) Orlando FOGG Rector of Hawarden

GAMES  44 Denbigh: John, Stephen;
                  242 Gwyddelwern:
                  404 Wrexham: Charles;
North Wales1835 Denbigh: Grocer &/or dealer in sundries: Elizabeth Games, High st ( & draper)


     GAMBLIN 333
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: George, Janet;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Alice Williams, Frank, Joseph, Martha, Mildred;
                    440C Hawarden


Gammersgill, North Yorkshire



Gamston, Nottinghamshire
GAMESTER 138B Wrexham:


GAN.  543*B Llanfor:


GANDER (Common in Sussex - Addison)
               Misc: 1881 Census Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
                         45 Chester St.  STRANGE Ambrose Head Mar 49 Railway Platelayer  born Ellesmere, Salop
                                                STRANGE Hannah   Wife  Mar  40                             born  Chester, Cheshire
                                                HEWSON George    Stepson    17 Railway Works Striker   born Chester, Cheshire
                                                STRANGE Ellen       Dau            6 Scholar                        born Saltney, Flintshire
                                                GANDER John         Nephew      6 Scholar                        born Saltney, Flintshire
     GANDI 343 Hawarden: 16 Aug 1668 bap/o Mary d/o Samuel, of Mancot
     GANDIE Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): John, Husbandman, Aston   1639
     GANDRY 343 Hawarden: 26 Feb 1681/82 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Samuel, of Shotton
     GANDY (A Suffolk name - Reaney & Wilson)
304 Wrexham: 26 Mar 1733 bap/o Eliz (b 14) d/o James (weaver), Wrexham Regis
                 387 Hawarden: Eliz., Richard, Sam., Samuell
                 552D Wrexham: 1 Jan 1710/11 bur/o William (sadler), Wrexham Regis (Servant to Job JONES, sadler)

GANDERTON (Common in Worcesteshire - Addison)
     GANDORTON 198 Mold:
     GANDORTOON 198 Mold:


GANFIELD 319 Hawarden:
                 482 Hawarden
                 483 Hawarden


   GANLETT 546


GAOLFORD Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Introduction ....There is likewise a prison, named Gaolford's tower .....

GAR ...  297 Chirk:


     GABBOTT 554 Brymbo: Abraham, Ann, Henry, Mary;   
     GANBURT *565A Esclusham: 7 Aug 1919 bur/o Edith Ganburt PHOENIX, aged 26 yrs, 58 Ruabon Rd, Rhostyllen
     GARBEID 410 Wrexham: John;  
     GARBEIT 410 Wrexham: William;
     GARBET  123 Ruabon:
                    234 Minera:
                    366 Wrexham: Hannah, John, Robert, William;
                    372 Wrexham: Benjamin, William;
                    373 Wrexham: John;
                    399 Wrexham: 25 Oct 1824 bap/o Thomas s/o William (lab) & Hannah, Brymbo
                    554 Brymbo: Hannah, Joseph, William;
     GARBETT  359 Rhosymedre: George, George William;
                      366 Wrexham: Hannah, James, William;
                      369 Llangollen: Elizabeth, George, George William;
                      554 Brymbo: Frances, Harriet, James, John, Joseph, Robert, Sarah, William;
                      555 Brymbo: Amelia, John, Robert;
                      Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shiffnall: Druggist: Richard Garbett, High st
                                                                       Grocer/tea dealer: Richard Garbett, High st
                                                                       Tallow chandler: Richard Garbett, High st
     GARBUTT 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Agnes, Monica, Robert;
     GARLETT 399 Wrexham: 23 Sep 1823 bap/o John s/o William (collier) & Hannah, Broughton
     GOSBET 123 Ruabon:


GARD OFr garde 'guard, watchman'
           415B Northop: 23 Jan 1808 mar. by Banns of John JONES (servant) ba. & Anne JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: John WHITLEY (x), Hester GARD


Gardham, Humberside
GARDHAM *379 Wrexham: 27 Oct 1899 bap/o Frank LOWE (b 29 Sep - margin note: S.J.B.)
                                                                             s/o John Gardham (gas fitter) & Anne Jane, 4 Trafalgar Rd
                 *405 Wrexham: 12 Jan 1894 bap/o William LOWE (b 15 Dec)
                                                                                     s/o John Gardham (gas fitter) & Anne Jane, 4 Trafalgar Road
                                         17 Jan 1896 bap/o Samuel Gardham LOWE (b Jan 1890)
                                                                                    s/o John Gardham (gas fitter) & Anne Jane, 4 Trafalgar Road
       GARDOM Misc: North Wales 1835 Newtown & Kerry: Ladies' boarding school: Harriet & Mary Ann Gardom, Bridge st


GARDWELL 378 Holywell: 7 Jul 1725 bap/o Mary JONES (GARDWELL)
                                       base d/o Edward GARDWELL & Eme JONES, Bagillt


Garford, Oxfordshire
     GARFIELD *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                      *315 Ruabon:
                      *362 Penycae: Earnest Garfield BILLINGTON
                      *407 Wrexham: 5 Sep 1885 bur/o Joseph Garfield EDISBURY, infant, 22 Belle Vue Road
                      *559A Rhosymedre: 22 May 1904 bap/o John Garfield WRIGHT -/o Walter (publican) & Martha, Well St., Cefn Mawr
                      *565B Esclusham: James Garfield KYFFIN (grocer);
435 Gresford: Anne;


     GARLIKE *341 Ruabon: Benjamin Garlike BUCKTON
                    *361 Llangollen: Benjamin Garlike BUCKTON
                    *374 Wrexham: 15 Nov 1843 bap/o Benjamin Garlike BUCKTON
                                                                                   s/o James (solicitor) & Eliza Phillippa, Wrexham Abott


Capel Garmon (alias Saint Germain), Llanrwst parish


GARMONA *376 Pentrefoelas: 18 Dec 1899 private bap/o Margaret Garmona THOMAS  d/o Griffith (butcher) & Margaret, Church View

Garmston, Shropshire
     GARMSON Misc; Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Butcher: Thos. Garmson, Stafford st
     GARMSTON 47 Worthenbury:


     GAINE 403 Holywell: Robert;
     GAINER 303 Hawarden:
     GAINES  44 Denbigh: Elizabeth, Forester, Jane, John;
                   45 Denbigh: Elin, Elizabeth, Elizth, John, Margaret, Mary, Robert, Samuel, Stephen, Steven, Thomas;
                  157A Hanmer:
                  201 Wrexham:
                  203 Denbigh:
                  296 Rhuddlan:
                  304 Wrexham:
                  309 Denbigh:
                  433 Llangollen: David, Samuel;
                  480 Rhuddlan
GARNER contd
     GAINGE 491B Henllan

     GAINHARD *159 Holywell:
     GAINOR 31 Hawarden: Emily;
     GAINS 280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                309 Denbigh:
     GAINSE 196A Llanfair Talhaearn:
GANN *59 Erbistock:
     GANNER Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Hales Owen: Queen's Head  William Ganner, Birmingham st
     GARDEN 8 Overton: Eliz;
GARNER contd
     GARDENAR 500A Holywell
     GARDENER 15 Cerrigydrudion: Margt,William;
                        36 Ruabon: Roger p 112;
                        57 Ruabon: Mary, Thomas, William;
                        66A Penley:
                        68 Ruabon:
                        83 Ruthin: 19 Nov 1782 mar. by Banns of John GARDENER ba. otp & Jane JONES (x) sp. of Llangollen
                                                                                     Wits: John DAVIES, Saml DODD
                       123 Ruabon:
                       165A+B Ruabon:
                       243 Hanmer:
                      *290 Hanmer:
                       304 Wrexham:
                       314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                       315 Ruabon:
                       352 Flint:
                       356 Ruabon: Ann, Mary Ann, Thomas;
                      *374 Wrexham: 16 Feb 1840 bap/o Matilda EDMONDS d/o William Gardener (saddler) & Leah, High Street
                      *391 Colwyn: 16 Jun 1884 bap/o John Godfrey Stansmore NUTTING
                                              s/o John Gardener (gent) & Mary Stansmore of Winwood, Woolton, near Liverpool
                      399 Wrexham: 8 Aug 1824 bap/o Samuel s/o John (wheelwright) & Elizabeth, Brymbo
                      415A Northop: 6 Oct 1804 mar. by Lic. of John PIERCY (farmer) ba. & Eleanor GARDENER (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: William JONES, Catherine BENNION (x)
                           C Northop: 19 Jan 1796 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 2, of Leadbrook Major
                      425B Hanmer: Elenour;
427 Ruabon: Jane;
                      440B Hawarden
                      474A Gresford
                      Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Hope Street: James   15  Draper's J.    born S.
GARNER contd
     Gardener's Green, Berkshire
     GARDIN 392 Gresford: 26 Nov 1721 mar. by Lic. of John GARDIN & Elizabeth NAUGLE, both of Wrexham
     GARDINER   38 Wrexham: Anna Maria, Cath, Charles, Chs, Eliz, Elizth, Ellinor, Hannah, John, Joseph, Mary,
                                             Ralph, Richd, Saml, Samuel, Thos;
                         53 Wrexham: 25 Sep 1803 bap/o William (b 11 Jul) s/o Joseph (shoemaker) & Judith
  75 Marchwiel:
                       266A Ruthin:   
                       268 Wrexham:
                      *290 Hanmer:
                       302 Hawarden:
                       305 Hawarden:
                       313 Hawarden:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Arther Edgar, Dorothy May;
                       350 Wrexham St. Giles' Churchyard MIs: Humphrey;
                       358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Kathleen Margaret;
                       387 Hawarden: Rector 1714-1726 Rev. Bernard GARDINER
                       415C Northop: 4 May 1793 bur/o Elizth, aged 3, of Leadbrook Major
                       424 Hanmer: 4 Jun 1624 bap/o William s/o Richard
                       425B Hanmer: Abraham, Anne, Hugh;
                       436B Hope: George;
                       461A Mold
                       500B Holywell
                       551A Hawarden
                      *553 Gresford; 4 Apr 1900 bur/o Phillis Gardner JONES, aged 55, Wrexham
                       559B Rhosymedre:  10 Feb 1896 mar by Banns of Henry WILLIAMS (collier) ba/57 of Cefn Mawr s/o Thomas WILLIAMS (farmer)
                                                                                                 &  Martha EDWARDS (charwoman) wid/45 d/o John GARDINER (sawyer)
                       561A Marchwiel: Margaret, Mary, Thomas, William;
                            C Marchwiel: 16 Sep 1844 bur/o Ann, aged 10 days, Street yr hwch
                                                23 Sep 1844 bur/o John, aged 17 days, Street yr hwch
North Wales 1835 Montgomery MNT: Charles Gardiner Humphreys, esq., Bank
     gardinum (Latin) 'garden'
     GARDNARD 123 Ruabon:
GARNER contd
     GARDNEA 552B Wrexham:
     GARDNER 16 Hawarden: Catharine, Joseph;
                      38 Wrexham: John, Mary, Samuel;
52 Holywell: Elizth, Robert, Sarah;
                      53 Wrexham, see GARDINER 53 Wrexham
                      56A Rhuddlan: John;
                     *76 Mold:
                     123 Ruabon:
                     157A Hanmer:
                     206A Hanmer:
                     211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                     216B Erbistock:
                     218 Llangollen:
                     268 Wrexham:
                    *290 Hanmer:
                    *291 Llysfaen:
                     294 Mold: Thos, William;                
                     299 Mold: ---;
                     314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                     352 Flint:
                     354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Joseph, Sarah;
                     355 Ruabon: Ann, Elizabeth Francis, Robert Francies, Thomas;
                     357 Holywell: A.D., Nesta Maria;
                    *374 Wrexham: 3 Jul 1842 bap/o Louisa EDMONDS d/o William Gardner (saddler) & Lea, High Street
                                            6 Apr 1845 bap/o Agnes Leah EDWARDS? d/o William Gardner (saddler) & Leah, Wrexham Regis
                    *380 Wrexham: 14 Oct 1904 bap/o Muriel Mary Gardner JONES (b 20 Sep)
                                                                                                 d/o Rueben (carpenter) & Mary, 2 Bright Street

                     386 Ruabon: 12 Feb 1844 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Joseph GARDNER (x) (engineman) wdr. of Street Las s/o William (Gentleman's servant)
                                                        & Elizabeth GITTENS (x) sp. of Old Furnace d/o samuel (lab)
                    *404 Wrexham: 18(sic) Nov 1901 bur/o Matilda Gardner EDMUNDS, aged 63, Jubilee Road
                     415A Northop: see GARDENER 415A Northop above
427 Ruabon: Elizabeth;
430 Llangollen: William Willoughby;
                     432 Llangollen: Sarah;
                     440B Hawarden
                     445 Wrexham
                     448B St. George
                     461B Mold
                     485 Holywell
                     487 Gwersyllt
                     556 Llangadwaladr: 21 Apr 1912 bap/o Martha Ellen d/o Harold Stanley (clerk) & Mary Jane JONES, Moelfre
                     561A Marchwiel: Ann, John, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, William;
                     Misc: North Wales 1835 Machynlleth: Earthenware dealer: Thomas Gardner, Maengwyn st

                                                          Newtown & Kerry: Rev. Geo. Gardner Williams, Rectory
Gresford MIs: Phillis;
                               Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Tanner: William Gardner, Lower Gaolford
     GARDYNERE 423 Hanmer: 1 Feb 1571 bur/o Arthur (a little ch. send from Shrewsbury to be nursed at Bettisfield)
     GARENER 321 Llanasa:
     Garn, Gwynedd; (also a lost one in Westbury on Severn);
     Garnant, Dyfed
GARNER contd
     GARNAR 173 Holt:
     GARNATE 437 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Joseph;
     garner 'a small barn for storing corn'
     GARNER   3 Llangollen: Hannah, Jane, John;
                      6 Isycoed: Charles, Charls Henery, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Mary, Roger, Thomas;
                      7 Llanferres: Hannah, Harriet, Mary, William;
                    16 Hawarden: Catharine, Cathne, Elizabeth, Elizth, Joseph, Ralph;
                    18 Hawarden: Catharine, Ellinor, Hannah, Joseph;
                    30 Wrexham: Roger, Thomas;
                    38 Wrexham: Eliz, Ellin, John, Jos, Martha, Mary, Thos, Willm;
                    49 Holywell: Jane, Robert, Sara, Sarah, William;
51 Holywell:
                    52 Holywell: Robert, Sarah;
                    53A Wrexham:
                    56A Rhuddlan: John;
                        B Rhuddlan: Thomas;
                    57 Ruabon: Charlotte, Elizabeth, Joseph;
                    63A+B Holt:
                    76A Mold:
                    79 Gresford: 31 Mar 1786 bur/o George, of Manchester
GARNER contd
                   123 Ruabon:
                   133 Holt:
                   163A Ruabon:
                   165A Ruabon:
                  *189 Holywell:
                   227B Ruthin:
                   234 Minera:
                   268 Wrexham:
                   293 Hawarden:
                   299 Mold: Ann, Samuel;
                  *310 Gresford: 17 Apr 1770 bap/o John Garner WILLIAMS s/o Ricd, Burton
                   314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                   317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                   321 Llanasa:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Emily, Maria, Samuel Charles;
GARNER contd
                   341 Ruabon:
                   345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                   347 Hawarden:
                  *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Joseph Garner BICKERTON
                   354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Richard, Tho's, William;
                   357 Holywell St. James' Churchyard MIs: Robert, Sarah;
                   359 Rhosymedre: Joseph, Samuel;
                  *364 Wrexham: William Garner EDMONDS
GARNER contd
                   365 Wrexham: Ann(e), Emma, Jemima, Samuel;
                   372 Wrexham: Benjamin, Hannah, Mary, Samuel;
                   386 Ruabon: 31 Mar 1856 mar. by Banns of
                                                      William JONES (x) (collier) ba/27 of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o John GARNER (farmer)
                                                    & Ann PARRY (servant) sp/25 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o Thomas PARRY (miner)
                   393 Wrexham: 28 Feb 1877 bur/o Mary, aged 65, Fairfield St.
                                           9 Mar 1877 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 85, Gerwyn Farm
                                           5 May 1883 bur/o William, aged 75, Fairfield Street
GARNER contd
                   401 Wrexham: 6 Feb 1834 mar. by Lic. (wcof) of Samuel JONES ba. & Mary GARNER sp., both otp
                                                                                              Wits: John JONES, Elizabeth GARNER
                  *404 Wrexham: 31 Aug 1904 bur/o William Garner PARKER, aged 49, 45 Beast Market
                   405 Wrexham: James;
                   412 Wrexham: 20 Mar 1857 bur/o Amelia, aged 2, York St.
                                         15 Nov 1859 bur/o Thomas, aged 75, Union
                   414 Mold: 30 Jun 1837 mar. by Lic. of Robert JONES ba. of St. Peter's, Chester & Mary MORGAN sp. otp
                                                                           Wits: Noah MORGAN, Harriet GARNER, William GARNER
                   416 Ruabon: 14 Jul 1883 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Thomas GARNER (x) (lab) ba/25 of Afongoch s/o Joseph GARNER (engineer)
                                                        & Sarah Ann DAVIES sp/21 of Bodylltyn d/o Richard DAVIES (shepherd)
                                      27 Aug 1904 mar. by Banns o
                                                         Joseph GARNER (x) (lab) wdr/59 of Stry y las s/o Joseph GARNER (dec. driver)
                                                         & Beatta ROBERTS wid/60 of Pant d/o Joseph TURNER (dec. nailer)
                   553 Gresford: William;
GARNER contd
                   438A Broughton: Ralph;
                   441A Hope: Ellis, William, William  Henry;
                        B Hope: Catherine;
                   445 Wrexham
                   466 Hawarden
                   474B Gresford
                   478B Llantysilio
                   492 Holywell:
GARNER contd
                   517B Llanasa
                   546 Bodfari
                   550 Gresford: Elizabeth, John, Martha, Mary, William;
                   551A Hawarden
                   554 Brymbo: Ann, Anne, Elizabeth, John, Robert;
                 *555 Brymbo: 29 Oct 1866 bap/o William Garner BARKER  -/o Joseph Edward (Accountant - Brymbo Co.) & Jemima, Lodge, Brymbo
                  558A Llandegla: Edward Roberts, Ellin, John Thomas, Joseph, Joseph Price, Mary, Mary Catherine;
                        B Llandegla: 27 Aug 1911 mar by Banns of James HUGHES (farmer) ba/46 otp (Ddol ddu) s/o James HUGHES (dec. farmer)
                                                                                       & Elizabeth GARNER sp/45 otp (The Raven Farm) sp/45 d/o Joseph Price GARNER (dec. farmer)
                        C Llandegla: 19 Jun 1889 bur/o John Thomas, aged 6, Village
                                           15 Jan 1903 bur/o Mary, aged 62, Raven
                                           28 Oct 1903 bur/o Edward, aged 66, Llan
                                            4 May 1906 bur/o Joseph PRICE, aged 73, Raven Farm
GARNER contd
                   564C Brynford: Joseph, Walter;
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Aberconway: Miss Elizabeth Garner, High st
                                                       Flint: Castle Joseph Garner
1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                          Daniel, Farmer, Is y Coed   1855
                                                                                          John, Farmer, Holt   Sep. 1837
                                                                                          Joseph, Master mariner, Weppa (Wepre?)    Mar. 1834
                                                                                          Rodger, Farmer, Ridley Wood,   Oct  1830
                                                                                          Thomas, Farmer, Isycoed   23 May 1816
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Maltster: Garner WALL, St. Mary's st
GARNER contd
      GARNERS 298 Hawarden:
      GARNET  63A Holt:
                   116B Llansilin:
                   186 St. Asaph:
                   209A Llangedwyn: Sara;
                   223 St. Asaph;
                   250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                   263 Llansilin:
                   307 Ruabon:
                  *374 Wrexham: 21 Jun 1839 bap/o Hannah Garnet FODEN d/o John (draper) & Frances Hannah, High Street
                  *391 Colwyn: 5 Nov 1882 bap/o Garnet Wolseley ARMSTRONG s/o William (horse jobber) & Anne
                   402B Denbigh: Berthina, (Mrs) Elizabeth, Jane, John;
                  *405 Wrexham: 12 Nov 1893 bap/o Sidney Denis Garnet SMALLWOOD (b Sep 23)
                                                                                          s/o John (sewing machine agent) & Mary, 7 Charles Street
                   437 Ruabon: Jane, Joseph;
                   447D Llandyrnog
                   491A Henllan
                  *534 Bagillt:
                   552D Wrexham: 22 Apr 1711 bur/o John (innkeeper), Kings Head
GARNER contd
     GARNETT    6 Isycoed: Ann, John, Mary, Thomas;
                     104 Henllan:
                     223 St. Asaph:
                     250 St. Asaph Notitae:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Garnett WILKINSON
                     392 Gresford: 11 May 1715 mar. by Lic. of Job JONES & Mary GARNETT, both of Wrexham
                     437 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Jane, John, Joseph, Sarah;
                     479 Overton
                     552C Wrexham: 7 Nov 1709 mar/o John GARNETT & Mary  HUGHES, Hope Street
                          D Wrexham:  22 Dec 1714 bur/o Mary d/o Mary, Kings Head
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                             Samuel (minor), Denbigh  1717
                                                                                             Samuel, Maltster, Acton   1780
GARNER contd
     Garnett Bridge, Cumbria
     GARNEY 51 Holywell:
     GARNNER 6 Isycoed: Eaber, Elizabeth, Thomas;
     GARNNOR 6 Isycoed: Elizabeth, Thomas;
     GARNON 6 Isycoed: Elizabeth, Thomas, William;
     GEANER 553 Gresford: Mary;
     JONES GARNONS 7 Llanferres: ...;
     Garnons' (Weobley), Herefordshire
     GARNONS    7 Llanferres: R.;
256 Corwen:
                      451 Whitford: 18 Apr 1797 mar by Lic of Richard GARNONS of Llanferres &  Dorothea FOULKES otp
                                                                                 Wits: John FOULKES, Jane FOULKES
North Wales 1835 Carnarvon: Richard Garnons, Esq., Castle st
                                                                          Slate proprietor: Richd Garnons, Pen y bryn quarries
                                                           Mold:  Richard Garnons, esq., Colomendy park
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Dorothea, Wid, Colomendy   1854
     GARNOR   6 Isycoed: Roger, Thomas;
                    38 Wrexham: Samuel, William;
     GARNOT 552B Wrexham: John, Mary;
GARNER contd
     Gayne, John le: lived in Wakefield in 1275
     Gaynes Park, Essex
GAYNOR   31 Hawarden: Emily;
               173 Holt:
     GERMAN possibly see also
     GERNON 387 Hawarden: 24 Aug 1682 mar. by Lic. of Stephan GERNON, & Mary FLETCHER of Chester
     GERNET 402A Denbigh: Mrs. Mary;
     GURNETT 402B Denbigh: Jane;
     JARDIN 292 Rhosymedre:

GARNSEY from Germisay (Haut-Marne, France) or perhaps sometimes from Guernsey (Channel Isles)
                384 Wrexham: 10 Sep 1874 bur/o Edward Charles, aged 48, Roxburgh Place

GARREK see GERARD for now, but might possibly be for GARRICK

GARRICK Usually Huguenot.   Pierre Bouffard, Sieur de la Garrigue, was head of a family at Castres near Bordeaux. A member
                of the family fled to England in 1685, and adopted the name of the family estate.   His grandson and namesake, the
                actor, David Garrick, was born at Hereford in 1716.   Fr. carrigue ' a place covered with oaks'.
     GARROCK 420B Halkyn: -- Aug 1748 bur/o George;

GARRIGAN Irish reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Geargain or sometimes O Geargain from a diminutive of garg 'fierce'.
                  443 Rhosllanerchrugog:


Garside, Lancashire
GARDSIDE 292 Rhosymedre:
     GARSIDE 42 Holywell: John;
                     52 Holywell: Caroline, Elizth, Mary, Mary Anne, William, Wm;
                    133 Holt:
                    195 Holywell: Amos, James, John, Mary, William;
                    292 Rhosymedre:
                   *448B St. George
                    490 Chirk
     GARSIDES 341 Ruabon:
     GARTSIDE  53 Wrexham: 14 Apr 1803 bur/o Danvers, Esclusham Above
                       63B Holt:
                      108 Minera Chapel: Charles, Elinor;
                      138A Wrexham:
                      268 Wrexham:
                      297 Chirk:
                      373 Wrexham: Eleanor;
                      445 Wrexham
     GARTSIDES 174 Holt:

Garsington, Oxfordshire

GARSON *381 Llangollen: 27 May 1906 bap/o Rogers Garson JONES s/o Edwin Ffoulkes (solicitor) & Ada Campbell, Arosfa

Garstang (Merseyside), Lancashire
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): William, Bank Hall, Broughton    1612


East Garston, Berkshire
Garston (Merseyside), Lancashire
GARSTON 380 Wrexham: 15 Jul 1906 bap/o Harold (b 20 May
                                                                               s/o Ellis (engine driver) & Annie Elizabeth, Derwen Villas, Rhosddu
                *438A Broughton:  8 Dec 1905 bur/o Alice Jane Garston ROBERTS, aged 15 years, Ewart St., Saltney Ferry;
                 438A Broughton: Charlotte Jane, Rosannah;
                 483 Hawarden
                 487 Gwersyllt
                 535 Buckley
                 Misc. 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Groves School: Garston CHRISTOPHAN  15  Pupil  not born in County
                          1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire: William E.;
     GARSTONE 484 Hawarden
     G ASTON 523C Llansanffraid Glan Conway

GARTH 'enclosed ground, garden, paddock';
             garth '
hill, enclosure' (Welsh)
     GARTH 292 Rhosymedre::
                294 Mold: Ann, Ralph;
                299 Mold: Ann, Ralph, Reilph, Robert, Sarah;
                344 Mold:
     GURTH *565A Esclusham: 11 Jul 1908 bur/o Gurth SHONE, aged 3 mths, Vicarage Hill


Garton, East Riding of Yorkshire
GARTON  *292 Rhosymedre:
                *379 Wrexham: 3 Sep 1899 bap/o Alfred Francis CUTLER (b 9 Jul - margin note: SJ)
                                                                    s/o Alfred Garton (leather dresser) & Sarah Elizabeth, 20 Trafalgar Rd


Garve, Highlands SCT
     GARVES 47 Worthenbury:
     GARVEY 438A Broughton: Thomas;
Garvie, Strathclyde SCT
     GARVIS 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: James


Gaskan, Highlands
     GASCOIGNE  61 Ruabon: 4 Apr 1842 mar. by Banns of
                                           John GASCOIGNE (x) (lab) ba. of Street Issa  s/o Thomas GASCOIGNE (tender maker)
                                           & Margaret JONES (x) (servant) sp. of St. Issa d/o Robert JONES (coker)
                         314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
     GASCOYNE 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                        341 Ruabon:
                        393 Wrexham: 9 Nov 1876 bur/o Margaret, aged 60, W House
     GASK *234 Minera:
     GASKIN 38 Wrexham: James;
     GASKY 303 Hawarden:

GASKELL *359 Rhosymedre: Elizabeth Gaskell NEWTON
                *374 Wrexham: 9 Feb 1848 bap/o Margaret Jane Gaskell SYERS d/o Alexander (gentleman) & Jane, Llwynonn
                 391 Colwyn: 20 Jun 1853 bap/o Walter Henry (b 19 May 1852) s/o Peter (gent) & Sarah, Tanllwyfan, Llysfaen
                *474B Gresford
                 Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                Benjamin, Broughton, Manufacturer;  Administration, 14 Sep 1814
     GASKILL 359 Rhosymedre: William;

GASKELL SYERS 561C Marchwiel: 14 Feb 1848 bur/o Margaret Jane, aged 1 year,  Abenbury Fechan, Wrexham

Gatacre, Shropshire; Gateacres, Lancashire;
     GATACRE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth:  Colonel Gatacre, Gatacre hall
     GOODACRE 490 Chirk


gate (Viking) = 'street'

     CEATS Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Gardener/seedsman: Christopher Ceats, Chetwynd end
     GAITER possibly see also
     GATE 416 Ruabon: 27 Dec 1892 mar. by Banns of
                                                     Arthur GATE (school master) ba/25 of Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire
                                                                                                                  s/o William GATE (Doctor, Surgeon)
                                                     & Sarah Alberta PARR (school mistress) sp/21 otp (Newbridge)
                                                                                                                  d/o John PARR (school master)
                422 Hanmer: 14 Oct 1579 bap/o Willm s/o Roger
     GATER 440C Hawarden
     GATES  75 Marchwiel:
                 300 Mold:
                 315 Ruabon:
                 342 Hawarden:
                 343 Hawarden:
                 376 Pentrefoelas: 25 Sep 1908 G.GATES and others, sponsors at baptism of Kenneth Dickson DICKIE
                 387 Hawarden: 13 Feb 1675/76 bur/o Judith (base)
                 422 Hanmer: 30 Nov 1585 bap/o Jane d/o Roger
                 445 Wrexham
GATE contd
KAITS 219 Penley:
     KEATE 189 Holywell:
                 Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Grocers/hop merchants: Keate & Clarke, Belmont
     KEATES 478B Llantysilio
                   490 Chirk
     KEATS 332
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ann,Charles;
     KEYTE 440A Hawarden
     KITE  336
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Denham Kirkpatrick
              558A Llandegla: 2 Sep 1909 bap/o Annie May & Olive Harriet -/o Edward Alexander (gamekeeper) & Bessie, otp (Faraway)
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Mrs --- Kite, Cadogan place
     KYTE 336 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Cy, Gail, Ned;
     Yate, Avon

GATEHOUSE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Baker/flour dealer: Richd. Gatehouse, Corve st


Gatley, Greater Manchester
GATLEY (see also Catley)
     GATCLIFF 18 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Eleanor, William;
     GATELEY 482 Hawarden
     GELLTHY 206B Hanmer:
     GETHEL 174 Holt:
     GETHELL 174 Holt:
     GETHLEY 207 Hanmer:
     GITTLEY 151 Hanmer:
     GUETHLEY 156B Hanmer:
                       206 Hanmer:
     GUETHLY 157A Hanmer:
                     206 Hanmer:
     GWETHLY 157A Hanmer:
     KATELEY possibly see also (under KEIGHLEY) 


GATWARD geat-weard OE 'gate-keeper' or 'goat-ward/goat-herd' - Reaney & Wilson
     GATWARD 564B Brynford: Edmund, Mary Anne Maud;


Gaul, Hereford
GAUL see Gale

GAULHOUSEN? 400 Wrexham: 16 Feb 1824 William GAULHOUSEN & Anne HUGHES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                                   Robert ROBERTS (x) (collier) ba. & Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x) sp., both otp


Gavinton, Borders
     GAVESTON 303 Hawarden:


Gawber, South Yorkshire
     GAWBY 44 Denbigh: Thos;

     CAWEN *183 Llansannan:
     GAVAN *554 Brymbo: 10 mar 1851 bap/o William Gavan PETTEGREW s/o John (moulder) & Anne
     GAVEN *5 Llangollen: Gaven SIMON
     GARVIN 393 Wrexham: 27 Jul 1882 bur/o Mary Elizabeth, infant, Pentrefelin
                  501 Northop
     GAVIN 16 Hawarden: Elizabeth,Samuel;
                18 Hawarden: Esther;
                124 Mold:
               293 Hawarden:
               298 Hawarden:
               303 Hawarden:
               311 Hawarden:
               319 Hawarden:
               347 Hawarden:
               466 Hawarden
               482 Hawarden
               483 Hawarden
               484  Hawarden
              *535 Buckley
GAWEN contd
     GAWAN 51 Holywell:
     GAWEN *25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Gawen JONES
                   42 Holywell: Margt;
                  *44 Denbigh: Gawen VAUGHAN
                   51 Holywell:
                  *62 Flint:
                   98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:
                  101A+B Llanynys:
                 *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                  158 Holywell:
                  169*A Llanrhydd:
                  175D Llandyrnog:
                  176 Tremeirchion:
                  189 Holywell:
                  195 Holywell: Maria, Thomas, William;
                  196*A Llanfair Talhaearn:
GAWEN contd
                 *209B Llangedwyn: 22 Feb 1706/07 bap/o John LEWIS s/o Gawen & Catherine
                  263*A Llansilin:
                  297 Chirk:
                 *326 Llansannan:
                 *397A Llansilin: 20 Sep 1701 bap/o Jane LEWIS d/o Gawen, Sychart
                                         20 Nov 1714 bap/o David LEWIS s/o Gawen, Sychart
                 *447A,B Llandyrnog
                 *448B St. George
                 *465B Halkyn
                  467 Holywell
                  492 Holywell
GAWEN contd
                  500B Holywell:
                 *512 Nannerch
                  517B Llanasa
                       C Llanasa
GAWEN contd
     GAWIN *271 Eglwys-bach:
                  306 Holywell:
                  500B Holywell
     GAWON 5 Llangollen: Margaret;
     GAWYN *27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Gawyn FERN
GOWAN  534 Bagillt:
                   Misc: North Wales 1835  Llanidloes: Thomas Gowan, Esq., Broom cliff
     GOWANS 440B Hawarden
     GOWEN  *33 Llangwm: Gowen ROBTS
                    297 Chirk;
     GWAN *194 Halkyn:
     GWEN 348 Wrexham: John;


GAY fem. an English adjective, meaning 'being joyous', used as a first name (Old French); masc an Irish diminutive form of Gabriel.
   *51 Holywell: 12 Aug 1837 bur/o Gay WILLIAMS aged 15 of Rhyl
       *195 Holywell: 17 Dec 1821 bap/o Gay WILLIAMS d/o Peter (Solicitor) & Elizth of Holywell

GAYFORD 391 Colwyn:  5 Nov 1898 mar. by Banns of
                                       William Henry GAYFORD (coachman) ba/28 of Morfa Cottage s/o John Cook (soldier)
                                     & Elizabeth Harriet CHINN sp/21 of Marine Hotel, Colwyn d/o Edward (manager S Wn Ry)


GAYNOR fem. a mediaeval English form of Guinevere - Claremont
GAENOR *141 Llangwm:
GAINAH *410 Wrexham: 27 Aug 1826 bur/o Gainah WILLIAMS, aged 50, Wrexham Regis
     GAINE *392 Gresford: 15 Dec 1722 bur/o Gaine GWINETH, Gresford
     GAINE as a surname see GARNER
     GAINER *171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                  *347 Hawarden: Gainer BENNET
GAINOR *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                   *141 Llangwm:
     GAINOR as a surname see GARNER
GAUNER *349 Ysceifiog: Gauner OWENS
GAYNOR contd
     GAUNOR  *17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Gaunor JONES
                     *23 Cerrigydrudion: Gaunor ROBERTS

     GAYNOR *44 Denbigh: Gaynor HUGHES, Gaynor MAURICE
                    *45 Denbigh: Gaynor HUGHES
                    *169A Llanrhydd:
                    *458 Mold
                    *459 Mold
     GEUNOR *557 Llansilin: 10 Jul 1831 bap/o Geunor RICHARDS -/o Humphrey (lab) & Mary, Moefre
GINOR *356 Ruabon: Ginor GRIFFITHS
                *392 Gresford: 11 Nov 1724 bur/o Ginor MATHEWS
KAINOR *182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Kainor HUGHES
     KEINOR *182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Keinor HUGHES, Keinor ROBERTS
     KENIOR *182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Kenior HUGHES


Geary, Highlands SCT
     GAARS 231 Hope:
     GAIR Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Thomas, Broughton   8 Apr 1812
     GAIRY 47 Worthenbury:
     GARY masc. spear carrier (Germanic)
                 63A Holt:
               *336 Connah's Quay MIs: Gary John WILLIAMS
                374 Wrexham: 21 May 1848 bap/o Mary d/o William (lab) & Christiana, Mount Street
     GARRY 363 Wrexham: Florence Winifred, Richard, William James Richard, Winifred;     
                 379 Wrexham: Dorothy, Leonard Linton, Richard, Richard Norman, Winifred;
                 400 Wrexham: 29 May 1826 mar. by Banns of William GARRY (lab) wdr. & Elizabeth ROBERTS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John FAR-----, Margaret PARSONAGE (x)
                 404 Wrexham: Ernest Lynton, Richard Norman;
                 405 Wrexham: Gertrude Sarah, Gladys Harriet, John Samuel, Richard, Winifred, Winifred Maria, Winnifred;
                 407 Wrexham: Hilda Maria, Thomas Bernard;
                 561A Marchwiel: 23 Feb 1908 bap/o Marjorie Haines & NOrah Haines (both born 25 Jan) ds/o Richard (farmer) & Winifred, Bryn y Cabanau
     GEARING 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
     GEARY 123 Ruabon:
427 Ruabon: Edward Thomas;
                  446 Chirk: Thomas;
                  Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Dog  John Geary
                                                      Shrewsbury: Milliner/dress maker: Esther Geary, Swan hill
     GEEARY 323 Denbigh:


Geddes, Highlands SCT
GEDDES   *61 Ruabon: 10 Jun 1842 mar. by Lic. of
                                                    William Geddes SMITH (writer) ba. of Glasgow s/o John SMITH (merchant)
                                                    & Sarah ROBERTS sp. of New Hall d/o John ROBERTS (Gentleman)
             *432 Llangollen: 14 Jul 1883 bur/o William Geddes SMITH, aged 74, Bachau isaf
             *493 Llantysilio

Gedling, Nottinghamshire
     GEGLIN 445 Wrexham


Moel caergeiliog & Nant caergeiliog between the Cerrigydrudion road and Bala Road
             having between them Hafodty Uchaf and Hafodty Isaf (from a reprint of the one-inch OS Sheet for Llangollen No. 32)

GELDARD (Comon in Yorkshire - Addison)
                 223 St. Asaph;
     GELDER 332
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Annie,William;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Eleanor, Thomas Charles;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Albert Grimshaw, Doreen;
                   353 Pentrobin:


Gelli-Gaer, Mid Glamorgan


     GAMUL *557 Llansilin: 14 Mar 1896 bur (at Rhiwlas Church) of Arthur Gamul JEBB, aged 16, The Syth, Ellesmere
     GEMMELS Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire


GENDERS  (Perhaps equivalent to French Gendre, Gindre. According to Dauzat this is a name of
                   relationship which became a patronymic when a son-in-law inherited the house of his
                   father-in-law - Reaney & Wilson)
334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Harry, Horace, Jennie, Leslie, May, Olive;
                 337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ernest Herbert, Harriet Ann, Mary, Samuel, Walter;    
                 405 Wrexham: Eliza Jane, Frederick, Joseph Oscar;

generosa/generosus (Latin) = 1) of good or noble birth, high-born
                                           2) good of its kind, of a good stock, well-bred, superior, choice, excellent, first class;
                                              generous, rich 
                                          3) noble-minded, brave, chivalrous, dignified, honourable

Geneva, Dyfed
     GWENHAWVAR 560p Llangollen:  30 Jan 1627/28 bur/o Gwenhawvar vch Nicholas
     GWENHOYVAR *166 Cilcain:
     GWENHUWFAR 560p Llangollen: 4 Jun 1632 bap/o Gwenhuwfar vch Edward ap Robert
     GWENHWAR Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858: Gwenhwar LLOYD, Overton 1607
     GWENHWYFAR   *5 Llangollen: Gwenhwyfar vch Edward;
                              *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                              *166 Cilcain:
                              *169 Llanrhydd:
                                560p Llangollen:
     GWENHWYFER   *17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Gwenhwyfer vch Edward;
                               *113 Llanelidan:  31 Mar 1723 bur/o Gwenhwyfer JONES
                               *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                                560p Llangollen  6 May 1607 mar/o Henry ap Ieuan & Gwenhwyfer vch Dd
                                                        5 Jun 1615 bur/o Gwenhwyfer vch Gruff
                                                       27 Jun 1617 bur/o Gwenhwyfer vch Willm
     GWENHWYFOR *113 Llanelidan: 22 Feb 1712/13 bur/o Gwenhwyfor WM
                               *166 Cilcain:
                                560p  Llangollen: 13 Mar 1615/16 bur/o Gwenhwyfor vch John ap Holl
     GWENHWYVAR *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                               *458 Mold
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                      Gwenhwyvar YOUNGE, Wid, Tybroughton   1594
     GWENHYFAR 560p Llangollen:
     GWENHYVER *383 Ruthin: 20 Feb 1622/23 bur/o Gwenhyver EAYRES w/o Richard;
     GWYNHWYFOR *113 Llanelidan: 29 May 1712 bap/o Gwynhwyfor WITTANS c/o John & Jane (JONES)
     JENNIFER possibly see also


GENT (Common in Derbyshire - Addison)
GAUNT 391 Colwyn: 18 Mar 1890 mar. by Banns of Francis NELSON (police constable) wdr f otp s/o Samuel (teacher)
                                                                 & Betsy GAUNT sp/f otp d/o Richard (shepherd)
                  405 Wrexham: James, Jane, Percy William;
Ghent, Flanders
      GENNA 242*B Gwyddelwern:
  GENT    4 Llangollen: Maria;
                 46 Worthenbury:
                185 Llysfaen:
                196 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                383 Ruthin: 13 Nov 1738 bur/o Richard s/o Richard & Dorothy;
                400 Wrexham: 3 Mar 1827 mar. by Banns (wcop) of Samuel HANMER (x) ba. & Lydea GENT (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                            Wits: William JONES (x), Margaret LLOYD (x)
                472 Llangernyw
                479 Overton
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Francis, Overton Maddock,   1745/6
     GONAT *405 Wrexham: 15 Sep 1895 bap/o George Gonat ROGERS (b 18 Feb 1886)
                                                                                            s/o Louis (leather dresser) & Mary, 6 Roderic Terrace
GENTLE 243 Hanmer:
              444 Ruabon
              474B Gresford

Gentleshaw, Staffordshire

GEOFFREY, GEOFFREYES, GEOFFREYS, GEOFFRIES see JEFFREY (note: Geoffrey see also Galfridi above)

     cegin (Welsh) = kitchen (there are surnames under KITCHEN)
     GAHAN Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:
                           No. 41 Chester Street: DAVIES family (born Liverpool/Saltney)
                                                            GAHAN John V.    Lodger   unmarried   32    Station Master born Ireland
     GAUGHAN 540 Overton
     GEGGIN 21 Holt: 19 Nov 1667 bap/o John FISHER als GEGGIN s/o ----------
     GEGIN 21 Holt: 6 Oct 1683 bap/o Mary d/o Samuell

     GOGAN 422p Hanmer: 28 Aug 1573 bap/o Alyse d/o Jankyn ap Shone Gogan & Shoned
The Goggin, Shropshire
     KEEGAN   68 Ruabon Vol. 9 Burials 1813-1832 (no parents in index or body of transcription):
                                                    8 Jan 1827 bur/o John aged 2 of Pontadam
                    344 Mold: 22 Mar 1832 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 15 mths, Mold
                                   30 Mar 1832 bur/o Charles, aged 4, Mold
                    384 Wrexham: 4 Jan 1865 bur/o Ann, aged 65, Mount St.
                    412 Wrexham: 21 Oct 1859 bur/o Patrick, aged 64, Mount St.
     KEGAN 411 Wrexham: 20 Jun 1842 bur/o Owen, aged 4, Wrexham Regis
     KEGGAN Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town:     Church Steps    Patrick   40   Hawker   born I.
     KEGGIN 411 Wrexham: 3 Feb 1843 bur/o John, aged 2, Wrexham Regis


GEORGE masc. a landholder; husbandman (Germanic) - Claremont
     GEOARGE 525 Whitford
     GEORE *363 Wrexham: Geore HUBBARD   
     GEORG 10 Overton: Marg;
                  85 Mold: 1 Jan 1707/08 bap/o Eliz. d/o T. & Margt.
                 158 Holywell: 13 Aug 1775  bap/o Sarah d/o Richd & Margt.
                 246 Llanfwrog: 25 Oct 1696 bap/o Margaret d/o Richard
                 247 Llanfwrog: 22 Dec 1695 bur/o Mary d/o Richard
                 272 Nannerch:
17 Feb 1781 bap/o Thomas s/o Robert & Dorothy
                 423 Hanmer: 20 Oct 1576 mar/o Edward GEORG & Margeret JEYNKYN
435 Gresford: Ellis, John, Katharin, William;
                 538A Llangar
                      B Llangar
     GEORGE    1 Llandegla: Abraham, Elizabeth, Peter, Philip, Piter, Samuel;
                       2 Llandegla: Daniel, Peter, Sara, Sarah;
                       4 Llangollen: Gwen, John, Luke, Simon, William;
                       5 Llangollen: Abigail, David, Edward, Elenor, Elizabeth, Gwen, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary,
                                          Moses, Simon, William, Wm;
                       6: Isycoed: 1670 Householder in Sutton township: Jon;
                       7 Llanferres: William;
                       8 Overton: Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                     13 LLandegla: Abraham, Peter, Samuel;
                    *16 Overton: George WYNNE JONES
                     22 Hawarden: Elizabeth, John;
                     24 Hawarden: Elizabeth, John, Kezia, Sarah;
                     27 Llanarmon yn Ial: George;
                     30 Wrexham: Edward, Margaret, Peter, Samuel;
                     31 Hawarden: Edward, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas;
                     33 Llangwm: Jane;
                     35 Llangwm: Anne, Cathrine, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary;
                     36 Ruabon: Ann(e), Edward, Frances, Jane, Margt, Mary, Richd, Robert, Robt, Willm;
                     39 Halkyn: Alice, Ed, Edward, Elin, Elizabeth, Lucy, Richd, Sarah;
GEORGE contd
                     42 Holywell: Barbara, Hugh, Jane;
                     44 Denbigh: Forester;
                    *45 Denbigh: George WILLIAMS
                    *48 Worthenbury: 27 Aug 1749 bur/o George COTTON
                                               5 Oct 1754 bur/o Mary w/o George,
                    *49 Holywell: 8 Jul 1838 bap/o Price George OWENS (MORRIS)
                                                                                           base s/o Price MORRIS & Mary OWENS
                     49 Holywell: 11 Nov 1832 bap/o Edward s/o Hugh (miner) & Mary, Bagillt
                     51 Holywell: 25 Dec 1830 bur/o Jane, aged 4, Brynford
                                       13 Apr 1831 bur/o Thomas, aged 67, Greenfield
                     52 Holywell: Hugh, Jane, Mary, Robert, Thomas;
                    *53 Wrexham: 6 Oct 1812 bap/o John George (b 8 May) s/o Thomas (gunmaker) & Constantia, Wrexham Abbot
                     53 Wrexham: 20 Mar 1802 bur/o Rob. (poor), Wrexham Regis
                                          21 Jan 1804 bur/o Wm. (poor), Wrexham Abbot
                     57 Ruabon: John, Maria, Martha, Samuel;
                     58 Erbistock: 23 Mar 1739/40 bap/o William s/o Edward (of Ruabon) & Anne
                                         30 Nov 1740 bur/o Edward, Ruabon
                     59 Erbistock: 21 Jun 1760 mar. by Banns of William ROBERTS (x) otp & Magdalon JONES (x)
                                                                                      Wits: Edward EDWARDS, Thomas GEORGE (x)
GEORGE contd
                    *61Ruabon: 17 Mar 1838 mar. by Lic. of
                                                         William George HEARNE ba. of Rhosymedre s/o George Henry HEARNE
                                                        & Elizabeth JONES sp. of Rhosymedre d/o Griffith JONES
                     61 Ruabon: 17 Sep 1839 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Thomas BALDERSTON ba. otp s/o Richard BALDERSTON (Professor of Dancing)
                                                        & Maria GEORGE (x) sp. of Cefn Mawr d/o John GEORGE (collier)
                     62 Flint: 12 Jul 1817 mar. by Banns of Thomas MEESON (x) wdr. & Margaret JONES (x) wid., both otp
                                                                             Wits: William GEORGE, John BOOLEY
                     63 Holt: 21 Sep 1779 mar. by Banns of John GEORGE (x) (singleman) & Mary WILLIAMS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: James TOMLINSON, Charles PASNIGE
                     66 Penley:  19 Sep 1669 Ellesmere: bur/o Ellen, widow
                                       24 Oct 1677 Ellesmere: bur/o William
                                        6 May 1697 Ellesmere: bap/o William s/o Daniel
                                      20 Apr 1832 bap/o Sarah d/o William (lab) & Hannah, Northwood
                                       8 Sep 1833 bap/o Joseph s/o William (lab) & Hannah, Northwood
                                       8 Mar 1835 bap/o Anne d/o William (lab) & Hannah, Northwood
                                       1 May 1836 bap/o Thomas s/o William (lab) & Hannah, Northwood
                                       3 Dec 1837 bap/o Hannah d/o William (lab) & Hannah otp

                     67 Ruabon: 28 Jan 1810 bap/o Ann (b 9 Jan) d/o John & Martha, Cefn Mawr
                     68 Ruabon: 25 Nov 1815 bur/o Elizabeth, infant, Cefnmavr (sic)
                                       30 Jul 1824 bur/o Edward, aged 79, Tymawr
GEORGE contd
                     73 Chirk: Edward, John, Margaret, Mary, Samuel;               
                     74 Flint: Diana, Eliz., Jane, Mary, William;
                     75 Marchwiel: 30 Apr 1758 bur/o Simon, Melin Puleston
                                          13 Dec 1775 bap/o Bridget STRONG (b 12) d/o Samuel (Revd. Rector) & Ann (GEORGE), his wife
                                          15 Feb 1777 bap/o Susannah (b 12) d/o Samuel (Revd. Rector) & Ann (GEORGE), his wife
                                          11 Dec 1795 bur/o Anne George STRONG w/o Rector

                     79 Gresford:
16 May 1773 bur/o Mary, Cheshire
                                        29 Jan 1779 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Peter, Chester
                                        28 Feb 1779 bap/o Evan s/o Peter, Burton
                                        27 Jul 1786 bur/o Elizabeth, Burton
                                        11 Oct 1788 bur/o John, Burton
                                        21 Dec 1794 bap/o  Ellis s/o Thomas, Llay
GEORGE contd
                     81A+B Hope: Church Warden 1795-98 Peter GEORGE
                                          29 Jun 1783 bap/o Edward (b 25) s/o Peter & Anne (JONES), Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                                          21 Dec 1784 bap/o Peter (b 4)
                                                             s/o Peter & Anne (JONES -Tryddin, Mold Psh), Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                                          24 Jun 1787 bap/o John (b 1)
                                                             s/o Peter (farmer) & Elisabeth (JONES - Tryddyn, Mold Psh) Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                                          11 Feb 1791 bap/o Sarah (b 8)
                                                            d/o Peter & Elizth (JONES-Cae Blythin, Mold Psh), Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                                          -- Apr 1793 bap/o William (b 26) s/o Peter & Anne (JONES-Cae Blythin, Mold), U.U.
                                          10 Apr 1793 bur/o ----- (d. 8) c/o Peter, U.U.
                                          23 Aug 1794 bap/o Abraham s/o Peter & Anne (JONES-Trythin), Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                                            2 Jan 1796 bur/o a boy aged 18 (d 30) o/ Peter, U.U.
                                          31 Mar 1797 bap/o Anne (b 29) d/o Peter & Anne (JONES-Tryddyn), U.U.
                                          -- Mar 1799 bap/o John s/o Peter & Ann (JONES-Trythin), U.U.
                                          26 Jan 1808 bap/o Thomas GEORGE (EDWARDS) (b 17)
                                                                      base s/o Thos. EDWARDS & Mary (GEORGE - U.U), abode: Ruabon
                                          29 May 1808 bap/o John (b 11) s/o Edward & Mary (POWEL - Uwchymynydd Isaf), abode: U.U.
                                           2 Jun 1809 bur/o a male child aged 6 mo. (d. 30) of Edwd., U.U.
                                          18 Jul 1810 bur/o Jane (d 15) aged 80, Kinnerton
                                          24 Jul 1810 bur/o Mary (d. 21) aged 21, U.U.
                     82 Nerquis: 22 May 1809 bap/o Hannah GEORGE (GRIFFITH) (b 20)
                                                          base d/o Edwd GRIFFITH (Mold) & Sarah GEORGE
                                        5 Oct 1809 bur/o Hannah (d. 3rd) infant aged 19 wks
GEORGE contd
                     84 Treuddyn: 19 Mar 1700/01 bap/o Mary d/o Edward & Mary
                                          5 Feb 1774 bap/o Francis s/o Peter & Mary
                                         25 May 1779 bap/o Margaret d/o Peter & Anne
                                         21 May 1780 bap/o David GEORGE (JONES) base s/o Edward JONES & Margaret GEORGE
                     85 Mold:  1 Jan 1705/06 bap/o Prudence d/o Tho. & Margt.
                                  27 Dec 1712 bap/o Peter & Margt. twin s& d/o Thomas & Margt.
                                    2 Oct 1715 bap/o Cath. d/o Tho. & Marg.
                                  16 Mar 1717/1718 bap/o John s/o Tho. 7 Marg.
                     86 Derwen: 5 Jan 1775 bap/o Hannah JONES d/o Hugh (taylor) & Mary George
                    101C+D Llanynys:  7 Jun 1741 bur/o Anne;
                                               14 Feb 1772 mar. by Lic. of
                                                                  Robert GEORGE (x) ba. of Holywell & Anne WILLIAMS (x) sp. otp
                                                                  Wits: Peter WMS, Robert JONES
                    107B Llanrhydd: 9 Feb 1811 bur/o Anne, wid.
                    108A Minera Chapel:
Abraham, Peter, Samuel, Sarah;
GEORGE contd
                     112 Halkyn:  5 Aug 1826 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Joseph BOWEN ba. of Northop s/o Job (miner) & Mary (DAVIES) his wife
                                                      & Maria MARSH (x) sp. otp d/o William (miner) & Mary (GEORGE), his wife
                                                         Wits: Richard BOWEN, Phobe WILLIAMS (x)
                                       15 Dec 1827 mar. by Banns of
                                                          John JONES (x) ba. of Holywell s/o Robert (smelter) & Mary (GEORGE), his wife
                                                        & Catharine ROGERS (x) sp. otp d/o John (miner) & Sarah (LLOYD), his wife
                                                          Wits: Samuel JONES(x), Sarah PRICE (x)
                                         3 Nov 1836 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Joseph JONES ba. otp s/o Thomas (miner) & Frances (GEORGE) his wife
                                                         & Elizabeth LLOYD sp. d/o Thomas (victualler) & Sarah (HUGHES)
                                                           Wits: John JONES, Margaret WILLIAMS
                     117 Mold: 16 Sep 1739 bap/o Thomas s/o Robert & Margaret, Llwynegrin
                                    16 Jun 1744 bap/o Catherine d/o Robert & Mary, Llwynegrin
                                    16 Jun 1745 bap/o Robert s/o Robert & Margaret, Mold
                     118 Mold: 28 Jan 1734/35 mar/o John LLOYD of Gresford & Margaret GEORGE otp
                                      1 Jul 1739 mar/o Thomas JONES & Elizabeth GEORGE, both otp
                     121 Mold: 16 Oct 1741 bur/o Thomas (Sexton)
                                     17 Aug 1744 bur/o Catherine d/o Robert, Llwynegryn
                                     11 Dec 1748 bur/o Margaret, Llwynegryn
GEORGE contd
                     129 Treuddyn: 26 Dec 1699 mar/o Edward GEORGE & Mary JONES
                                            7 Fen 1774 bur/o Francis s/o Peter & Mar.
                                           10 Feb 1783 bur/o Peter
                                           10 Jul 1786 mar. by Banns of John JONES ba. & Sarah PETERS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: John GRIFFITH (x), Mary GEORGE (x)
                                             4 Jan 1793 mar. by Lic. of
                                                             John MATHEWS (x) wdr. of Nerquis & Mary GEORGE (x) wid. otp
                                                             Wits: Edward INGMAN (x), Anne MORRIS (x)
                                             1 Mar 1779 mar. by Lic. of Peter GEORGE of Hope & Anne JONES sp. otp
                                                                                    Wits: John WILLIAMS, Jane JONES (x)
                     131A Bodfari: 7 Dec 1806 bap/o Sarah base d/o Dorothy
                     132 Hanmer: Ann(e), Eliz., Elizabeth, Francis, James, John, Richard, Richd, Sarah, Thomas, Thos.,
                                        William, Wm;
                     133A Holt: 24 Sep 1780 bap/o Mary d/o John & Mary, Frances Lane
                     137 Northop: Benjamin, Charles, Charlotte, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Kezia, Mary, Richard,
                                        Robert, Thomas, William;
                     138 Wrexham: Church Warden 1792-93 Edward GEORGE
                     147 Llanddoget: 24 May 1708 mar/o Edw. ap Pugh George of Eglwysfach & Mary Jo William
                     148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr: 23 Mar 1677/78 bap/o Reignald s/o Hugh George
                                                                 5 Dec 1689 bur/o Hugh, Cefn y Post
GEORGE contd
                     151 Hanmer: 29 Jan 1772 mar. by Banns of John EDGELEY & Elizabeth GEORGE, both otp
                                                                                     Wits: William GEORGE, Anne HOWARD
                                          2 Jan 1781 mar. by Banns of William GEORGE & Sarah EVANS (x), both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John BATEMAN, Mary ROE
                     152 Hanmer: 15 Jul 1752 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John, Halghton
                                          4 Nov 1781 bur/o Wm. s/o Wm. & Sarah, Halghton
                     153 Hope: 18 Feb 1772 bap/o Sarah d/o Peter & Mary, Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                                     28 Dec 1780 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Peter & Anne, Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                     155 Caerwys:  8 May 1795 mar. by Banns of Joseph GEORGE (x) ba. & Mary DAVIES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Henry ROBERTS (x), Henry JONES
                                         21 Apr 1806 mar. by Banns of
                                                           John SWALLOW ba. of Nannerch & Benedicta EDWARDS sp. otp
                                                           Wits: Thomas PRICE, Mary GEORGE
                     156 Hanmer: 11 Aug 1716 bap/o Mary d/o John
                     157A Hanmer: 17 Dec 1662 bap/o Magdolen d/o John
                     158 Holywell: Ann, Cathn, Edwd, Elinor, Elizth, Enoch, Hugh, John, Margt, Mary, Owen, Richd, Sarah;
                     159 Holywell: 25 Jan 1811 mar. by Banns of Hugh GEORGE (x) ba. & Mary EVANS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John SAMUEL (x), Ann JONES (x)
GEORGE contd
                     163A Ruabon: 20 Aug 1832 mar. by Banns of Robert GEORGE (x) & Sarah BLUNT (x), both otp
                                                                                        Wits: Edwd DAVIES (x), Hannah BLUNT (x)
                                           17 Sep 1833 mar. by Banns of Edward GEORGE (x) & Sarah JONES (x), both otp
                                                                                        Wits: Evan EVANS (x), Jane JONES (x)
                     164 Cwm: 22 Mar 1728 bur/o Jane;
                                    13 Mar 1741/42 bur/o Jane;
                                    28 Jan 1787 bap/o Martha d/o William & Mary, Isglan
                                      6 Apr 1795 bap/o Thomas s/o William & Mary, Isglan
                                    21 Nov 1797 bap/o Edward s/o William & Mary, Isglan
                                    29 Mar 1810 mar. by Lic. of Abel VAUGHAN (x) wdr. & Sarah GEORGE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                             Wits: Daniel BROOKS, Sarah JONES (x)
                                    25 Aug 1815 mar. by Lic. of Edward JONES (x) ba. & Jane GEORGE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: Daniel BROOKS, Mary VAUGHAN
                                      3 Jan 1818 mar. by Banns of John WILLIAMS (x) ba. of Whitford & Sarah ELLIS (x) sp. otp
                                                                                 Wits: Edward GEORGE, Dorothy ELLIS (x)
                                    26 Feb 1821 mar. by Banns of John JONES ba. of St. Asaph & Mary VAUGHAN sp. otp
                                                                                Wits: Edward GRIFFITHS, Mary GEORGE (x)
                                    13 Jul 1823 mar. by Lic. of Henry JONES (x) wdr & Mary GEORGE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                           Wits: Thomas JONES, Sarah VAUGHAN (x)
GEORGE contd
                     165 Ruabon: 21 Aug 1815 mar. by Banns of Evan EVANS (x) & Elizabeth JONES (x), both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Edward EVANS (x), Elizabeth GEORGE (x)
                                        25 Sep 1815 mar. by Banns of Richard JONES (x) & Elizabeth GEORGE (x), both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John OWENS (x), Margaret DAVIES (x)
                    *166Cilcain: George BROOKES, George COITMORE, George HUGHES, George PARRY
                     166 Cilcain: 21 Sep 1610 bap/o Edward
                     167 Gresford: 14 Jul 1758 mar. by Lic. of John THOMAS & Jane GEORGE, both otp
                                                                                 Wits: John JONES, Evan GEORGE
                                           3 Sep 1765  mar. by Lic. of Charles ZACKREY of Burton & Dorothy ROBINSON (x) of Hope
                                                                                    Wits: Edward EVANS, John GEORGE
                                          30 Jan 1766 mar. by Lic. of John GEORGE & Audery ZACKERY (x), both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Edwd EVANS, John JONES
                                            6 Jan 1769 mar. by Lic. of Thomas MERCER & Alice ROBERTS, both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Peter GEORGE, Edward EVANS
                                            2 Feb 1777 mar. by Lic. of Thomas ATHERTON (singleman) of Sandbach, Cheshire
                                                                                 & Ann EDWARDS, sp. otp
                                                                                    Wits: John GEORGE, Edward EVANS
                                            5 Mar 1781 mar. by Banns of John JONES alias VAUGHAN (x) & Mary LEWIS (x), both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Edward EVANS, John GEORGE
                                           15 Mar 1781 mar. by Lic. of John NARBURY (x) (singleman) of Pulford, Cheshire
                                                                                   & Margt. WILLIAMS (x) (spinster) otp
                                                                                     Wits: Edward EVANS, John GEORGE
GEORGE contd
                    *168 Hope:  9 May 1669 bap/o Ann d/o John George, Uwchymynydd
                                     28 Sep 1674 bap/o ----- George s/o Humphrey ap Richard ap Robert, Estyn
                    *169 Llanrhydd: George CROWNER, George DAVIES, George HUGHES, George ap Griffith ROBTS,
                                            George ap Richard HUGHES

                     173 Holt: 25 Nov 1735 bap/o John s/o Even;
                     176 Tremeirchion: 23 Jun 1736 mar/o Philip GEORGE of Llanufydd & Jane JONES otp
                                               17 Feb 1739/40 bap/o Owen s/o Philip & Jane
                                                 2 Jan 1772 bap/o Richd. WILLIAMS (GEORGE)
                                                                                                    base s/o Edward GEORGE & Elizth WILLIAMS
                     177 Whitford: 25 Dec 1803 bap/o Edward GEORGE (WILLIAMS)
                                                                                               base s/o Edwd WILLIAMS & Mary GEORGE (blind)
                     178 Ysceifiog: Ed., Edward, Elizth, Frances, Harriot, John, Mary, Phobe;
                     179 Llangadwaladr: 23 Oct 1780 mar. by Lic. of
                                                                    John GEORGE ba. of Bishopgate, London & Margaret EDWARDS (x) sp. otp
                                                                    Wits: John THOMAS, John JONES
                     184 Llanddulas: 27 Jul 1789 bur/o Peter;
                     186 St. Asaph: Ann(e), Edward, Elizabeth, John, Peter, Robert, Thomas, William;
GEORGE contd
                     188 Halkyn: 19 Feb 1804 bap/o Edward WILLIAMS (b 15) s/o Thomas (miner) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), H F
                                        27 May 1804 bap/o Mariah (b 21) d/o Edward (miner) & Elizabeth (SANDERS), H F
                                         8 Jul 1804 bap/o Robert THOMAS ( 7) s/o Owen (miner) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), L L
                                        28 Oct 1804 bap/o Mari ? MARSH (b 28) d/o William (miner) & Mary (GEORGE), L L
                                        20 Oct 1805 bap/o Sarah (b 24 Sep) d/o Edward (miner) & Elizabeth (SANDIES), H F
                                         2 Mar 1806 bap/o Frances EDWARDS (b 18 Feb) d/o Richard (miner) & Sarah (GEORGE), L W
                                         1 Jun 1806 bap/o William THOMAS (b 28 May) s/o Owen (lab) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), L L
                                       21 Jun 1806 bap/o Hugh WILLIAMS (b 11) s/o Thomas (miner) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), H F
                                       15 Nov 1807 bap/o Elizabeth (b 13) d/o Edward (miner) & Elizabeth (SANDERS), H F
                                       19 Jan 1808 bap/o Jane EDWARDS (b 18) d/o Richard (miner) & Sarah (GEORGE), L W
                                       16 Apr 1808 bap/o Sarah THOMAS (b 10) d/o Owen (miner) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), L L
                                         4 Apr 1809 bap/o Thomas WILLIAMS (b 3) s/o Thomas (miner) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), H F
                                       18 Sep 1809 bur/o Edward WILLIAMS (aged 3)
                                                                                 s/o Thomas (miner) & Elizabeth (GEORGE) of Hendre Figillt
                                       25 Jan 1810 bap/o Charlotte (b 14) d/o Edward (miner) & Elizabeth (SAUNDERS), H F
                                         2 Dec 1810 bap/o James THOMAS (b 26) s/o Owen (lab) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), L L
                                         9 Jun 1811 bur/o Sarah THOMAS (aged 3) d/o Owen (lab) & Elizabeth (GEORGE), of Lygan
                                       30 Aug 1812 bap/o Elizabeth EDWARDS (b 18) d/o Richard (lab) & Sarah (GEORGE), L W
GEORGE contd
                     189 Holywell:  6 Dec 1805 bap/o Sarah (b 6) base d/o -------- & Elizth GEORGE
                                         16 Jun 1811 bap/o Catherine (b 6) d/o Hugh & Mary
                     191 Ruabon: 28 Jun 1768 mar. by Banns of Robert GEORGE & Ann PRICE, both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Roger JONES, Samuel DAVIES
                                         22 Dec 1771 mar. by Banns of Edward PRICE of Chirk & Jane GEORGE (x) otp
                                                                                      Wits: Roger JONES, Robert GEORGE
                                         30 Aug 1773 mar. by Banns of William ABEL (x) & Anne GLOVER (x), both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Edward JONES, Robert GEORGE
                                         31 Dec 1775 mar. by Banns of John ROBERTS (x) & Sarah GEORGE (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Edward JONES, John LLOYD
                                         22 May 1778 mar. by Lic. of John ELLIS & Jane EDWARDS, both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Robert GEORGE, Edward JONES
                                         29 Dec 1782 mar. by Banns of John ROBERTS & Ann COTTRELL (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: -------, Robert GEORGE
                                         26 Feb 1783 mar. by Banns of Abraham JONES (x) & Catherine GEORGE (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: John BOYERS, Thomas RICHARDS
                                         29 Sep 1799 mar. by Lic. of William POWELL (x) & Sarah CLARKE, both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Edward GEORGE, John JONES
                                         31 Jan 1807 mar. by Banns of John GEORGE (x) & Martha ROBERTS (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: John DAVIES (x), Mary GEORGE(x)
                                          2 Mar 1812 mar. by Banns of William EVANS (x) & Sarah WILLIAMS (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: John EDWARDS (x), Jane GEORGE (x)
                                         17 Jun 1812 mar. by Banns of Charles PRICE (x) & Ann LEWIS (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: John LAMB (x), Martha GEORGE (x)
GEORGE contd
                     192 Ysceifiog: 22 Oct 1790 bur/o Henry & Thomas GEORGE (PIERCE) (b 22)
                                                                                        base twins/o Henry PIERCE & Catherine GEORGE
                                          28 Nov 1789 bur/o Richd (d 26) aged 81
                                            5 Feb 1798 (d 2) bur/o Mary, aged 65, Trelan Isa
                     193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:   1 Jun 1728 mar/o Hugh ROBERTS of Llangwm & Rebecca GEORGE otp
                                                           14 Jun 1739 bur/o Arabella
                                                           12 Sep 1754 bur/o Jane
                     194 Halkyn: Anne, Catherine, Edwd, Elizabeth, Hannah, Hugh, Job, John, Luce, Lucy, Margaret, Mary,
                                       Richard, Richd, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, Watkin;
                     195 Holywell: Barbara, Elizth, Hugh, Mary, Richard;
                     197 Hanmer: Ambrose Brooke, Elizabeth, Francis William, James, Jane, John, Joyce,
                                        Mary Ann, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                     199 Derwen: 30 Apr 1774 mar. by Banns of Hugh JONES ba. of Bryneglwys & Mary GEORGE sp. otp
                                                                                    Wits: Robert ROBERTS, Evan LLOYD
GEORGE contd
                     206 Hanmer: Anne, Daniel, Danniell, Elen, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Roger, William;
                     207 Hanmer:  1 Jun 1770 bur/o John, Halghton
                                         4 Mar 1780 bur/o Susanna, Halghton
                     217 Llanelian yn Rhos: 31 Oct 1732 bap/o Ellin d/o William & Jane
                     219 Penley: 20 Jan 1763 bur/o Elizabeth otp
                                       James, the sonne of William GEORGE & his wife, baptized the 1 of Aprill, 1664
                     221 St. Asaph: 22 Oct 1776 bap/o Jane d/o William & Mary, Meriadog
                     224 St. Asaph: 13 Feb 1791 bur/o John s/o William, Bryn Polyn
                                            28 Mar 1800 bur/o John s/o William, Talar
                                            18 Jun 1804 bur/o Edward s/o William, Talar
                                            22 Jun 1804 bur/o Thomas s/o William, Talar
                     227 Ruthin: 6 Oct 1845 bap/o Dorothy JONES (GEORGE)
                                                                            d/o William GEORGE of Liverpool & Catherine JONES, Crispin
                     228 St. Asaph: 11 May 1708 mar/o Thomas GEORGE of Holywell & Margaret JONES of Northop
                                            27 Aug 1727 bur/o Owen, Wigfair
                                            17 Jun 1747 bur/o Philip, Cyrchynan
GEORGE contd
                     231 Hope: 30 Sep 1754 mar. by Banns of John LLOYD (x) (lab) & Anne EDWARDS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Peter GEORGE, Edward HUGHES (x)
                                      1 Aug 1770 mar. by Lic. of Samuel GEORGE ba. of Wrexham & Elizabeth HUMPHREYS sp.
                                                                              Wits: Thos. BYTHELL, John JONES
                                     28 Nov 1771 mar. by Lic. of Peter GEORGE wdr. & Mary JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                             Wits: John JONES, Mary JONES (x)
                                       3 Nov 1776 mar. by Lic. of Peter GEORGE ba. of Gresford & Elizabeth ADAMS (x) sp. otp
                                                                              Wits: John TILSTON, John JONES
                                      22 Jan 1779 mar. by Lic. of Edward LANGFORD (x) ba. of Mold & Margaret DAVIES sp. otp
                                                                               Wits: Peter GEORGE, John JONES
                                      15 May 1784 mar. by Banns of Edward WARD ba/22 otp s/o Samuel & Ealse
                                                                                   & Elizabeth CRAWTON (x) sp/22 otp d/o Joseph & Mary, Llanarmon
                                                                                   Wits: Peter GEORGE, John JONES
                                       26 Jun 1807 mar. by Banns of Edward GEORGE (x) ba/24 otp s/o Petr & Anne, otp
                                                                                   & Mary POWEL (x) aged 23 d/o Edwd & Mary otp
                                                                                   Wits: Peter GEORGE, Griffith JONES
                     243 Hanmer: 23 Apr 1843 bap/o Charles base c/o Margaret (single woman)
                                        13 Jan 1845 bap/o James s/o James (lab) & Maria, Tybroughton
                                          3 Aug 1845 bap/o Esther base c/o Margaret (single woman), Tybroughton
GEORGE contd
                     244 Llandegla: 31 Mar 1813 bur/o Elizabeth, aged about 65, of Brymbo, Wrexham Psh
                                               2 Mar 1831 bur/o Samuel, aged 52, of Minera
                     246 Llanfwrog:  2 Mar 1691/92 bap/o John s/o Richard
                                           26 Nov 1693 bap/o Jane d/o Richard
                                            5 May 1695 bap/o Mary d/o Richard
                                            8 May 1698 bap/o John s/o Richard
                                          12 Aug 1698 bap/o Jane base d/o Peter
                                          12 Jan 170/01 bap/o Catherine base d/o Peter (weaver)
                                           2 May 1701 bap/o David s/o Richard (pauper) & Ann
                                           2 Apr 1702 bap/o Mary d/o Peter & Dorothy
                                          17 Sep 1704 bap/o Margaret (died an infant) d/o Peter (pauper) & Dorothy
                                            7 Jan 1706/07 bap/o Ann d/o Peter (textoris: weaver) & Dorothy, Mwrog St.
                                           13 Nov 1709 bap/o Dorothy d/o Peter & Dorothy, Mwrog St.
                     247 Llanfwrog: 29 May 1694 bur/o Anne d/o Richard
                                            8 Dec 1695 bur/o Robert
                                          18 Jul 1697 bur/o Margaret d/o Richard
                                          18 Aug 1698 bur/o Jane base d/o Peter
                                            6 Apr 1701 bur/o Catherine d/o Peter
                                            9 Dec 1705 bur/o Margaret (infant) d/o Peter (weaver), Mwrog St.
                                           14 Jun 1747 bur/o Elizabeth, Mwrog St.
GEORGE contd
                     250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                     252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog: 1 Dec 1626 bap/o Richard s/o Hugh
                     263 Llansilin:  8 Jul 1720 bap/o Mary GEORGE (---------) supp. d/o Edd. Morris ab Roger & Alice GEORGE
                                         23 Jul 1764 bur/o Alice
                     268 Wrexham: 15 Jun 1785 mar. by Lic. of Evan WILLIAMS & Elizabeth PETERS, both otp
                                                                                   Wits: George BROMLY, Margreat GEORGE
                                           13 May 1787 mar. by Lic. of George JONES & Mary JONES, both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Sarah ROBERTS, Margaret GEORGE, Richd MEESON
                                          12 Oct 1796 mar. by Lic. of Samuel ROBERTS of Ruabon & Anne GEORGE otp
                                                                                   Wits: Thomas ROBERTS, Richd MEESON 
                     269 Dyserth: 10 Mar 1799 bap/o Edward JONES (GEORGE) (b 8) base s/o Edward GEORGE & Jane JONES
                     271 Eglwys-bach: Alce, Allice, Anne, Cathrin, David, Edd, Edward, Harry, Thomas;
GEORGE contd
                     272 Nannerch: 25 Sep 1774 bap/o John s/o Robert & Dorothy, Cilcain
                                          19 Oct 1778 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Robt. & Dorothy
                                          21 Sep 1779 bap/o Frances d/o Thos. & Sarah, Ysceifiog
                                          22 Jun 1783 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Sarah, Cilcain
                                           6 May 1787 bap/o Mary d/o Robt. & Dorothy
                                           4 Apr 1789 bap/o John s/o Jno & Alice
                                         16 Oct 1791 bap/o Richard s/o Jno & Alice
                                          2 Jan 1795 bur/o Robert, Cilcain
                                         30 Aug 1803 mar. by Banns of Thos. DAVIES (x) & Elizth. HUGHES (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: John GEORGE, Mariah MOSTYN
                                          3 Dec 1803 mar. by Lic. of John GEORGE of S (?Ysceifiog) & Mary EDWARDS otp
                                                                                   Wits: Richard JONES (x), Dinah MOSTYN
                                          7 Jul 1805 mar. by Lic. of Robert JAMES ba. & Alice GEORGE (sig. Alles GORGE) wd, both otp
                                                                                Wits: William HARRISON, Elizabeth GRIFFITHS (x)
                                         19 May 1810 bur/o Thomas
                                         30 Dec 1810 bap/o Sarah d/o John & Mary
                                          3 Feb 1812 mar. by Banns of Richard EDWARDS (x) ba. & Catherine DOWNING sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: William EDWARDS, Sarah GEORGE
                                        20 Dec 1812 bap/o Dorothy ROBERTS (b 15) d/o David & Mary (GEORGE), Cilcain
GEORGE contd
                     277 Llandrillo yn Rhos: Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Peter,
                                                       Richard, Robert;
                     278 Chirk: 26 Oct 1828 bap/o David GRIFFITHS reputed ill. s/o John EDWARDS & Mary alias GEORGE, Pentre
                                     (According to the index of this transcription there should be two more references to Mary GEORGE
                                      on page 23 but I can't see them)
                     279 Llandudno: 22 Oct 1749 mar/o Robert GEORGE & Mary DAVIES
GEORGE contd
                     281 Llangystennin: 27 May 1764 bap/o John s/o Thomas & Catharine
                     283 Llanrhos: 17 Sep 1749 bap/o Jane d/o Thomas & Catherine
                                          30 Sep 1750 bap/o Anne d/o Robert & Mary
                                            7 Jun 1752 bap/o David s/o Thomas & Catherine
                                          29 Jan 1758 bap/o Ann d/o Thos. & Katherine
                                          26 Oct 1760 bap/o Hugh s/o Thomas & Catherine
                     285 Llanuwchllyn: 2 May 1811 bur/o Rowland, aged 3, Cynllwyd
                     287 Llanycil: 8 May 1818 mar. by Banns of Robert GEORGE (x) ba. & Elinor JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Edward GEORGE (x), Anne JONES (x)
                     291 Llysfaen: 20 Jun 1850 bur/o Martha Charlotte, aged 6, Tanyrallt, Llandulas
                                         26 Jul 1850 bur/o William Robert, aged 2, Tanyrallt
                                         27 Sep 1851 bur/o William, aged 60, Tanyrallt
                                         28 Sep 1857 bur/o William;
                     292 Rhosymedre: 20 Sep 1846 bap/o John s/o Samuel (carpenter) & Anne, Acrefair
                     297 Chirk: Anne, Daniel, Elizabeth, Elizth, George, Jane, Jno, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Sarah,
                                     Sarrah, Thomas;
GEORGE contd
                     301 Caerwys: 20 Jul 1750 mar/o Hugh LLOYD & Catherine GEORGE, both of Whitford
                     304 Wrexham: 10 Feb 1733 bap/o Ann (b 5) JONES alias GEORGE d.o Robt., Wrexham Abbot
                                           14 Nov 1746 bap/o Richard TAMERLAIN (GEORGE) (b 6)
                                                                                           supp. s/o John GEORGE of Eyton & Margt. TAMERLAIN otp
                                             6 Mar 1746/47 bap/o William JONES (GEORGE) (b 4)
                                                                             supp. s/o Peter GEORGE of Minera & Shonet JONES otp
                                            21 Mar 1746/47 bur/o Wm. supp/ s/o Peter (miner), Minera
                                            27 Feb 1754 mar. by Lic. of Peter GEORGE ba. otp & Margaret LANGFORD of Hope
                                             2 Jan 1756 bap/o Peter (b 29) s/o Peter (miner), Esclusham Above
                     306 Holywell: Ann, David, Edwd, Elizabeth, Gemina, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Thomas,
                                         William, Wm;
GEORGE contd

                     307A Ruabon: Abrina, Ann(e), Avarina, Avaryna, Edward, Elisabeth, Jane, John, Katharine, Mary,
                                          Richard, Robert, Sarah;
                          B Ruabon: Ann, Benjamin, Edward,

                                          17 Jan 1741/42 mar/o Edward GEORGE & Anne PRITCHARD

                                          Grace, John,

                                          18 Nov 1735 mar/o William EVANS of Llangollen & Mary GEORGE otp

                                          Mary, Richard;
GEORGE contd
                     310 Gresford: Elisabeth, Evan, Hannah, Jane, Jno, Mary, Peter, Thomas, William;
                     316 Flint: Anne, Ellinor, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Richard, Robert, Robt., Samuel, Sarah,
                                    Wiliam, Wm;
                     318 Henllan: 19 Dec 1776 bap/o  Ellin ---------- (GEORGE) base d/o William GEORGE & ---------
                     320 Hope: Cath., Daniel, Peter;
                     328 Llansanffraid Glan Conway: Anne, David, George, Jane, Rich'd, Robert, Robt., Samuel, Shion
                     330 Whitford: John, Margaret, Morris, Richard;
                     331 Ysceifiog: Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Hugh, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary,
                                           Peter, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, Thos., William, Willm;
                     333 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Robert Glynne, Robert Herbert, Sarah Ann;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Harriet, Robert, Sarah Ann, William Henry;
GEORGE contd
                     340 Mold: 28 Sep 1822 mar. by Banns of Robert GRIFFITH (x) ba. & Catherine DAVIES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: William GRIFFITH (x), Jane DAVIES (x), Samuel GEORGE (x)
                                    22 Jan 1825 mar. by Banns of Edward JONES (x) ba. & Anne GEORGE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Samuel JONES (x), Anne WILLIAMS (x)
                     341 Ruabon: 1 Jun 1868 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Samuel LINFORD (lab) wd/33 of Cefn Mawr s/o Luke (whitesmith)
                                                       & Jane GEORGE (x) sp/21 of Cefn Mawr d/o Moses (boiler maker)
                     344 Mold: 19 Sep 1831 mar. by Banns of Hugh WILLIAMS (x) & Charlotte GEORGE (x), both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Roger ROBERTS (x), Elizabeth DAVIES (x)
GEORGE contd
                     349 Ysceifiog:  4 Nov 1724 mar/o Roger GEORGE & Mary HUGHES
                                           26 Jan 1735/36 mar/o Peter GEORGE & Mary JONES  
                                            2 Nov 1771 mar. by Banns of Robert GEORGE (x) ba. & Dorothy JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: John GEORGE (x), Margaret HUGHES (x)
                                            6 Jun 1772 mar. by Banns of John ROBERTS (x) (miner) & Jane GEORGE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Thomas MORRIS, Mary HUGHES
                                            6 Jul 1772 mar. by Banns of Edward GEORGE (x) (miner) & Mary NUTTAL (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Thos. HUGHES, Mary HUGHES
                                           23 Nov 1772 mar. by Banns of Thomas GEORGE (x) (miner) & Sarah ROGERS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Cath. MORRIS, Mary HUGHES
                                           15 Jul 1780 mar. by Banns of Edward GEORGE (x) wdr. & Mary WILLIAMS (x) wid., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: David FOULKS, Joseph HUGHES
                                          12 Sep 1785 mar. by Banns of Richard JONES ba. & Mary OWENS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Thomas GEORGE (x), Joseph HUGHES
                                            6 Sep 1800 mar. by Banns of Joseph EDWARDS (x) ba. & Margaret JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Joseph GEORGE, Owen JONES (x)
                                            9 Nov 1801 mar. by Banns of John PRITCHARD (x) ba. & Elizth MORGAN (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: John GEORGE, Jon. PARRY (x)
                                            3 Jun 1805 mar. by Banns of
                                                             Richard EDWARDS (x) ba. of Ha(lkyn) & Sarah GEORGE (x) sp. otp
                                                             Wits: Thomas BAGNALL, John GEORGE
                                           23 Nov 1805 mar. by Banns of Thomas JONES ba. & Frances GEORGE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                        Wits: John KENDRICK, Thomas GEORGE (x)
                                           25 Jan 1809 mar. by Banns of Edward GEORGE (x) wdr. & Margaret FOULKES (x) of H(olywell)
                                                                                        Wits: Robert ROBERTS (x), Sarah WILLIAMS (x)
GEORGE contd
                     355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Edward, Margaret;
                     359 Rhosymedre: Ann, John, John Arthur, Robert, Samuel;
                    *363 Wrexham: George HUBBARD
                     365 Wrexham: Hannah, John;
                     371 Llangollen:  2 Jul 1870 mar. by Banns of Thomas LEWIS (x) (rockman) wdr/full of Penllyn s/o John (butcher)
                                                                                   & Margaret GEORGE sp/full of Penllyn d/o David (tailor)
                                            30 Nov 1872 mar. by Banns of Robert GEORGE (x) (collier) wdr/60 of Trefor Isaf s/o John (carrier)
                                                                                     & Martha DAVIES wd/39 of Trefor Isaf d/o Edward LEWIS (shoemaker)
                     372 Wrexham: Abraham, Peter;
                     373 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
                     377 Holywell: Anne, Eliz, John, Margar, Martha, Peter;
                     379 Wrexham: Alice, Harriet, Jane, John, John Thomas, Margaret Primrose, Mary Jane, Percy Baden,
                                           Sarah Ann, Thomas;
GEORGE contd
                    380 Wrexham: Albert Edward, Florence Mary, Frank, Gertrude Annie, Harriet, Jane, John, Leonard Henry,
                                          Margaret, Mary Fahey, Thomas;
                    382 Llanynys: 8 Jun 1731 mar. by Banns of William GEORGE of Skeiviog & Elizabeth JONES otp
                    383 Ruthin: 16 Nov 1732 mar/o Simon GEORGE of Llangollen & Gwen OWENS otp
                    386 Ruabon: 20 Jun 1846 mar. by Banns of Moses GEORGE (x) (smith) ba. of Cheshire s/o John (jagger)
                                                                                & Susannah ROBERTS sp. of Cheshire d/o Thomas (collier)
                                       17 May 1852 mar. by Banns of James BIRCH (farmer) wd/41 of Cefn s/o William (farmer)
                                                                                  & Margaret GEORGE (x) sp/32 of Cefn d/o John (lab)
                    391 Colwyn: 14 Jul 1870 mar. by Banns of
                                              Jonathan Jackson STEPHENSON (schoolmaster) wdr F of Kings Lynn s/o William (shoemaker)
                                            & Margaret Catherine GEORGE sp F otp d/o William (gent)
                    392 Gresford: Catherin, Elizabeth, Evan, John, William;
                    397A Llansilin: 10 Apr 1666 bap/o John & Elzbth s&d/o Hugh, Rhandir
                                           29 Jun 1667 bap/o Ana d/o Hugh, Rhandir
                                           20 Aug 1690 bap/o Elzbth d/o Hugh, traveller
                    397B Llansilin: 2 Jun 1683 mar/o Thomas JONES of Oswestry & Elinor GEORGE otp
                    399 Wrexham: 24 May 1821 bap/o John s/o Abraham (farmer) & Mary, Brymbo
GEORGE contd
                   400 Wrexham: 21 Jun 1824 mar. by banns of Peter GEORGE (x) (miner) ba. & Sarah LLOYD (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Richard LLOYD (x), Jane WHITEHALL (x)
                                           6 Nov 1829 mar. by Banns (wcof) of John GEORGE & Frances WILLIAMS, both otp
                                                                                               Wits: Thomas GEORGE (x), Margaret LEWIS
                                         17 May 1830 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Thomas GEORGE (x) wdr. & Mary WILLIAMS sp., both otp
                                                                                                Wits: Peter GEORGE (x), Harold JONES
                   401 Wrexham: 22 Jun 1831 mar. by Banns (wcof) of William GEORGE (x) ba. & Susanah ALLEN sp., both otp
                                                                                                Wits: Thomas ALLEN (x), Elizabeth ALLEN
                                           8 Aug 1831 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                            John HOPWOOD (x)  wdr. & Elizabeth GEORGE (x) wid., both otp
                                                            Wits: Ephram HOPWOOD, Ann LEWIS (x)
                   403 Holywell: 30 Jun 1678 bur/o Edward
                                       23 Feb 1697/98 bur/o Emm., Bagillt
                                       31 Jul 1699 mar/o Peter GEORGE of Bagillt & Elizabeth HUGHES
                                       -- Dec 1705 bur/o Peter, Bagillt
                   404 Wrexham: 18 Apr 1899 bur/o Frederick James, aged 17 Months, 8 College St.
                                          28 May 1904 bur/o Leonard Henry, aged 9 months, 8 College St.
                                          14 Dec 1904 bur/o William Arthur, aged 14, 8 College St.
                   405 Wrexham: 26 Jul 1893 bap/o May Powis (b 9 May)
                                                                            d/o George (Boot Shop Manager) & Mary Jane, 5 Wrexham Fechan
                                           6 May 1895 bap/o Annie Mary d/o --------- & Sarah Anne, Workhouse
GEORGE contd
                   408 Bangor-on-Dee: 7 Jul 1806 mar/o Richard GEORGE (x) (lab) & Sarah PHILLIPS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                          Wits: ----- PHILLIPS, Ann JUDSON (x)
                   415A Northop: 30 Mar 1777 mar. by Banns of Robert GEORGE (x) ba. & Martha PRITCHARD (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Samuel PRESSON (x), Richd JONES
                                         17 May 1794 mar. by Banns of William GEORGE ba. & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Ed. ROBERTS (x), Eleanor JONES (x)
                                         15 Oct 1796 mar. by Banns of John GEORGE (x) ba. & Margaret WILLIAMS sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Robert KENDRICK, Sarah HUGHES (x)
                        B Northop (witnesses): Martha, Robert;
                        C Northop:  4 Apr 1792 bur/o Robert, aged 42, Golftyn
                                          5 Jul 1797 bur/o Robert, infant, Caerfallwch
                                          2 May 1809 bur/o Charles, aged 1, Caerfallwch
                 417 Wrexham: 13 May 1772 mar. by Lic. of
                                                           Edward GEORGE (farmer) of Rhiwabon & Margaret WILLIAMS sp. otp
                                                           Wits: Edward EVANS, John EDWARDS           
                 418 Wrexham: Sarah;
                 419p Halkyn: 19 Jun 1642 bap/o John OWEN s/o Thomas & Margaret George, wife
                 423 Hanmer: 19 Dec 1587 mar/o Davyd GEORGE & Margeret WRIGHTE
                 425B Hanmer: John, William;
                 426 Hanmer: Anne, Eliz, Francis, James, Roger;
427 Ruabon: John;
428 Ysceifiog: Jane, John;
                 429A Ysceifiog: Anne, Cath, Catherine, Edward, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Elliza, Hugh, Jane, Jn, Jo, John, Jon, Mary, Peter, Richd,
                                         Robert, Roger, Thomas, Will, William;
429B Ysceifiog; John, Thomas;
GEORGE contd
                 434B Bangor-on-Dee: John, Margaret, Sionet;
435 Gresford: ---, Anne, Even, Jane, John, Judath, Margarett, Margerett, Mary, Thomas;
                 436A Hope: Mary;
                 437 Ruabon: Ann, Benjamin, Charles, Daniel, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellen, George, Grace, Isaac, Jacob, Jeffrey, John,
                                    Jonathon, Magdalen, Martha, Mary, Phillip, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sara, Sarah, Susan, Thomas, William;
                 438A Broughton: Sarah;
                 439 Cilcain
                 440A Hawarden
                 441A Hope: Abraham, Anne, John, Peter, Priscilla, Sarah;
                      B Hope: Abraham, Edward, James, John, Mary, Samuel;
                 442A Bangor on Dee
                 444 Ruabon
                 445 Wrexham
                 446 Chirk: Mary, O.;
                 452B Whitford
                 453A,B Ysceifiog
                 454A.B Llanrhos
                *458 Mold
                *459 Mold
GEORGE contd
                 460 Mold
                 461A,B Mold
                 463 Eglwysbach
                 465A,B Hakyn
                 467 Holywell
                 470A,B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                 471 Llanelian yn Rhos
                 474B Gresford
                 475B Llangystennin
GEORGE contd
                 481 Whitford
                 485 Holywell
                 486 Bistre
                 487 Gwersyllt
                 489 Marchwiel
GEORGE contd
                 491B Henllan
                 492 Holywell
                 494 Chirk: Eliz, Elizabeth, George, John, Robert, Robt, Thomas, William;
                 500B Holywell
                 501 Northop
                 504A Llannefydd
                 509 Dyserth:
GEORGE contd
                 510A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                      B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                 512 Nannerch
                 513A Rhuddlan
                 515C Corwen
                 516B Eglwys bach
                 518 Llangollen
                 521 St Asaph
                 522 Holywell
                 523B Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                      C Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                 524 St Georgr
                 525 Whitford
                 526C Llanfair Talhearn
                 528 Llanrwst
GEORGE contd
                 530 Chirk
                 532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
                 538C Llangar
                 540 Overton
                 541 Caerwys:
                 547 Flint:
GEORGE contd
                 552B Wrexham: Alice, Peter, Robert, Robt, Sarah, William;
                      C Wrexham:  3 Aug 1713 mar/o Robert GEORGE (taylor) & Sara LLOYD, Penybrin
                                         19 May 1722 mar/o Peter GEORGE & Sarah PRICHARD
                      D Wrexham: David, Jane, Liddiah, William;
                 553 Gresford: Audrey, John;
                 554 Brymbo: Ann, Mary, Peter;
                 557 Llansilin: 22 Oct 1843 bap/o Thomas s/o John (lab) & Elizabeth, Ffrydlyn
                 560p Llangollen: 10 Sep 1659 bap/o Hugh (b 1st) fil William Pugh & Catharine George, St Martins
9 Mar 1659 bap/o Mary fil John Griffith (Ianionis - butcher) & Elizabeth George
                                          18 Oct 1661 bur/o Sara George w/o Griffith John
                 Misc:  North Wales 1835 Bangor: Flour dealer: Hugh George, Market place
                                                          Newtown & Kerry: Straw hat maker: Mary George, Horse market
                                                                                     Patten maker: Thomas George, Horse market
Gresford MIs: Elizabeth, Evan, William;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                             George ap Howell, Overton  1609
                                                                                             John GEORGE, Halghton  1735/6
                               Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Tailor: John George
                                                          Ludlow: Maltster: Edward George, Lower Gaolford
GEORGE contd
     GEORGES 34 Llangwm: John;
                      Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Groves School: Georges HARGREAVES 15 Pupil  not born in County
     GEOROEGE *445 Wrexham
     GOERG 437 Ruabon: Jeffrey;
     GORGE 272 Nannerch:  2 Jun 1794 bap/o Sarah d/o John & Alice

                                         7 Jul 1805 mar. by Lic. of Robert JAMES ba. & Alice GEORGE (sig. Alles GORGE) wd, both otp
                                                                                Wits: William HARRISON, Elizabeth GRIFFITHS (x)

                  297 Chirk: 11 Jul 1796 bur/o Edward;
                 *402B Denbigh: 27 May 1717 bur/o Gorge MAURIS s/o Mouris JONES (smith)
                 *458 Mold
     Gorgie, Lothian SCT
     GOURGE 201 Wrexham: 23 Jul 1810 mar. by Banns of Richard PARRY (x) (lab) ba.otp & Elizabeth BELTON (x) sp.,
                                                                                      Wits: John GOURGE (x) (or YOUNGE), Hannah WILLIAMS (x)
                                                                                               James COWPER
GEORGE contd
     JEORGE *6 Isycoed: 1 May 1808 bap/o John SMITH s/o Jeorge & Sarah, Dutton Diffaeth
     JOERG *14 Llanferres: Joerg WHILDON
     JORGE     6 Isycoed: Elis, John, Mary;
                  *21 Holt: Jorge BANKES
                *182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Jorge WILLIAMS

George Green, Buckinghamshire
Georgeham, Devon

GEORGE-JONES 381 Llangollen: 28 Nov 1903 bap/o David Vincent (b 21 Oct)
                                                                   s/o George (gentleman) & Ruth Vincent, Oaklands, Abbey Road


     GEORGEANA *366 Wrexham: Arabella Georgeana ENGLISH, Maria Georgeana JONES
     GEORGEANNA *292 Rhosymedre:
     GEORGEENA *364 Wrexham: Georgeena Frederika Agusta ARNOLD
     GEORGIANA  *22 Hawarden: Georgiana ALDREAD
                           *24 Hawarden: Georgiana Melisshant DAVIDS
                           *32 Hawarden: Georgiana Milisshant DAVID
                           *40 Hawarden: Georgiana DAVIDS, Elizabeth Georgiana PROBART
                           *52 Holywell: Georgiana Catherine SARSFIELD
                           *68 Ruabon:
                          *369 Llangollen: Georgiana JONES
     GEORGIANE *186 St. Asaph:
     GEORGINA   *24 Hawarden: Caroline Georgina BOYDELL
                          *31 Hawarden: Georgina ALLDRED, Georgina BAGLEY
                          *32 Hawarden: Georgina TRIGG
                         *315 Ruabon: 22 Mar 1888 bap/o Mary Georgina Gwendolen MORRIS
                                                                     d/o William (draper) & Charlotte Eliza Cecilia of The Exchange
                         *341 Ruabon:


GEPP a pet form of Geoffrey
     533*B Overton

GERAINT Misc: Gresford MIs: Peter Geraint KYFFIN

GERALD masc. strong with the spear (Germanic)
     GED *11 Bangor on Dee: Ged TAYLOR
     GERALD *337
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Gerald EVANS
                   *380 Wrexham: 20 May 1906 bap/o Arthur Gerald WEST (b 28 Mar) s/o David (carter) & Annie, 19 Holt Street
     JAREL *450 Llanycil
     JARRALL 350 Wrexham St. Giles Churchyard MIs: John, Sarah;

GERALDINEfem. form of Gerald
     GERILDINE *365: Emma Gerildine CORLET
     JERALDEEN *369: Jeraldeen Mabel DICKSON

GERARD masc. firm spear (Old German)
     CHIRARD 209*B Llangedwyn:
     GARANT 437 Ruabon: Jane, Joseph, Mary;
     GARET  48 Worthenbury:
                 346 Hawarden: Ales, Gilbert;
                 415A Northop:  3 Nov 1803 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Joseph GARET (x) (fisherman) ba. & Phrisilla HUGHES (x) sp., both otp
                                                         Wits: Thomas HUGHES (x), Anne LEATHAM (x)
     GARETT 249 Minera:
     GARIATT *375 Wrexham: 12 Aug 1876 bap/o Arthur Gariatt JONES s/o William Gariatt (publisher) & Clara Eliza, 5 Earl Street
     GARRAD 267 Ruthin:
                    389 Hawarden: 11 Sep 1591 bur/o Jane
     GARRARD 552B Wrexham: John, Mary;
     GARRARTT 51 Holywell:
GERARD contd
     GARRAT  24 Hawarden: Ann(e);
                    32 Hawarden: John;
                    38 Wrexham: Catt, John, Mary;
                    83 Ruthin: Ann(e), Elizth Harriot, Henry, John, Richd;
                   303 Hawarden:
                   311 Hawarden:
                   313 Hawarden:
                   319 Hawarden:
                   347 Hawarden:
                   357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Mary Catherine;
                  *363 Wrexham: William Garrat JONES
                   483 Hawarden
GERARD contd
     GARRATT 16 Hawarden: Rebecca,William;
                     18 Hawarden: Cath, Catharine, Elizabeth, Esther, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Rebecca, Samuel,
                                          Thomas, William;
                     22 Hawarden: Anne, John, Wm;
                     24 Hawarden: Joseph, Mary, Stephen;
                     31 Hawarden: Anne, Catharine, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Martha, Mary, Mary Catharine, Stepehen,
                                          Stephen, William;
                     32 Hawarden: Anne, William;
                    *40 Hawarden: Anne Garratt MARROW
                     40 Hawarden: Anne, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, William;
                     49 Holywell: Jane, Joseph, Mary, Stephen, Thomas, William;
                     53 Wrexham:  23 Feb 1803 bur/o John, Wrexham Regis
                                          20 Aug 1803 bap/o William (b 21) s/o Joseph (timber merchant) & Sarah, Wrexham Regis
                   *108 Minera Chapel: John Garratt JONES
                    174 Holt:
                    231 Hope:
                    268 Wrexham:
                    293 Hawarden:
                    298 Hawarden:
                    303 Hawarden:
                    311 Hawarden:
                    315 Ruabon:
                    319 Hawarden:
                   *332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Joseph Garratt BENNETT;
                    332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Joseph,Stephen Henry Charles,
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Gwendoline, Ivy, Marion Minnie, Richard, Stephen Herbert;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Patricia Ruth, Thomas Joseph;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Alex, Annie, May, Samuel;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                       John Garratt MANIFOLD, William Garratt MARROW, Thomas Garratt PEERS
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                             Alice, Elizabeth(2), James (2), John (3), M.A., Mary (2), Peter, Sarah Elizabeth,
                             Thomas, Thomas Davies, Tom, William, William Edward, Willie;
                   *341 Ruabon:
                    356 Ruabon: Elizabeth;
                    357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Joseph, Mary, Stephen;
                    359 Rhosymedre: Sarah, Thomas;
                   *363 Wrexham: Ernest Garratt JONES
                   *380 Wrexham: 25 May 1902 bap/o John Garratt MATTHEWS (b 11 Apr)
                                                                                                    s/o Edward (carter) & Bridget, 9 Empress Road
                   *384 Wrexham: 8 Feb 1873 bur/o Cecil Garratt JONES, infant, Fairfield
                   *393 Wrexham: 6 Jan 1877 bur/o Arthur Garratt JONES, infant, Earl St.

                  415B Northop: 16 Dec 1769 mar. by Banns of Thomas SHARPLES of Hawarden & Catherine ELLIS (x) otp
                                                                                     Wits: William GARRATT, Jonathan PARRY
                  417 Wrexham: Tho;
                  440A,B,C Hawarden
                  466 Hawarden
                  482 Hawarden
                  483 Hawarden
                  484 Hawarden
                  534 Bagillt
                  552D Wrexham: 10 Sep 1729 bur/o Deborah, wid., Wrexham Regis
                  553 Gresford: George;
                  559A Rhosymedre: Alice Ann, Charlotte Ann, Ellen, Gertrude, John, Joseph, Mary Alice, Robert Francis, Robert Franz, Thomas;
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Hales Owen: Butcher: Wm. Garratt, High st
GERARD contd
     GARRATY 51 Holywell:
     GARRED 267 Ruthin:
                    417 Wrexham: Saml;
                    418 Wrexham: William;
                    445 Wrexham
     GARREK 415B Northop: 24 Jun 1811 mar. by Banns of Robert BITHEL (sailor) ba. & Elizabeth HUGHES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: William GARREK (x), Frances DAVIES
     GARRET  *24 Hawarden: William Garret POWELL
                     24 Hawarden: Anne;
                     25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Elizabeth;
                     32 Hawarden: Elizth, Martha, Willm;
                     73 Chirk:
                     75 Marchwiel:
                    137 Northop:
                    174 Holt:
                    224 St. Asaph;
                    259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Margaret, Thos;
                    302 Hawarden:
                    303 Hawarden:
                    347 Hawarden:
                   *372 Wrexham: Garret FARL, Garret FARREL
                    402B Denbigh: Mary;
                    410 Wrexham: Mary Ann;
                    415A Northop: 12 Sep 1785 mar. by Banns of Peter GARRET (x) ba. & Elizabeth HUGHES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Edward BARKLEY, John LATHAM
                         B Northop: 15 Jul 1793 mar. by Banns of Edward PEERS ba. & Sarah BARCLEY (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Samuel VICKERS (x), Anne GARRET (x)
                         C Northop: 29 Jan 1794 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 29, of Golftyn
                    445 Wrexham
                    454B Llanrhos
                    460 Mold
GERARD contd
     GARRETT  16 Hawarden: William;
                      22 Hawarden: Ann, Elizabeth, Samuel, William;
                      31 Hawarden: Catharine, Catherine, Mary;
                      32 Hawarden: Margaret;
                     *40 Hawarden: William Garrett MARROW
                      40 Hawarden: Anne, Elizabeth, Elizth, Margaret;
51 Holywell:
                      53 Wrexham: 2 Oct 1809 bap/o Jas. (b 14 Jan) s/o John & Sarah, Town Hill
                     186 St. Asaph:
                     223 St. Asaph:
                     245A Llanrhydd:
                     302 Hawarden:
                     303 Hawarden:
                     311 Hawarden:
                     315 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Frances, William;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Eira Garrett O'MARR
                     357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Jane, Jane Elizabeth, Joseph, William;
                     365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John;
                     373 Wrexham: A.M.;
                     380 Wrexham: 2 Dec 1903 bap/o Wilfrid (b 28 Sep) s/o John James (tailor) & Mary Louisa, 16 Stanley Street
                     432 Llangollen: Elizabeth;
                     438B Broughton: Thomas;
                     440A,B,C Hawarden
                     445 Wrexham
                     466 Hawarden
                     482 Hawarden
                     483 Hawarden
                     486 Bistre
                    *535 Buckley
                     540 Overton
                     559A Rhosymedre: Charlotte, Charlotte Ann, Ellen, Frank, Harriett Ellen, Joseph, Robert Francis, Robert Thomas, William;
Misc:  North Wales 1835 Holywell & Bagillt: Retailer of beer: William Garrett, Bagillt
GERARD contd
     GARRETTE *361 Llangollen: Charles Garrette McFARLANE
                        371 Llangollen:
                                     14 Jul 1863 mar. by Lic. of George McFARLANE (engineer) (signed McFANLANY George)
                                                                                                                  of St. John, Glascone s/o Alexander (printer)
                                                                         &  Charlotte GARRIT sp/26 of Mountpleasant d/o William GARRETTE (farmer)
     GARRIT  24 Hawarden: Anne;
                   53 Wrexham: 26 Aug 1809 bur/o Thos., aged 28 (soldier), Wrexham Abbot
                  371 Llangollen: see GARRETTE *361 above
     GARROOD 379 Wrexham: Eliza, Frances Mary, Hannah Mariah, Henry;
     GARROT 307 Ruabon:
GERARD contd
     GEARETT 97 Llanfwrog:
     GERARD  38 Wrexham: John, Margaret;
                    *39 Halkyn: Gerard KENRICK
                     59 Erbistock:
                     75 Marchwiel:
                  *118 Mold:
                  *136 Cilcain:
                  *166 Cilcain:
                   176 Tremeirchion:
                   186 St. Asaph:
                   191A Ruabon:
                   221 St. Asaph;
                   222 St. Asaph:
                   223 St. Asaph:
                   224 St. Asaph:
                   228 St. Asaph:
                   229A St. Asaph:
GERARD contd
                   307 Ruabon:
                   370 Wrexham: Arthur Edward, Jane, John, John Robert, Reginal Dutton;
                  *383 Ruthin: 10 Aug 1711 mar/o Gerard EYTON (gent) of Wrexham & Ann THELWALL otp
                   393 Wrexham: 24 May 1881 bur/o Arthur Edward, aged 19, Holt St.
                                         12 Mar 1884 bur/o Emma, aged 79, 11 Holt St.
                   406 Wrexham: Jane;
                   407 Wrexham: John, Margaret Elizabeth;
                  *442C Bangor on Dee
                   494 Chirk: -- May 1714 bur/o Ann, Brynkinallt
                   533A Overton
                   538D Llangar
                   545 St Asaph
                   552D Wrexham: 20 May 1712 bur/o Mary d/o Anne
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Surgeon: Gerard Watson, Doddington
                                                                           Cooper: Richard Gerard, High st
                                                                           Timber merchant: William Gerard, High st
GERARD contd
     GERARDE 389 Hawarden: 20 Jul 1597 mar/o Richard HIBBARE & Elen GERARDE
     GERART 166 Cilcain:
     GERIE 310 Gresford: Edward, George;
     GERRAD 383 Ruthin: 13 Mar 1627/28 bur/o George;
                    437 Ruabon: Thomas;
     GERRARD (my query? might this sometimes be confused with SHERRARD etc - see under SHERWOOD)
                      *11 Bangor on Dee: Gerrard EYTON
                       22 Hawarden: Hannah, Miles;
                       25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Jane;
                       30 Wrexham: John, Thomas;
                       38 Wrexham: John, Sarah, Willm;
                       49 Holywell: 15 Feb 1839 bap/o Rachel & John d&s/o Samuel (farmer) & Martha, Brynford
83 Ruthin: 29 Oct 1774 bur/o Catherin (wid)
                      123 Ruabon:
                     *166 Cilcain:
                      169A+B Llanrhydd:
                      173 Holt:
                      186 St. Asaph:
                      221 St. Asaph:
                      229A St. Asaph;
                      267 Ruthin:
                      286 Llanycil:
                      297 Chirk:
                     *304+304 Wrexham:
                      307 Ruabon:
                      315 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Eva,Frank,John,Mary Hannah,Robert;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Caroline Mary, Constance Muriel, Joseph, William John;
                      342 Hawarden:
                      348 Wrexham:
                      351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Jane John;
                      353 Pentrobin:
                      371 Llangollen: 18 Sep 1858 mar. by Banns of
                                                      Charles William GERRARD (horsekeeper) ba/28 otp s/o William
                                                   & Elizabeth EDWARDS (housemaid) sp/21 of Trefor Isaf  d/o Elizabeth (sic) (lab)
                      383 Ruthin: 27 Jun 1653 bur/o Margaret;
                      389 Hawarden: 26 Sep 1591 bur/o Robt.
                      393 Wrexham: 14 Sep 1883 bur/o Phoebe, aged 70, Holt St.
                      406 Wrexham: Francis;
                      417 Wrexham: William;
434B Bangor-on-Dee: 3 Aug 1715 bur/o Gerrard EYTON s/o Kenrick, Esq.,   Eyton died at the office in Wrexham
                    *437 Ruabon: 2 Jul 1707 mar/o Gerrard WILLIAMS & Jane HUGHES, Dinhinlle Isaf
                     438A Broughton: Catharine, Francis;
                     440A Hawarden
                     445 Wrexham
                     460 Mold
                     462 Bodfari
                     489 Marchwiel
                     494 Chirk: 29 Feb 1752 bur/o William, otp
                     506A Abergele
                     545 St Asaph
                    *552B Wrexham: 6 Jan 1719/20 bap/o Thomas WILLIAMS (b 24) s/o Gerrard (lab)
                     552B Wrexham: Anne, Elinor, Jane, John, Willm;
                          D Wrexham: Eliz, James, John, Rich, Robt, Sarah;
                     559B Rhosymedre: 24 nNov 1890 mar by Banns of Edward GERRARD (platelayer) wdr/34 of  Weaverham, Cheshire s/o Thomas GERRARD (lab)
                                                                                               & Mary EGINGTON  sp/28 otp (Chapel St) d/o Joseph EGINGTON (collier)
                     Misc: North Wales 1835 St Asaph: Surveyor of taxes: Jonah Gerrard
                               1841 Census Wrexham Town: Chester Street: John  23  Surgeon's Asst.  born in County
GERARD contd
     GERRAT 307 Ruabon:
                   347 Hawarden: William;
     GERRY 499 Denbigh
     JARAD 459 Mold
                460 Mold
     JARATT 366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John, Thomas;
     JARED   *61 Ruabon:
                   83 Ruthin:
                  348 Wrexham:
Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Sadler &/or harness maker: Jared Williams, Market st
                                                      Carnarvon: Attorney: Jared Jackson, Segontium terrace
GERARD contd
     JARET 450 Llanycil
 263*B  Llansilin:
     JARRARD 315 Ruabon:
                    *552B Wrexham: 26 Oct 1707 bap/o John WILLIAMS (b 12) s/o Jarrard (lab), E
                    *552D Wrexham:  5 Jan 1709/10 bur/o (Madam) Amy BEALE (dyed at Mr Jarrard EYTON  house)
                                             12 Oct 1714 bur/o (Madam) Ann PARRY (dyed at Mr Jarrard EYTON house ye 12)
                     552D Wrexham: 11 May 1705 bur/o John (Inn Keeper), Wrexham Regis
                                              15 Mar 1710/11 bur/o Sara, sp., E.
     JARRAT 459 Mold
                  460 Mold
  268 Wrexham:
                     317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                     372 Wrexham: Francis;
                     401 Wrexham: Frances, Sarah;
                     410 Wrexham: John, Sophia;
                     Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Hairdresser &/or perfumer: William Jarratt, Queen st
                              1841 Census Wrexham Town: Brook Street: James   10   Sweeps Ap   born in County
                                                                          The Walks: Elizabeth   49   Washer woman   born in County
                                                                                            Amelia      15                             born in County
GERARD contd
     JARRET *58 Erbistock:
                   65*A Llangar:
                 *234 Minera:
                  262 Llandefel:
                  268 Wrexham:
                  307 Ruabon:
                  315 Ruabon:
                 *326 Llansannan:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, James, John, Samuel;
                  372 Wrexham: John;
                 *373 Wrexham: Bernard Jarret WILLIAMS
                  383 Ruthin: 3 Feb 1644/45 bur/o Jane;
                  389 Hawarden: 10 Mar 1622/23 bur/o Isabell JARRET
                  401 Wrexham: John;
                  410 Wrexham: Mary;
                  432 Llangollen: Roger;
                  445 Wrexham
                  450 Llanycil
                  478A Llantysilio
                  485 Holywell
Misc: North Wales 1835 Dolgelly: Grocers &/or drapers: Jaret Jarrett & Sons, Trawsfynydd
                                                      Machynlleth: Grocers etc.: Jarett Jarrett & Sons (and woollen drapers),
                                                                                                                      Maengwyn st
GERARD contd
JARRETT (Common in Kent - Addison)
                     38 Wrexham: John, Mary, Robt;
                     53 Wrexham: Eleanor, John, Sarah;
                     61 Ruabon:
                    138A+B Wrexham:
                    233 Llanfwrog:
                   *234 Minera:
                    364 Wrexham: Margaret;
                    365 Wrexham: 26 Apr 1814 bap/o Sarah JARRETT (FOULKES)
                                           base d/o Edward FOULKES (pauper) & Frances JARRETT (pauper)      Poorhouse
                    370 Wrexham: Amelia, Harriet, Jame(s), Sarah;
                    372 Wrexham: John, Mary;
                    373 Wrexham: John, Sarah;
                    400 Wrexham: 21 Apr 1830 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                             William JARRETT (x) ba. & Sarah HUMPHREYS sp., both otp
                                                             Wits: Samuel STRETCH, Elizabeth JONES (x)
                    411 Wrexham: Samuel;
                    412 Wrexham: 3 Oct 1856 bur/o John, infant, Brook Street
                    417 Wrexham: mar. by Lic. of Thos. DAVIES (x) (smith) & Margaret JARRETT (x) wid., both otp
                                                                Wits: Thomas ROBERTS, John EDWARDS
                    445 Wrexham
                    Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Mount Street: William   50   Hair Dresser   born in County
                                                                                               Sarah     30                         born in County
                                                                                               Charles   12                        born in County
                                                                                               Ann HUMPHREYS  70  Ind.   not born in County
                                                                          High Street: Elizabeth   35   Ind.   not born in County
                             Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury:Old Seven Stars  Francis Jarrett, Coleham
     JARRETTE *558A Llandegla: 29 Jun 1880 bap/o Jarrette EVANS -/o John (farmer) & Anne Jane, Bwlchgwyn
     JARROTT 493 Llantysilio
GERARD contd
     JERARD 460 Mold
     JERRARD 304 Wrexham:
                    *311 Hawarden:
                    *552 B Wrexham: 23 May 1713 bap/o William WILLIAMS (b 11) s/o Jerrard (lab) of E
     JERRARDE 389 Hawarden: 18 Jan 1622/23 bur/o Margerie
     JERRETT   53 Wrexham: John, Sarah;
                    138B Wrexham:
     SHERWOOD possibly see also

Saint Germain alias Capel Garmon in Llanrwst parish

GERMAN  1. Common in Devon - Addison; German field, Mold (North Wales Directory 1835); Guppy counted German only in Devon - Cottle.
                2. Local name 'German', also used as a first name.  The great Saint German, bishop of Auxerre in the 4th & 5th centuries was popular in Wales
                    in the form Garmon.
                3. Of Huguenot derivation.  
      CAMMON *370 Wrexham: 14 Apr 1868 bap/o  Lionel William Cammon? PILKINGTON
                                                               s/o John Thomas Trotter (civil engineer) & Jessie Helen? otp (Chevet/Cheret? Hey) ,
CANNON 147 Llanddoget: 16 Oct 1831 mar by Lic of Evan THOMAS ba & Jane CANNON sp both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Owen JONES, Mary EVANS, William WILLIAMS
                   *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs:
                                                    1) Gwyneth Blodwen HUGHES (d/o George & Kate) d 6 Jan 1926 aged 5 yrs
                                                        also George Cannon HUGHES d 29 Sep 1959 aged 79 yrs
                                                        also Kate Cannon HUGHES (wife of the above) d 22 Dec 1970 in her 88th year
                    372 Wrexham: -- Dec 1820 mar/o William CANNON ba & Mary JONES sp both otp
                                                                      Wits: Francis JARRATT, James COWPER
                    373 Wrexham:  2 Jul 1821 bur/o Mary, aged 18, Brook Street
                    438 Broughton:  26 Nov 1889 mar by Banns of
                                                   Samuel CANNON (farmer)  ba/31 of Storeton s/o James CANNON (merchant)
                                                   & Sarah  BOWER sp/31 of Manor Farm d/o Bakewell BOWER (farmer)
                    440 Hawarden:  8 Oct 1881  mar by Banns of Samuel CANNON (collier) ba/20 of Aston s/o Robert CANNON (cattle dealer)
                                                                                      & Sarah WEIGH sp/20 of Aston d/o Thomas WEIGH (collier)
                    441 Hope:  9 Oct 1883 mar by Banns of
                                                              William CANNON (plate layer) ba/27 of Hope s/o William CANNON (farmer)
                                                              & Margaret HUGHES sp/25 of Hope d/o Samuel HUGHES (farmer)
Misc: Gresford Churchyard MIs: In brackets: (Thomas Edward CANNON aged 64; Elizabeth CANNON 81 died November 1991)
      CARMAN: Robert Kareman 1184 Pipe Rolls.....  Leicestershire
                     Simon nepos Kareman 1196 Curria Regis Rolls (in progress, Pipe Roll Soc. 14, 1891) Northamptonshire;
                     Hamo filiua Karlman 1201 Curia Regis Rolls (in progress, Pipe Roll Soc. 14 1891) Kent
                     Henry Carman 1275 Rotuli Hundredorum , 2 vols, London 1812, 1818, Suffolk
                     Robert Carleman, Karleman 1279 Rotuli Hundredourm, 2 vols London 1812, 1818 Cambridgeshire
                     Old Norse: karmann, a variant of karlmann 'male, man, an adult male'. used as a personal name.
                     The name CARMAN may also belong with CHARMAN 'carter, carrier'  as in  Robert Chareman (Careman)
                     1183 Pipe Rolls .....  Warwickshire.
                     (All of the above from A Dictionary of English Surnames -revised editiion1997)
     CARMAN   49 Holywell:  5 Jan 1833 bap/o Edmund (b 11 Oct 1832) s/o Henry (tailor) & Elizth otp
                                         30 Apr 1837 bap/o William Walter s/o Henry (tailor) & Elizth, otp
                                          21 Oct 1839 bap/o Joseph s/o Henry (clothier) & Elizth, otp
51 Holywell:  4 Feb 1835 bur/o William, aged 4, otp
                                        18 Mar 1836 bur/o Elizth, aged 6 wks, otp
                      52 Holywell: 31 Jan 1831 bap/o Sarah (b 29 Jan 1830) & William (b 29 Jan 1831) d&s/o Henry (draper) & Elizth, otp
                    176 Tremeirchion: 19 Nov 1727 bap/o Edward (b 18) s/o Thomas & Grace
                    194 Halkyn:  24 Jun 1782 bur/o Elizabeth
                    275 Gwaenysgor:  16 Oct 1713 bur/o Elizabeth d/o John, of G
                                               18 Mar 1715/16 bap/o Joseph s/o John & Emma 
                                                24 Dec 1716 bur/o John
                    351 Wrexham  Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: 1) Mary CARMAN (no other details)
                                                                                   2) Ann CARMAN (no other details)
                                                                                   3) William CARMAN (clothier of Town Hill) died 2 Apr 1844 aged 50 years
                    357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs:
                                             William s/o Henry & Elizabeth CARMAN d. 1 Feb 1835 aged 4 yrs
                                             Elizth d/o the above d. 15 Mar 1836 aged 6 years
                                             Selina Elizth 3rd d/o the above d. 6 Nov 1845 aged 1 yr & (4) mths
                                             Alexander d. 11 Apr 1845 aged 1 month
                                             Cornelia d. 5 Jun 1849 aged 4 years
                                             (The rest is covered over)  
                    364 Wrexham: 29 Apr 1844 bur/o William, aged 50, Wrexham Regis
                    365 Wrexham: 29 Jun 1818 bap/o Ann d/o William (tailor) & Mary, Town Hill  
                    368 Abergele: 16 Aug 1730 bap/o Alice d/o Thomas & Grace, Gwrych
                                         27 May 1740 bap/o Mary CARMAN (------------) base d/o ---------- & Grace CARMAN, Gwaenyscor
                                                                    (born in Llanrhaiadr Dyffryn Clwyd)
                    373 Wrexham:   6 Jun 1824 bur/o William, aged 1, Town Hill
                                           20 Jun 1824 bur/o Mary, aged 37, Town Hill
                    374 Wrexham: 26 Jan 1840 bap/o James s/o James (tailor) & Elizabeth, Church Yard
                                            7 Mar 1841 bap/o Sarah Jane d/o James (tailor) & Elizabeth, High Street
                    379 Wrexham: 9 Jan 1898 bap/o Benjamin (b 8 Dec 1897) s/o John (carter) & Kate, 21 Offa Terrace
                    380 Wrexham: 25 Oct 1903 bap/o Frank (b 31 Aug) s/o Benjamin (carter) & Harriet, 10 Oxford Street
                    384 Wrexham: 16 Jun 1865 bur/o Ann, aged 85, Salop Road
                    393 Wrexham: 26 Jan 1881 bur/o James, aged 70, W House
                                          22 Apr 1882 bur/o John, aged 79, Regent St.
                    411 Wrexham: 31 Mar 1841 bur/o Sarah Jane, infant, of Wrexham Regis
                                          16 Apr 1842 bur/o James, aged 2, Wrexham Regis
                    412 Wrexham: 22 May 1855 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 39, Mount Street
                    420A Halkyn:  1 Apr 1700 mar/o Thomas CARMAN of St. Asaph & Sarah RIGHT
                                        14 Nov 1725 mar/o Thomas CARMAN & Eliz. SHODWICK
                          B Halkyn: 22 Oct 1723 bur/o Hugh
                                         20 Sep 1733 bur/o John, infant
                                         23 Nov 1748 bur/o Robert
                          C Halkyn (from BTs): 21 Jun 1708 bur/o Elizabeth
                    465 Halkyn: 31 Jan 1758 mar by Lic of John LLOYD of Northop & Mary CARMAN otp
                                                                             Wits: Thos. HARRISON, Robert ROBERTS (clark)
                    467 Holywell:  2 Dec 1797 mar by Banns of Owan LLOYD -/21 otp s/o Wm & Ann
                                                                                    & Mary CARMAN -/21 otp d/o Edwd & Jane
                                                                                    Wits: Robert PARRY, Ann ELLIS
                    474 Gresford: 22 May 1901 mar by Banns of
                                               Benjamin CARMAN (carter) ba/26 of 2 Manley Rd, Wrexham s/o John CARMAN (dec. shoemaker)
                                               & Harriet MARTIN sp/26 otp (Hillock Lane) d/o Charles MARTIN (lab)
                    506 Abergele: 19 Mar 1729 bur/o Tho., of Gwrych
                                         15 Aug 1731 bur/o Alice, infant, of Gwrych  
                    544 Meliden: 16 Oct 1701 bap/o Lucas & Margaret (b 16) twin s&d/o Richard (Pau.)
                                         6 Nov 1701 bur/o Margaret
                                         6 Nov 1701 bur/o Margaretta (from FMP - not in transcription)
                                        10 Nov 1701 bur/o Lucas
                    545 St Asaph:  7 May 1719 mar/o Joseph CRISTLEY & Sarah CARMAN both of Halkin
                    561 Marchwiel:  1 Jul 1883 bap/o Arthur s/o James (gardener) & Lucy otp (Old Hall Cottages)
                                            1 Mar 1885 bap/o William s/o James (gardener) & Lucy, otp
                                            1 Jan 1888 bap/o Edith d/o James (gardener) & Lucy, otp
                                            2 Mar 1890 bap/o Herbert s/o James (gardener) & Lucy, Marchwiel Village
                                          28 Apr 1907 bap/o Frank s/o Arthur (gardener), & Edith Harriet, Bryn y Grog Cottage
                    ---  Wrexham
: From original register (via FMP) 29 May 1666 Joseph the sonn of William Carman of ye Greene was baptized
                    Misc:  1841 Census Wrexham Town: Church Yard: The Ney: James       25   Tailor    not born in County
                                                                                                            Elizabeth   25                 born in County
                                                                                                            Thomas BAILEY  12        born in County
                                                                          Town Hill:   Wm.       45   Tailor    not born in County
                                                                                           Ann        50               not born in County
                                                                                           Mary      20                  born in County
                                                                                           Sarah     15                  born in County

                                                                                            John      39   Tailor    not born in county
                                                                                            Mary     40                 born in County
North Wales 1835 Holywell & Bagillt: Tailor: Henry Carman, High st
                                                        Wrexham: Tailor (and clothes dealer): John Carman, Town hill
                                                                        Tailor (and clothes dealer); Wm Carman, Town hill
                               The name also occurs in the following:
90: Mee's 'Shropshire'  (as a first name & surname)
                                115: Norfolk Poll Book 1817
                                130: Pigot's 1835 Leicestershire Directory
                                150: Pigot's1828/29 Nottinghamshire Directory
                                230: Pigot's 1828/29 Lancashire Directory
The name  occurs in the following: Pigot's 1828/29 Nottinghamshire Directory
GERMAN contd
    *CARMEN (as a first name) see CARMEN
405 Wrexham: 30 Jul 1893 bap/o Edith Mary (born 1st)  d/o John (coachman) & Kate, 21 Offa Terrace
                    420C Halkyn (from BTs): 22 Feb 1707/08 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Emma
                    501 Northop: 13 Aug 1739 mar by Lic of Joseph CARMEN & Ann ROBERTS both of Mold

     CARMON 330 Whitford:   4 Mar  1770 bap/o Edward s/o Edward & Jane, Tre Mostyn
                                         25 Apr 1773 bap/o Margaret d/o Edward & Jane, Tre Mostyn
                                         25 Feb 1776 bap/o Mary d/o Edward & Jane, Tre Mostyn

                    349 Ysceifiog:  19 Oct 1723 mar/o Richard CARMON & Mary JONES
                    420A Halkyn: 26 Nov 1727 mar/o John BEACH & Mary CARMON, both otp
                         B Halkyn: 23 May 1734 bur/o Thomas, infant
                                        20 Jul 1735 bur/o Richard
429A Ysceifiog:    1 Jan 1726/27 bap/o Mary d/o Richard & Mary
                                              25 Mar 1727 bap/o Mary d/o Richard & ...........
                                                1 Jun 1727 bur/o Mary
                                              20 Apr 1728 bur/o Mary
                                              23 Jun 1728 bap/o Susan d/o Richd & Mary

                    500 Holywell: 29 Jan 1742/43 mar/o  Tho. JONES &  Kath. CARMON
                                        12 Jan 1752 mar/o John MARTIN & Elizth CARMON
                                          3 May 1752 mar/o John EVANS & Susan CARMON
     CARMONN 121 Mold:  2 May 1742 bur/o Anne d/o Joseph, Gwysanau
The name  occurs in the following: Pigot's Lancashire 1828/29 Directory
     Carnan, Western Isles
     CARRMAN 51 Holywell:  1 Oct 1839 bur/o Thomas, aged 1 mth, Greenfield
     CARTMAN 49 Holywell:  17 Apr 1835 bap/o Anne d/o Robert (cotton spinner) & Anne , Greenfield
                                          25 Jun 1837 bap/o Mary d/o Robert (cotton spinner) & Ann, Greenfield
                                          24 sep 1839 bap/o Thomas s/o Robert (spinner) & Anne, Greenfield
                      51 Holywell:  26 Jun 1830 bur/o John, aged 1, of Ysceifiog
                      52 Holywell: 10 Sep 1826 bap/o William s/o Robert (cotton spinner) & Jane, Greenfield
                     189 Holywell:  4 Dec 1798 bap/o Robert John WILLIAMS (CARTMAN) base s/o John CARTMAN & Mary WILLMS
                     358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs:
                                                 1) Thomas CARTMAN of Glanmorfa, Llanechymedd d. 6 Oct 1916  aged 75
                                                     also Blanche, wife of the above, d. 21 Mar 1929 aged 86
                                                     also Robert, eldest son, who d. 16 Oct 1901 aged 14
                                                     also John, second son, died at Abergavenny, Mon. 19 Apr 1916  aged 44
                                                     also Margaret, second daughter, d 17 Dec 1942
                                                     also  Mary Ann, eldest daughter, d 20 Feb 1954 aged 95 years

                                                  2) Tom CARTMAN d 3 May 1981
                                                      and Eileen CARTMAN d 2 Jan 1983
CHERMONT 439 Cilcain: 7 Jan 1771 William CHERMONT & Hugh LLOYD wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                John LLOYD of Whitford & Mary EDWARDS otp

     CORMAN 373 Wrexham: 23 Aug 1818 bur/o Ann, aged 7 months, Town Hill
                     410 Wrexham:  3 Feb 1830 bur/o Mary, aged 57, Town Hill
     COWMAN possibly see also
GERMAN contd
     GAMAN  63B Holt: 22 Feb 1788  Christian GAMAN, Justina SHANE, Ambrose DUTTON & Willm GAMAN wits at mar by Lic of
                                                          John HEYWOOD (Gentleman) of Manchester & Rebecca DUTTON spinster otp
                 167  Gresford:  13 Aug 1776 mar by Lic of Owen THOMPSON of Trinity Psh, Chester
                                                                                & Elizabeth GAMAN otp
                                                                               Wits: Edward EVANS, Rebecca EVANS
                                        29 Nov 1787  John GAMAN & William PALIN wits at mar by Lic of
                                                                   John PALIN wdr otp & Mary REECE spinster of Tarvin
                 384 Wrexham: 16 Nov 1871 bur/o Christiana, aged 76, Abenbury
                 438A Broughton: 24 Dec 1839 bur/o John PIERCY (GAMAN) inf't., illeg. s/o William GAMAN (farmer) & Mary PIERCY, Broughton
                 553 Gresford:   14 Jul 1875 bur/o Anne, aged 52 yrs, Llay
                                        16 Jul 1881 bur/o Emma, aged 32 yrs, Llai
                                          6 Apr 1882 bur/o Thomas, aged 80 yrs, Llai
                                         27 Oct 1889 bur/o Thomas Richard, aged 53, Llay
                 Misc: Gresford MIs: 1) Eliza GAMAN (wife of ......) born 1848 died 1881
                                                  Frances Mary GAMAN born 1890 died 1957
                                                  and her husband Walter GAMAN born 19 Nov 1878 died 27 Apr 1962
                                                2) Thomas Richard GAMAN born 30 Oct 1846 died 24 Oct 1899
                                                    also Elizabeth Ann GAMAN his .... died 18 Dec 1935 aged 91 years

                                                3) Ann (wife of Thomas GAMAN) died 9 Jul 1875 aged 52
                                                    also Thomas GAMAN died 5 Apr 1882 aged 80 years
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                       Thomas (Gent), Allmere, Allington, Gresford   Mar.1821

     GAMINON 102 Nantglyn:  2 Apr 1804 bap/o Mary GAMINON? d/o Robert & Martha, Henllan  (see also 55 JERMAN below)
     GAMMON  366 Wrexham:
23 Oct 1829 bap/o Michael Henry s/o Michael (builder) & Sarah, Pen y Bryn (see GUMMOW)
                      Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): William, Wdr, Builder, Ruabon   1853
GANNON 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: William Pierce GANNON  d 10 Feb 1928
                    393 Wrexham: 22 Mar 1875 bur/o Jane, infant, Watery Lane
                                          16 Aug 1880 bur/o Edward, aged 5, Abbot St.

     GARMAN (North Wales version of German - Cottle)
                     258 Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy: 18 Sep 1796 bap/o Sarah d/o Samuel & Sarah
                     304 Wrexham:  4 Apr 1753 bap/o Robert (b 2) s/o Joseph (miner), Minera
                                            4 Nov 1753 bur/o Joseph (miner), of  Minera
                     351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:  John ROBERTS died 24 Apr 1817 aged 48 years
                                                                                    & John GARMAN (brother-in-law of John ROBERTS) died 19 Apr 1882 aged 79 years
                     552C Wrexham: 16 Sep 1728 mar/o John Hendryolvert GARMAN (soldier) & Jaran BRUINSON, Devonshire
                     544 Meliden:  4 Nov 1700 bur/o William
The name occurs in the following: Pigot's Warwickshire 1835 Birmingham Directory
GERMAN contd
     GARMEN 275 Gwaenysgor: 29 Mar 1703 bap/o Mary d/o John & Emma
                    544 Meliden: 29 Oct 1700 bap/o William s/o Richard & Alice
     Garmond, Grampians
     GARNER possibly see also
     Capel Garmon (alias Saint Germain), Llanrwst parish
     GARMON 124 Mold: 27 Jun 1762 mar by Lic of Edward FOULKES & Elizabeth GARMON both otp
                                                                           Wits: William MOSES, Geo. EDWARDS
                                    16 Nov 1777 mar by Lic of Edward GARMON & Jane GRIFFITHS both otp
                                                                          Wits: Robert JONES, Mary WEBB
                                     14 Feb 1779 mar by Lic of Robert JONES & Jane GARMON both otp
                                                                            Wits: Mary WEBB, Jjohn OWEN Jnr
                    211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd: Sidney GARMON & William JONES wits at mar by Lic of
                                                                          John DAVIES ba of Llanhychan & Elizabeth EVANS sp otp
                    275 Gwaenysgor: 27 Aug 1699 mar/o John GARMON & Emma GRIFFITH
                                               -- Aug 1705 bap/o Peter s/o John (Pau) & Emma
                    304 Wrexham:  8 Jan 1748 bap/o Thos (b 6) s/o Joseph (miner), Minera
                                            2 Dec 1750 bap/o Anne (b 30 Nov) d/o Joseph (miner), Minera
                    330 Whitford:  18 Aug 1757 bap/o John s/o Edward & Mary, Tre Mostyn
                                          16 Sep 1767 bap/o Jane d/o Edward & Jane, Tre Mostyn
                    451 Whitford:  8 Jan 1780 mar by Banns of Robert LLOYD of Caerwys & Jane GARMON otp
                                                                                   Wits: Edward WILLIAMS, Roger JONES
                    461 Mold:  8 Jul 1778 bur/o Edward otp
                    481 Whitford:
29 May 1756 mar/o Edward GARMON & Mary ROBERTS both otp
                    541 Caerwys:  1 Jun 1728 bur/o John  s/o Tho.
                    552 Wrexham: 18 Jul 1714 bap/o Will (b. 11) s/o John (carpenter), Bersham
                                        : 17 Oct 1722 bur/o Catherine (Old) of  Gwersyllt
                                          25 Jul 1728 bur/o Wm, of Gresford Psh
     GAYMAN   79 Gresford: 14 Aug 1803 bap/o John HALL (GAYMAN) base s/o John GAYMAN & Margt HALL
                                         15 Jul 1804 bap/o Samuel (b 18 Oct 1803) s/o Thomas & Elizabeth
                    550 Gresford: 5 Jun 1814 bap/o Mary JONES (GAYMAN) (b 4 Jun) base d/o John GAYMAN (farmer) of Churton & Mary JONES otp
Saint Germain alias Capel Garmon in Llanrwst parish
     GERMAN 310 Gresford:  29 Jan 1769 bap/o Sarah d/o Saml, otp
                    417 Wrexham: 5 Jan 1759  mar by Lic of
                                                            Thomas PRITCHARD ba & Constant GERMAN sp both otp
                                                             Wits: Mary KENDRICK, John EDWARDS
The name also occurs in the following:
                               70: Pigot's 1828 /29 Cheshire Directory
                               80: Pigot's 1835 Staffordshire Directory (as a first name & surname)
                               95: Pigot's: Warwickshire 1835 Birmingham Directory
                              135: Pigot's 1835 South Wales Directory
                              180: Pigot's 1828/29 Derbyshire Directory
                              190: Pigot's 1830 Gloucestershire Directory
                              230: Pigot's  1828/29 Lancashire Directory
  German field, Mold (mentioned in North Wales 1835 Directory)
     'cousin germans' (ie first cousins 17thC)
     Germansweek, Cornwall
     GERMANT 182 Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog:  7 Jul 1754 mar by Lic of Edward JONES otp & Sidney GERMANT of Llangollen
                                                                                                        Wits: Lewis JONES, Mary LLOYD
GERMAN contd
     GERMANY Misc: 
The name  occurs in the following: Norfolk Poll Book 1817
     GERMON  138 Wrexham: 28 Apr 1793 bur/o Rob. (poor), Wrexham Regis
                      392 Gresford: 8 May 1718 bur/o Anne w/o William
                      Misc: North Wales 1835 Amlwch: Tailor: David GERMON, Port lane
                               230: Pigot's 1828/29 Lancashire Directory
    JARMAN 191E Ruabon: Robert JARMAN & Edward JONES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                          Elijah PARTIN & Martha JONES both otp
                   345 Rhosllanerchrugog: 26 Mar 1870 mar by Banns of
                                                            John BROWN (lab) ba/23 of Rhos s/o Thomas BROWN (lab)
                                                            &  Sarah JARMAN (in service) sp/24 of New Town, Montgomeryshire d/o Edward JARMAN (lab)
                   445 Wrexham: 7 May 1767 bur/o Margaret (wid), From the Fier Enjan
The name also occurs in the following:
 95: Pigot's: Warwickshire 1835 Birmingham Directory
                            115: Norfolk Poll Book 1817
                            120: Pigot's 1835 Worcestershire Directory
135: Pigot's 1835 South Wales Directory
                            150: Pigot's 1828/29 Nottinghamshire Directory
                            170: Pigot's 1835 Warwickshire Directory
                            190: Pigot's 1830 Gloucestershire Directory
     JARMANY Misc; The name occurs in the following:
                               115: Norfolk Poll Book 1817
     JARMON   36 Ruabon: 24 Jun 1800 bap/o John s/o John & Anne, Dyninlle Uchaf
                    552D Wrexham: 29 Oct 1723 bur/o Eliz, wife of John, Bersham
GERMAN contd
  55 Nantglyn:  2 Apr 1804 mar by Banns of Robert JERMAN wdr of Wrexham &  Martha EVANS wid of Henllan (see also 102 GAMINON above)
                                                                                   Wits: Henry PARRY, Owen MORRIS
                    127A  Mold: 30 Jun 1719 mar/o  Wm JERMAN & Mary JONES, Gresford
                    246  Llanfwrog: 29 Apr 1705 bap/o Ann d/o John & Elizabeth, Mwrog St
                                            3 Jul 1708 bap/o Katherine d/o Joh n & Elizabeth, Mwrog St
                    304  Wrexham:  30 Nov 1745 bap/o Saml JERMAN (LAWRENCE)
                                                                   supposed  s/o Saml LAWRENCE (shoem.),& Cath JERMAN, Wrexham Regis
                    318  Henllan: 27 Nov 1747 bap/o Thomas ------- (JERMAN) illegitimate s/o John JERMAN (stranger) & Margaret .........Owch Caerau
                    392 Gresford: 9 Sep 1729 bur/o William s/o John
434B Bangor-on-Dee: 19 Feb 1698/99 bur/o Jerman BASNET s/o Booth (Gent.),of Eyton
                    Misc: North Wales 1835 LLanidloes MNT: Eagles  Edward Jerman, Long Bridge st
                                                                                 Fuller: William Jerman jun., Felindre
                                                                                 Joiner & carpenter: William Jerman, Short Bridge st
                                                                                                            William Jerman jun., Green
                                                                                 Saddler: Edward Jerman, Great Oak st
                                                                                 Unicorn Daniel Jerman, Long Bridge st
                                                        Newton & Kerry: Milliner and/or dressmaker: Jane Jerman, Penygloddfa
GERMAN contd
     JERMAYNE Misc: The name occurs in the following: Pigot's 1835 South Wales Directory
     JERMIN *390 Bangor-on-Dee: 1 Mar 1687/88 bap/o Jermin BASNET s/o (Mr) Booth & ----------------
     JERMON 30 Wrexham: 11 Sep 1761 bap/o Mary JERMON (RANDLES) (b 1) supposed d/o Edd RANDLES, & Ann JERMON, Esclusham Below
     JERMYN: The name occurs in the following: 115: Norfolk Poll Book 1817
     KARMON 500A Holywell: 14 Dec 1751 mar/o Edd ROBERTS & Margt KARMON


     GARRINCH *83 Ruthin: 3 Aug 1762 mar. by Lic. of David THOMAS ba. of Pennant (St. Asaph Diocese)
                                                                               & Jane WYNNE (x) sp. otp
                                                                               Wits: Simon PARRY, Garrinch WYNNE


GERSOME a nickname from OE gersuma 'treasure'
     GERSHAM 364 Wrexham: Catharine;
     GERSHOM *555 Brymbo: 7 Dec 1884 bap/o Gershom MATTHIAS -/o Samuel (collier) & Mary


GERTRUDE fem. spear maiden (Germanic)
                   *40 Hawarden: Gertrude Jessy GLYNNE
                  *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                  *324 Llysfaen:
                  *330 Whitford:
                  *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Eva Gertrude FOREST
                  *353 Pentrobin: Florence Gertrude DAVIES, Gertrude Rosalind HARRISON, Gertrude JONES
                  *371 Llangollen: 6 Sep 1870 mar. by Lic. of Henry HOWARD (Esq.) ba/22 of Hales Owen, Worcs. s/o John Eliot (Esq.)
                                                                              & Alice Gertrude THOMSON sp/21 otp d/o George (Esq.)
Misc: Gresford MIs: Gertrude Hellen GRIFFITH
     GERTIE *336 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Gertie OLDFIELD
     GERTY Misc: Gresford MIs: Gerty MILLINGTON




GIARTY an Irish surname
             393 Wrexham: 12 Oct 1876 bur/o Edward, infant, Beast Market


     GIBB  - a pet name for Gilbert
     GIBBS   31 Hawarden: John LEWIS b -- Apr 1826 s/o Thomas (lab) & Anne (GRIFFITHS) of Bannel
                                       (Received into the Congregation by Joseph GIBBS, Curate, 3 May 1829)
                334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ernest GIBBS d. Aug 4 1951 aged 63
                                                                            Maud Louisa d. Aug 13 1982 aged 93
                                                                            Ellen GIBBS d. Dec 26 1971 aged 44
                                                                            Ronald GIBBS  d. Aug 12 1988 aged 68
                363 Wrexham: 8 Jul 1878 bap/o Ubar c/o Ubar (hawker) & Ellen, 3 Tuttle St
                393 Wrexham: 29 Apr 1878 bur/o Charlotte, aged 4, Browns Court
                438A Broughton: Hannah;
               *474B Gresford
                474B Gresford
                533B Overton
                552B Wrexham: John, William;
                     D Wrexham: 2 Apr 1722 bur/o John s/o William (stranger/chanler), Wrexham Regis
     GIBS 552D Wrexham: 21 Dec 1712 bur/o Elizabeth d/o (Mr) ---- (Superviser)
     JEB 151 Hanmer: 25 Aug 1760 mar/o Joseph FROST (x) & Elizabeth JEB (x) both otp   by Banns
                                                            Wits: Joseph FROST, Richard JEB
GIBBS contd
73 Chirk: 25 Jul 1807 mar/o Richard JEBB & Elizabeth DAVIES both otp   by Lic
                                                         Wits: Richd(?) EDWARDS, John HUNT, Mary STEELE
               151 Hanmer: 16 Jun 1753 mar/o John MARE & Sarah JEBB    both otp    by Banns
               156 Hanmer: Anne, Hannah, Humphrey, John, Martha, Rd, Richard, Richd, Sarah;
               206 Hanmer: Wid ---, Hannah, Humphrey, John, Martha, Rd, Richard, Sarah;
               278 Chirk: Charlot Emily, Eliz'th, Louisa, Rich'd, Rich'd George;
               359 Rhosymedre: 18 Nov 1867 mar by Banns of Henry FOULKES (x) (wheelwright) ba. 23 of Erbistock
                                                                                  & Esther JEBB sp. 22 of Erbistock
                                                                                     Wits: Thomas FOULKES (lab) & Thomas JEBB (lab)
              *363 Wrexham: All the following baptised on 28 Dec 1887
                                      Annie Eliza JONES (b. May 1877) d/o William Jebb (french polisher) & Mary Ellen, of Liverpool
                                      Alfred JONES (b Mar 29 1880) s/o the above, Chester St., Wrexham
                                      Richard Henry JONES (b. Feb 19 1881) s/o the above, Chester St., Wrexham
                                      Llewellyn JONES (b Jun 26 1883) s/o the above, Market St., Wrexham
                                      George Walter JONES (b. Apr 14 1884) s/o the above, Market St., Wrexham
                                      Charles Herbert JONES (b. Dec 3 1885) s/o the above, Market St., Wrexham
                                      William JONES s/o the above, Market St., Wrexham
               363 Wrexham: -- Jun 1878 Mary Ellen d/o William & Mary Ellen, 12 Crescent Terrace
GIBBS / JEBB contd
               446 Chirk
              *557 Llansilin: 23 Nov 1890 bap/o Herbert Jebb EDWARDS -/o John (farmer) & Mary Ann, Tyny berth  
                                     1 Dec 1894 bur/o  Herbert Jebb EDWARDS, aged 4, Ty ny berth
               557 Llansilin: Arthur Gamul, Arthur Trevor, John,  Mary, Richard;
               Misc: North Wales 1835 Llangollen : Richard Jebb, esq., Chirk
                                                   Wrexham: Music and drawing teacher: William Jebb, Mount st
                        1841 Census Wrexham Town: Salop Street: William Jebb 60   Music M   not born in County
                        Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Miller/corn dealer: Thomas Jebb
     JEBUS *498 Bodfari

GIBNEY 384 Wrexham: 29 May 1869 bur/o Richard, infant, Farndon St.


Gibraltar Cottage, Marchwiel, Wrexham


     GIBANES 551B    
     GIBANS 173 Holt:
     GIBBANS  21 Holt: Ruth;
                     85 Mold:
                    343 Hawarden:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Evan, Holt 1683
                                                                                           Samuel, Wheelwright, Bangor   Jul 1829
435 Gresford: John, William;
     GIBBARNS 343 Hawarden:
     GIBBIN  *534 Bagillt
     GIBBINGS 379 Wrexham: 11 Aug 1901 bap/o Henry Edward (b 30 Jun) s/o Joseph (collier) & Mary, 20? Market Street
563A Erbistock: 17 May 1898 bap/o Hazel Violet Angela d/o John Henry (innkeeper) & Flora Elizabeth Annie, otp (Boat Inn)
GIBSON contd
     GIBBINS   48 Worthenbury:
                     53 Wrexham: 2 Aug 1803 bap/o William (b 15 Jun) s/o John (cooper) & Frances, Wrexham Regis
                   162 Overton:
                   227C Ruthin:
                   241A Llangar:
                   243 Hanmer:
                   256 Corwen:
                   268 Wrexham:
                   375 Wrexham: 28 Sep 1873 bap/o Jane d/o Joseph (carter) & Margaret, Poplar Road
                   442B Bangor on Dee
                   479 Overton
                   485 Holywell
   GIBBINSON 279 Llandudno:
     GIBBON   18 Hawarden: Hannah, Mary;
                   121 Mold:
                   162 Overton:
                   234 Minera:
                   251 Corwen:
                   293 Hawarden:
                   295 Mold:
                   298 Hawarden:
                   308 Bodfari: 23 Jan 1763 bur/o Thos;
                   414 Mold: 25 Feb 1837 bur/o Anne, aged 63, Bistree
                                  28 Feb 1837 bur/o John, aged 24, Bistree
435 Gresford: Ed', Edward, Jane, Joseph;
                   441A Hope: Thomas;
                        B Hope: Evan, Thomas;
                   483 Hawarden
                   501 Northop
GIBSON contd
     GIBBONS  21 Holt: Barbara, Charls, Elizabeth, Evan, Hannah, James, Jane, John, Jos., Joseph,
                                  Martha, Mary, Ruth, William;
                      31 Hawarden: Charles, Mary;
                      49 Holywell: 10 Jun 1836 bap/o Catherine d/o William (potter) & Catharine, Bagillt
  53 Wrexham: 24 May 1801 bap/o John (b 19 Mar) s/o John (cooper) & Frances, Wrexham Regis
                                          29 May 1808 bap/o Maria (b 6 May) d/o Matthew (papermaker) & Mary, Bersham
                      63B Holt:
                      76A Mold:
                      79 Gresford: Anne, Eliz, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary, Peter, Saml, Samuel, Sarah;

                                         30 Aug 1801 bap/o Peter JONES (GIBBONS) base s/o Peter GIBBONS & Elizth JONES
                      81A Hope: Ann(e), Charles, Chas, Edward, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Evan, John, Mary, Samuel, Thomas,
                      85 Mold:
                    117 Mold:,                 
                    118 Mold:
                    121 Mold:
                    124 Mold:
                    138B Wrexham:
                    153 Hope:
                    161 Mold: Anne, Edward, Thomas;
                    162 Overton:
                    167A+B+C+D Gresford:
                    172 Holt:
                    173 Holt:
                    182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: John;
                    191B+C Ruabon:
                    231 Hope:
                    234 Minera:
                    249 Minera:
                    251 Corwen:
                    255 Corwen:
                    256 Corwen:
                    263 Llansilin:
                    268 Wrexham:
                    292 Rhosymedre:
                    293 Hawarden:
                    298 Hawarden:
                    302 Hawarden:
                    304 Wrexham:
                    310 Gresford: Elisabeth, John, Peter, Saml, Samuel;
                    311 Hawarden:
                    313 Hawarden:
                    315 Ruabon:
                    320 Hope:
                    340 Mold:
                   *341 Ruabon:
                    343 Hawarden:
                    366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Stephen;
                           27 Dec 1827 bap/o Henry GIBBONS (EDWARDS) s/o Edward EDWARDS (farmer) of Fron
                                                             & Eliz'th GIBBONS (servant) of Brook St
                    370 Wrexham: Charlotte Mary, George, Mary Ann;
                    372 Wrexham: Thomas;
                    374 Wrexham: David, Elizabeth, Frances, George, Jane, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary, Peter,
                                          Samuel, Sarah;
                   *380 Wrexham: 14 Jan 1903 bap/o Dorothy JONES (b 28 Nov 1902)
                                                      d/o Gilbert Griffith (bricklayer) & Sarah Jane Gibbons, Belle Vue House, Jubilee Road
                     384 Wrexham: 20 Feb 1865 bur/o Samuel, aged 23, Farndon St.
                                           10 Jan 1870 bur/o Samuel, infant, Poplar Road
                     387 Hawarden: Edward, Edwd., Thomas, William;
                     389 Hawarden: 13 Jul 1603 bur/o Jane
                     391 Colwyn: 5 Nov 1855 mar. by Banns of
                                                     Henry GIBBONS (tailor) wdr o/a of Bettley, Staffordshire s/o Joseph GIBBONS (tailor)
                                                   & Mary JONES (x) sp o/a otp d/o Thomas (lab)
                     393 Wrexham: 19 Dec 1878 bur/o Peter, aged 70, Rhostyllen
                                            24 May 1881 bur/o George, aged 67, W House
                     399 Wrexham: 7 Oct 1825 bap/o William GIBBONS (FOX) base s/o
                                                                                 William FOX (lab) & Elizabeth GIBBONS, Pen y Bryn
                     401 Wrexham: 16 May 1831 mar. by Banns (wcof) of John GIBBONS ba. & Mary WILLIAMS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                                  Wits: Samuel GIBBONS, Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x)
                                           29 Dec 1834 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Peter GIBBONS (x) & Mary HUGHES (x), both otp
                                                                                                 Wits: David GIBBONS (x), Elizabeth HUGHES (x)
                     404 Wrexham: Edith Maud;
                     406 Wrexham: David;
                     407 Wrexham: Sarah;
                     408 Bangor-on-Dee: Eliz;
                     410 Wrexham: William;
411 Wrexham: John;
                     412 Wrexham: 29 Mar 1859 bur/o George, aged 72, Holt St.
                                           23 Apr 1859 bur/o Samuel, aged 54, Holt St.
                     413 Mold: 15 Oct 1813 bur/o Alice, aged 63, Oakses, Hawarden
                                      9 May 1817 bur. of John, aged 78, of Oakses in the Parish of Hawarden
(ceremony performed by Ellis WYNNE, Rector of Llanferres)
                                     19 Feb 1820 bur/o John, aged 76
                     414 Mold: 10 May 1833 bur/o Edward, aged 18, Bistre
                                     29 Apr 1835 bur/o Eliza, aged 5 months, Bistre
                     438A Broughton: James;
                     441A Hope: Elizabeth, Evan, Jon, Thomas;
                          B Hope: Ann Parry, Sarah, Thomas, William Wilkinson;
                     461A,B Mold
                     468 Llandderfel
                     483 Hawarden
                     484 Hawarden
                     489 Marchwiel
                     492 Holywell
                     500B Holywell
                     501 Northop
                     540 Overton:
                     550 Gresford: Davidk Elizabeth, George, John;
                     553 Gresford: Elizabeth, Hannah, Henry, Jane, John, Mary, Peter, Samuel, Sarah;
                     Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Blacksmith: George Gibbons, Chester st
                              1841 Census Wrexham Town: Salop Street or The Green:
                                                                                            Peter   33   Labourer    born in County
                                                                                            Mary   28                    born in County
                                                       + Jane 5, David 3, Samuel 1 - all born in County

1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
Gresford MIs: Elizabeth, Jane, John, Joseph, Samuel;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                           Eliza, Sp, High Gate, Bangor   1850
                                                                                           Joseph, Yeo, Holt,   1713
     GIBBONS-GIBSON 487 Gwersyllt
GIBSON contd
435 Gresford: John, William;
GIBBORNS 153 Hope:
                       310 Gresford: Elisabeth, John;
                       320 Hope:
                       392 Gresford: Anne, Elizabeth, John, Martha, Samuell;
435 Gresford: Anne, Mary;
     GIBBSON 310 Gresford: Anne, Daniel, Edward, Elisabeth, John, Margrtt, Sarah, Thomas;
                     392 Gresford: ---, Anne, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Henery, John, Margt, Mary, Sarah, Thomas,
435 Gresford: Anne, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, John, Margerett, Ralph, Sarah, Tho', Thomas;
                     487 Gwersyllt
     GIBBURN 127A Mold:
     GIBINS   47 Worthenbury:
                 371 Llangollen: 12 Nov 1859 mar. by Banns of
                                                Peter GIBINS (x) (collier) wdr/48 of Garth, Trefor Isaf s/o Joshua (pot maker)
                                            & Sarah ROBERTS (x) sp/42 of Garth, Trefor Isaf d/o John EDWARDS (miner)
                402B Denbigh: Anne;
GIBSON contd
435 Gresford: ---, Edd', Edward, Jane, Jon, Martha, Mary, Ralph;
     GIBONS  81A Hope: 31 Jul 1796 bap/o Thomas TILSTON (b 24) s/o John & Mary (GIBONS of Shordley), Shordley
                   82 Nerquis:
                   85 Mold:
                  127B Mold:
                  174 Holt:
     GIBSAN 342 Hawarden:
     GIBSON    30 Wrexham: Samuel;
                      51 Holywell:
                      79 Gresford: Ann, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, Jane, Jno, John, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary,
                                         Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;

                                         20 May 1798 bap/o Thomas LLOYD (GIBSON) base s/o Thos. GIBSON & Catherine LLOYD
                                          9 Jun 1805 bap/o Samuel RANDLES (GIBSON)
                                                                                    base s/o Samuel GIBSON & Christian RANDLES, Allington
                     83 Ruthin: Dorothy, Joseph, Mary, William;
                    114 Llanferres:
                    119 Mold:
                    167A+B+C+D Gresford:
                    171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                    172 Holt:
                    188A Halkyn:
GIBSON contd
                    250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
                    266B Marchwiel:
                    284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
                    307 Ruabon:
                    310 Gresford: Ann(e), Charles, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Eliz, Elizabeth, Jno, John, Margarett, Martha,
                                        Mary, Thomas;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Gloria Joy, Joseph;
                    342 Hawarden:
                    358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: John;
                    363 Wrexham: Jane, Sarah;
                   *370 Wrexham: Isaac Gibson THOMAS
                    370 Wrexham: Charles, Emma, Hannah, Harriet, Henry, Mary;
GIBSON contd
                   *380 Wrexham: 4 Jan 1903 bap/o Kathleen LEWIS (b 16 Nov 1902)
                                                                           d/o Richard Gibson (piano tuner) & Elizabeth, 18 Holt Street
                    384 Wrexham: 14 Jun 1871 bur/o John William, infant, Workhouse
                                            8 Nov 1873 bur/o Robert William, infant, Workhouse
                    392 Gresford: Edward, Elin, Mary, Ralph, Sarah;
                    393 Wrexham: 29 Mar 1883 bur/o Joseph, aged 28, Workhouse
                    407 Wrexham: Thomas;
411 Wrexham: Richard;
                    417 Wrexham; Samuel, Samuell;
                    418 Wrexham: Elisabeth, Saml;
435 Gresford: Aime, Dorithy, Doritie, John, Joseph, Ralph, Thomas;
                    438*A Broughton: 30 Sep 1886 bur/o Gibson REAY, aged 88 years, Saltney
                         *B Broughton:  4 Jul 1864 mar by Banns of Edward TROLL (chainstriker) (x) ba/22 of Saltney s/o John TROLL (chainmaker)
                                                                                       & Elizabeth REAY (x) sp/21 of Saltney d/o Gibson REAY (anchorsmith)
                    438B Broughton: John, Joseph, Mary;
                    474A,B Gresford
GIBSON contd
                    482 Hawarden
                    483 Hawarden
                    486 Bistre
                    487 Gwersyllt
                    534 Bagillt
                    535 Buckley:
                    550 Gresford: Ann, Anne, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, Hannah, John, Joseph, Mary, Samuel, Thomas, William;
                    553 Gresford: Anne, Catherine, Charles, Edward, Eliz'th, Eliza Adderley, Elizabeth, Emma, Henry, John, Martha, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                    554 Brymbo: Adam, Adam Thomas, James, John, Mary, Robert;
                    Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Groves School: George   11   Pupil   not born in County
                             1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:  Gibson REAY[2] 
                             1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:
                                             Higher Ferry Lane: James  Wd. 58 Ferry Barge Boatman born Chester, Cheshire
                             Gresford MIs: Grave List c1920? Row 27 No. 19 Gibson
                                                  Register: Elizabeth, Thomas;
GIBSON contd
435 Gresford: John;
     GIBSONN 419 Halkyn: 21 Dec 1631 bur/o John, of Nant y Fflint
     GIPSON 79 Gresford: Edward, Elizabeth, John, Mary;
                  392 Gresford: 12 May 1717 bur/o ---- s/o Thomas, poor
435 Gresford: Anne, Edward, Hannah, John, Ralph, Thomas;
                  Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire: Gipson REAY
     GUBBINS 289 Gwernaffield:
                    474B Gresford
     GYBBANS 387 Hawarden: 4 Nov 1677 bur/o John s/o Edward of Bretton
     GYBSON 425B Hanmer: Ellyn, John;
GIBSON contd
435 Gresford: John, Mathew, William;
     JEPSMAN 366: John, Mary, William;
     JEPSON  16 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Fanny, Geo., George, Mary, Sydney;
                    18 Hawarden: Anne, George, Martha, Mary, Robert, Sarah, Sidney, Sydney, Thomas;
                    31 Hawarden: Fanny, Sidney, Sydney;
                   151 Hanmer:
                   293 Hawarden:
                   298 Hawarden:
                   302 Hawarden:
                   303 Hawarden:
                   305 Hawarden:
                   311 Hawarden:
                   313 Hawarden:
                   319 Hawarden:
                   342 Hawarden:
                   343 Hawarden:
                   346 Hawarden:
                   347 Hawarden:
                   360 Llangollen: John, Samuel;
                   387 Hawarden: 10 Nov 1672 mar/o Robert JEPSON of Broad Lane & Prudence JONES of Kinnerton
                                          25 Aug 1694 mar/o Tho. JONES, & Lydia JEPSON of Broad Lane
                                          17 Nov 1694 mar/o George JEPSON, & Elizabeth RATHBORROW of Shotwick
                                          12 Aug 1695 mar/o John JEPSON of Broad Lane & Mary WMS of Mannor

                                          ---, Ellin, Francis, George, Joseph, Lidia, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Robt, Thomas;
                   388 Hawarden:
                                4 Dec 1628 bur/o Dorothy EDWARDS w/o Jepson;

                               Anne, Elizabeth, John, Lydia, Robt, Roger, Tho, Thom, Thomas;
                   389 Hawarden:  9 Oct 1586 bur/o Edward
                                         21 Jan 1587/88 bur/o Rich.
                                         22 Apr 1588 mar/o William WRIGHT & Anne JEPSON
                                         23 Sep 1588 mar/o Thomas JEPSON & Elizabeth PAGE
                                         11 Oct 1589 mar/o John JEPSON & Margaret JUMPE
                                           2 Mar 1591/92 bur/o John
                                         13 Oct 1592 bur/o Elen
                                         15 Nov 1603 mar/o John FOX & Anne JEPSON
                                         10 Jun 1622 mar/o John WILLMS (smith) & Jane JEPSON
                                        25 Dec 1622 bur/o Pyers
407 Wrexham: 9 Jan 1892 bur/o Mary Ann, aged 65, Workhouse
435 Gresford: Mary, William;
                    466 Hawarden
                    482 Hawarden
                    483 Hawarden
                    484 Hawarden
                    501 Northop
                    Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Nicholas, Mostyn  1595
     JIBTON 553 Gresford: Mary;


Great Gidding, Cumbria
     GIDDINGS 161 Mold: Ann, Mary, Thomas;

GIDEON masc. a destroyer (Hebrew) - Claremont
*58 Erbistock:
              *304 Wrexham:
              *445 Wrexham
              *552B Wrexham: 25 Jan 1714/15 bap/o Gideon VAUGHAN (b 19) s/o Foulke (glover), Wrexham Abbot
                                       18 Feb 1725/26 bap/o John PUGH (b 18) s/o Gideon (weaver), Wrexham Abbot


     Geuffordd, Powys
     Weare Giffard, Devon
     GIFFARD *49 Holywell: 13 Oct 1839 Baptism of Eliza Giffard EDWARDS d/o William (shoe mkr) & Margaret
*75 Marchwiel: 12 Jan 1795 Baptism of Elizabeth JAMES (ELLIS)
                                                             base d/o Giffard ELLIS & Dorothy JAMES
                     82 Nerquis: 4 Jul 1764 Marriage of John GIFFARD Esqr. otp          by Lic
                                                                       Miss Elizabeth HYDE   otp
                                                                       Wits: C WARDLE, W WYNNE
                                       This a copy of the entry in the parish register in the Parish Church of
                                       Saint George, Bloomsbury, London:

                                       16 Mar 1776 Elizabeth the daughter of John GIFFARD of Nerquis in the County
                                                         of Flint, Esquire & Elizabeth his wife, was born the sixteenth day
                                                         of December one thousand seven hundred & sixty five - and - baptised
                                                         the sixteenth day of March 1776
                                                         Sponsors: Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart.
                                                                         Mrs Wardle of Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury
                                                                         Mrs Madocks, Bedford Row
                                                                        (Longe Viviat Dixit)
GIFFARD (82 Nerquis) contd
                                       14 Sep 1776 Baptism of Eleanor (born 21 Mar 1775) d/o John (Esq) & Elisabeth
                                       17 Apr 1797 Burial of John GIFFARD (Esq) (A Catholic) Nerquis Hall
                                       26 Dec 1805 Burial of (Mrs) Elizabeth GIFFARD (d.18th) aged 72 of Nerquis Hall
                                       26 Sep 1808 Burial of (Miss) Eleanor GIFFARD (d.16th)aged 33 of Nerquis Hall 
                                     MEM: The Organ was erected - the Gallery & Commons Pewed & Printed & all the Seats
                                     in the chapel varnished in 1809 & 10 at Miss Giffards expence - the spire &
                                     outside of the Chapel were painted 1810.   Longe Viveat Dixit       J. Wms.
                                     (Signed) John Williams, Curate; William Tyler, John Lewis, Wardens.
                    161 Mold: 6 Feb 1814 Baptism of Anne COLE d/o George (manservant at
                                         Miss Giffard's of Nerquis) & Anne
                   *307 Ruabon: 12 Jun 1761 Baptism of Anne WILLIAMS d/o Giffard & Mary
Misc: North Wales 1835 Mold: Mrs Giffard, Nerquis hall
     Gifford, Lothian SCT
     GIFFORD  *30 Wrexham: Gifford WILLIAMS
                     *36 Ruabon: Gifford ELLIS pp 60,65,73;
                     *59 Erbistock: 6 Aug 1786 Marriage of Gifford ELLIS (X) Bach of Rhiwabon  by Banns
                                                                             Jane MORRIS (X) Spin of Erbistock
                                                                             Wits: Edward ELLIS (X), Thomas JONES
                     *67 Ruabon: 13 May 1807 Baptism of Samuel ELLIS (b. 7 May) s/o Gifford & Elizabeth of Dyninlle Isaf
                    *307 Ruabon: 20 Sep 1740 Burial of Gifford WILLIAMS of Bodylltyn
17 Oct 1762 Baptism of Gifford ELLIS s/o John & Elizabeth of Dyninlle Isaf
                                         26 Sep 1733 Baptism of Edward WILLIAMS s/o Gifford & Sarah
                                          8 Aug 1736 Baptism of Mary WILLIAMS d/o Gifford & Sarah
  8 Apr 1765 Baptism of William s/o Gifford & Mary
                                        18 Apr 1768 Baptism of Gifford WILLIAMS s/o Gifford & Mary of Morton Anglicorum
                                         13 Mar 1770 Burial of Gifford WILLIAMS (inf) of Morton Anglicorum
                    *359: Rhosymedre 6 Jul 1846 Marriage of Samuel ELLIS (shoemaker) wdr of Cefn Mawr   by Banns
                                                                                Mary DAVIES sp. of Acrefair
                                                                                Wits: Gifford ELLIS (lab), Edward DAVIES (farmer)
                     360 Llangollen: 27 Sep 1898:
                                 Marriage of Ellis WILLIAMS (clerk in Holy Orders) bach. aged 26 of Glandwr, Corwen   by Lic
John Ellis WILLIAMS (farmer),
                                                  Anita Margaret Agnes GIFFORD sp. aged 26 of Glanynys, Llangollen
                                                   d/o Robert GIFFORD (gentleman)

                            Llangollen 24 Apr 1901:
                                Marriage of Arthur Cyril RANSOME (surgeon) bach. aged 32 of 56 Shrewsbury Road, Birkenhead  by Banns
                                             s/o Arthur RANSOME (physician)
                                             Helena Eliza GIFFORD sp. aged 24 of Glanynys, Llangollen
                                             d/o Robert GIFFORD (no occupation) (deceased)
                    *381 Llangollen: 20 Sep 1891 bap/o Margaret Gifford MOAR (b 19 Jun)
                                                                                        d/o Archibald Patrick (solicitor) & Margaret, Alloa, Scotland
                    *437 Ruabon: 21 Nov 1697 bap/o Gifford WILLIAMS s/o William & Gwen
                    *444 Ruabon
                    *445 Wrexham
                    *479 Overton
                     493 Llantysilio

Giffordtown, Fife SCT


GIGGER OFr gigueor 'fiddler'
     GEIGER 493 Llantysilio


GIL.... 346 Hawarden: Anne, Steeven;


Gilberdyke, Humberside

GILBERT masc. 'yellow-bright, famous' (Germanic)
     GIBBE *391 Colwyn: 16 Aug 1901 bur/o Agnes Gibbe THOMPSON aged 48 of Brereton?, Woodland Rd, C. Bay
     GIBBERT *346 Hawarden: Gibbert MELOR
     GIBBS possibly see also
     GILBARDE *389 Hawarden: 23 Sep 1590 bur/o Gilbarde MELOR
     GILBART  *52 Holywell: Gilbart WOOD
                    119 Mold:
                    132 Hanmer:
                    151 Hanmer:
                   *346 Hawarden: Gilbart NEWMAN
                   *389 Hawarden: 15 Feb 1605/06 bur/o Gilbart
                    426 Hanmer: Susanna;
     GILBER *162 Overton:
     GILBERT   5 Llangollen: Elizabeth, Mary;
                    16 Hawarden: Anne, Elizabeth, John;
                   *24 Hawarden: Gilbert HOWELL
                   *30 Wrexham: Gilbert GILPIN
                   *52 Holywell: Gilbert WOOD
*62 Flint:
                    82A+C, Nerquis:
                   121 Mold:
                   124 Mold:
                   132 Hanmer:
                   151 Hanmer:
                   152 Hanmer:
                   156A Hanmer:
                   161 Mold: Ann, John;
                  *166 Cilcain;
                   176 Tremeirchion:
                   186 St. Asaph:
                   197 Hanmer: Abraham, Alice, Ann, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                   207 Hanmer:
                   221 St. Asaph:
                   222 St. Asaph:
                   223 St. Asaph:
                   224 St. Asaph:
                   243 Hanmer:
                   245A Llanrhydd:
                   272 Nannerch:
                  *294 Mold: Richard Gilbert PARRY
                   302 Hawarden:
                  *304 Wrexham:
                  *342 Hawarden:
                  *346 Hawarden:
                  *379 Wrexham: 17 Oct 1900 bap/o John Gilbert LINDSAY (b 30 Nov 1899) margin note: P
                                                                     s/o John Samuel (book-keeper) & Ellen, 21 Derby Rd
                   383 Ruthin: 5 Dec 1703 bur/o John, Hospital;
                   403 Holywell: Anne, Mary;
                   426 Hanmer: Abraham, Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, Richard;
                   432 Llangollen: William;
                   436A Hope: Matthew;
                        B Hope: Matthew;
                   440B Hawarden
                  *445 Wrexham
                  *454A Llanrhos
                   461B Mold
                   474A Gresford
                   518 Llangollen
                   532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch:
                   550 Gresford: Abraham, Anne, Thomas;
                   565A Esclusham: Douglas Haig, Myfanwy, Rosina;
Misc: North Wales 1835 Newtown & Kerry: Flannel manufacturer: Gilbert Bennett, Park st
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                           Susannah, Bronington  1798
                                                                                           William, Farmer, Willington    28 Mar  1812
                             Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Mrs. Eliz. Gilbert, Doddington
     GILBERTA fem. form of Gilbert
                    *404 Wrexham: 29(sic) Sep 1905 bur/o Gilberta Wyllie KENNEDY, aged 80, Tai Llwyn Grove Park
     GILBERTS 207 Hanmer:
     GILBEST 295 Mold:
     GYLBART 422 Hanmer: 31 May 1565 bap/o Cathren d/o Willm & Margaret


GILCHRIST *405 Wrexham: 27 Sep 1893 bap/o Mary Ann Gilchrist PRICE (b 20 Jul)
                                                                                         d/o Richard (collier) & Catherine, 28 Crispin Lane
                   448B St. George
                   533B Overton
                   Misc: Gresford MIs: Grave List c1920? Row 17 No. 16: Mrs Gilchrist
                            Register:  John, Mary;
     GILCROSS 195 Holywell: Charles, Elizth, Robert;
     GILCROTT 195 Holywell: Elizth, Robert;
GILLCROSS 51 Holywell:
Gillcrux, Cumbria

Gilchriston, Lothian SCT


Gilderdale Forest, Cumbria

GILDESBURGH 387 Hawarden: Rector of Hawarden 1333-1344 Rev. Roger de GILDESBURGH

Gildersdale in Warter, East Riding of Yorkshire


GILES masc. a kid (Greek)
                 6 Isycoed: Jane;
                 8 Overton: Martha, Mary, William;
                11 Bangor on Dee: Ann, John, Mary;
                25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Daniel;
                49 Holywell: Deborah, Edward, Margaret, Maria, Mary Anne, William;
                51 Holywell:
                52 Holywell: Anne, Deborah, Elizth, Sarah Maria, William;
               *53 Wrexham: 25 Jan 1811 bap/o John Giles Owen BRISCOE (b 1 Oct) s/o Richard (druggist) & Margaret
                                      9 Nov 1811 bur/o J. Giles Owen c/o R. BRISCOE (druggist)
                65*A Llangar:
               *73 Chirk:
                74 Flint:
               *88 Llanelidan:
GILES contd
               159 Holywell:
               167A+D Gresford:
               189 Holywell:
               195 Holywell: Henry, Maria;
               197 Hanmer: Ann, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, William;
               215 Llanrhydd:
               219 Penley:
               234 Minera:
               245*A Llanrhydd:
               268 Wrexham:
               276B Llanasa:
               299 Mold: Anne, Nathaniel, Thomas;
GILES contd
               311 Hawarden:
               317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:

               321 Llanasa:
              *326 Llansannan:
               338 Llangollen:
               346 Hawarden:
               370 Wrexham: Francis, of London
              *371 Llangollen: 29 Mar 1875 mar. by Lic. of John METCALF (butcher) ba/21 of Liverpool s/o Giles (butcher)
                                                                           & Elizabeth HUGHES sp/20 of Meadow Cottage otp d/o Hugh (carrier)
               374 Wrexham: Alfred Oscar Anne(!), Emma Caroline Grey, Maria, Pearce;
              *383 Ruthin: 15 Jul 1684 bur/o Giles LLOYD
                                 28 Aug 1698 bur/o Eleanor DUKES d/o Giles (wheelwright);
              *399 Wrexham: 25 Jan 1825 bap/o Paul Giles Owen BRISCOE s/o Richard (wine merchant) & Margaret, High Street
GILES contd
               *420B Halkyn: 2 Feb 1727/28 bur/o Giles WAGGED
               *441B Hope: 9 Apr 1878 mar by Lic of Jacob Johnson CATO (Gentleman) wdr/full of Penymynydd s/o Peter CATO (shipbuilder)
                                                                      &  Jane Elizabeth CAYFORD sp/21 of Lower Tooting  d/o John Giles CAYFORD (police constable)
                467 Holywell
                474B Gresford
               *479 Overton
               *507B Betws yn Rhos
                509 Dyserth
                517A Llanasa
                     B Llanasa
                     C  Llanasa
               555 Brymbo:  Archibald Edwin Norman, Edwin, Sarah Constance Secunda;
               Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: Mary   30   F.S.   born in County
                        Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Shopkeeper: Wm. Giles, St. Alkmond's place
 GUILES 525 Whitford
     GUILLS 390 Bangor-on-Dee: 19 Jan 1716/17 bap/o John s/o Arthur & Elizabeth, Whitchurch SHR
     GYLES 525 Whitford


GILKS (or Jilks, (son) of (diminutive) William - chiefly a Cotswold/Oxfordshire/Warwickshire surname - Cottle)
          GILKES 406 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
          GILKS 234 Minera:
                    404 Wrexham: Milburgh;

Gill, Cumbria
Harald Gille (an Irishman) 1103; from Ir. Gael gille 'servant' (Reaney & Wilson)  
     GEALER 315 Ruabon:
     GEALY 304 Wrexham:
                 310 Gresford: William;
     Abergele, North Wales
     GELE 263A Llansilin:
               552B Wrexham: Will;
     GELEE 116B Llansilin:
                 263 Llansilin:
                *437 Ruabon: 5 Jun 1728 bur/o Gelee WILLIAMS, infant, M.
                 437 Ruabon: 3 Sep 1726 bap/o Gelee  s/o William & Anne
GILL contd
     GELI 116 Llansilin:
             181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
     Gell, Clwyd
     GELL 165B Ruabon:
              181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
              216 Erbistock:
              407 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
     GELLAR 268 Wrexham:
     GELLER   11 Bangor on Dee: Anne, Debora, Henry, Sarah;
                   138B Wrexham:
     Gelli, Mid Glamorgan
     GELLI 181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
GILL contd
Gelly, Dyfed
     GELLY  68 Ruabon:
                181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 22 Aug 1739 bur/o Edmund
     GELY 181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
               182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Catherine, David;
               199 Derwen:
               252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
               307 Ruabon:
     GEULER 315 Ruabon:
     ghyll (Norse) from 'gil' ravine or gully
     GIEL 478B Llantysilio
     GIELE 348 Wrexham:
     GIL   97 Llanfwrog:
           323 Denbigh:
           460 Mold
     GILE 371 Llangollen: 21 Oct 1866 mar. by Banns of Henry GILE (x) (lab) ba/24 otp s/o Barnet (mason)
                                                                             & Catherine ROBERT (x) sp/21 otp d/o Ellis JONES (farmer)
             373 Wrexham: John;
     GILEA 372 Wrexham: Ann;
GILL contd
*16 Hawarden: Gill BROWN
37 Worthenbury: Ann;
              56A Rhuddlan: Anne;
              78 Clocaenog:
              83 Ruthin: 4 Mar 1787 bap/o Mary d/o John & Julan
              97 LLanfwrog:
             104 Henllan:
             121 Mold:
             124 Mold:
             127B Mold:
             129B Treuddyn;
             132 Hanmer:
             167B+C+D Gresford;
             168B Hope:
             196C Llanfair Talhaearn:
GILL contd
             213 Llangollen:
             233 Llanfwrog:
             245A Llanrhydd:
             302 Hawarden:
             303 Hawarden:
             304 Wrexham:
             305 Hawarden:
             313 Hawarden:
             315 Ruabon:
             319 Hawarden:
             342 Hawarden:
             343 Hawarden:
             344 Mold:
             346 Hawarden:
            *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Gill JONES
             358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: William John;
GILL contd
             361 Llangollen: Henry;
            *363 Wrexham: Mary Gill LEWIS, Robert Gill TURNER
            *369 Llangollen: Nathaniel Gill BEADNELL
             369 Llangollen: Ann, Grace, John;
             372 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Thomas;
             383 Ruthin: 10 Feb 1693/94 mar/o Edward PRICE otp & Elizabeth GILL of Llanvair
             384 Wrexham: 27 May 1873 bur/o Martin, aged 53, Pentre Felyn
                                    9 Apr 1874 bur/o Martin, infant, Pentre Felyn

             387 Hawarden: 27 Jul 1669 mar/o William FAZACARLEY of Broad Lane & Anne GILL of Hawarden
                                   30 Jun 1687 mar. by Lic. of Wm GILL of Hawarden & Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Northop
                                   29 Jun 1690 mar. by Lic. of Thomas GILL, & Hester BALL of Broad Lane

                                   Alice, Anne, Eleanor, George, Isaac, James, John, Katherine, Margaret, Richard, William, Wm;

            388 Hawarden: 25 Jan 1660/61 mar/o George GILL & Elizabeth JOHNSON both of Hawarden
                                  28 Feb 1665/66 mar. by Lic. of William GILL, & Joan PIGGOTT of Hawarden

                                  ---, Anne, Elizabeth George, Hana, James, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Rad., Roger, Thomas, William;
GILL contd
           389 Hawarden:  6 Aug 1596 bur/o William
                                  4 Mar 1597/98 bur/o Margaret

                                25 Jul 1605 mar/o Lawrence OMSLOWE & Ales GILL

                                24 Dec 1605 bur/o Anne
                                16 Jan 1605/06 bur/o Steeven

                                25 Apr 1625 mar/o Richard BEALE & Mary GILL
GILL contd

           394 Clocaenog: 1 Oct 1780 mar. by Banns of John GILL (x) ba. of Llanfwrog & Julian WILLIAMS (x) sp. otp
                                                                             Wits: David JONES, William HUGHES
          *407 Wrexham: 16 Jan 1885 bur/o Mary Gill LEWIS, infant, Rhosnesney
          412 Wrexham: 27 Sep 1859 bur/o Ellen, infant, Pentre Felyn
         *416 Ruabon: 25 Apr 1877 mar. by Lic. of
                                Pearson Gill TWIST (earthen ware manufacturer) ba/29 of Prescot LAN s/o Edward TWIST (architect)
                                & Julie PAYNE sp/19 of Wynnstay Kennels d/o Charles PAYNE (huntsman)
          416 Ruabon: 3 Apr 1877 mar. by Banns of
                                              John GILL (timber measurer) ba/37 of Leominster s/o John GILL (smelter)
                                            & Jane THOMAS sp/30 otp (Plas Newydd) d/o David THOMAS (farm bailiff)
          417 Wrexham: Sarah;
          432 Llangollen: George, John;
          436A Hope: Thomas;
               B Hope: Catherine, Sarah, Thomas;
          460 Mold
          483 Hawarden:
GILL contd
          533A Overton
          551A Hawarden
               B Hawarden
          552D Wrexham: 3 Apr 1713 bur/o Katharine, The Green
          553 Gresford: George, Martha, Peter;
          Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Oswestry: Misses GILL, Upper Brook st
                                               Wenlock: Grocer/chandler: Mary GILL, High st
                                               Whitchurch: Boot/shoe maker: John Devenport GILL, Watergate st

     gilla (Irish Gaelic) 'servant or ghillie'
GILL contd
     GILLAR  38 Wrexham: ..., Elizth, John, Wm;
                  57 Ruabon: Anne, Elizabeth, John;
                  63A+B Holt:
                 183 Llansannan:
                 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                 348 Wrexham:
                 356 Ruabon: Henry;
435 Gresford: Sarah;
     GILLARD 45 Denbigh: Anne, Thomas;
     GILLART 152 Hanmer:
                   167B Gresford:
GILL contd
     GILLE 500A Holywell

     GILLER    6 Isycoed: Gwen;
                  30 Wrexham: Barbra, John, Mary, Samuel;
                  36 Ruabon: Ann, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elizth, Ellis, Jane, John, Thos, William
                  38 Wrexham: Anne, Eliz, John, Mary, William;
53 Wrexham: Edward, Elizabeth, Harriet, John, Mary, William;
                  57 Ruabon: Ann(e), Charles, Harriett, John, Mary, William;
                  61 Ruabon: 7 Apr 1841 mar. by Lic. of
                                                    Edward OWENS (farmer) ba. of Tanyclawdd s/o Daniel OWENS (agent)
                                                    & Harriet GILLER (x) sp. of Plasynclawdd d/o John GILLER (farmer)
                  63A+B, Holt:
                  75 Marchwiel:
                 123 Ruabon:
                 138A+B Wrexham:
                 165 Ruabon:
                 167 Gresford:
                 191A Ruabon:
                 201 Wrexham:
                 215 Llanrhydd:
                 266A Marchwiel:
                 304 Wrexham:
                 307 Ruabon:
                 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                 341 Ruabon:
                 345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                 348 Wrexham:
                 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Jane, John, Richard, William;
                 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Anne, Elizabeth, John;
                 356 Ruabon: Ann, John, Mary Ann;
                 360 Llangollen: John, Joseph;
                 364 Wrexham: Anne, Edward;
                 365 Wrexham: Anne, Jane, John, Mary, Thomas;
                 370 Wrexham: Edward, Eliza, Jane, John, Mary, Sarah Jane, Sophia, Thomas, William;
                 372 Wrexham: Anne, Richard;
                 373 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Mary;
374 Wrexham: Anne, Catherine, Charles, Christiana, Edwin, Elizabeth, Mary, William;
                 384 Wrexham:  8 Feb 1868 bur/o Leah, aged 82, Ruabon
                                       21 Feb 1874 bur/o William, aged 37, Rhosnesney
                 386 Ruabon: 24 May 1853 mar. by Banns of Thomas GILLER (x) (lab) ba/28 otp s/o John (farmer)
                                                                              & Elizabeth JAMES (x) (servant) sp/26 otp d/o Robert (shoemaker)
                 393 Wrexham: Anne Jane, Jane, Richard;
                400 Wrexham: Ann, Mary, Samuel, Sarah;
                401 Wrexham: 25 Apr 1837 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Edward CREW (x) & Anne GILLER (x), both otp
                                                                                            Wits: John TAYLOR (x), Mary ?H--CER (x)
                407 Wrexham: John;
                410 Wrexham: Jane;
411 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, John, Samuel;
                412 Wrexham: 4 Dec 1858 bur/o Edward, aged 63, Rhosnesney
                416 Ruabon: 23 Sep 1878 mar. by Banns of
                                                       Edward GILLER (blacksmith) ba/21 of Rhos s/o John GILLER (lab)
                                                       & Hannah ELLIS (x) sp/21 of Rhos d/o Joseph ELLIS (collier)
                                   29 Dec 1879 mar. by Banns of
                                                      Thomas GILLER (x) (tram car driver) ba/25 of Johnstown s/o William GILLER (farmer)
                                                      & Annie LEES sp/20 of Bangor is y Coed d/o Robert LEES (veterinary surgeon)
                427 Ruabon: Edward, Elizabeth;
                443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                444 Ruabon
                445 Wrexham
                552B Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Jane, Richard, Samuell, Will, Willm;
                     C Wrexham: 21 Nov 1709 mar/o John JONES (drover) & Martha GILLER, Minera
                                          7 Jan 1720/21 mar/o Simon HUGHES (lab), Minera & Martha GILLER
                     D Wrexham: Edward, Jane;
                553 Gresford: 24 Nov 1703 bur/o Jane d/o Edward, Wrexham Regis
                559B Rhosymedre: 9 Jun 1908 mar by Banns of Frederick Giller THOMAS (schoolmaster) ba/20 otp (7 Park Rd) s/o William THOMAS dec.
                                                                                      & Gertrude Mary GROVE sp/28 of Walsall d/o Robert GROVE (spade maker)
                561A Marchwiel: 19 Aug 1849 bap/o John (aged 5 yrs on 31 Dec 1848) s/o William (farmer) & Christiana, Street yr Hwch
                     B Marchwiel: 29 Oct 1841 mar/o William GILLER (farmer) ba of Plas Gronow s/o John GILLER (farmer)
                                                                     & Christiana DAVIES sp of Street yr hwch d/o Edward DAVIES (farmer)
                     C Marchwiel: Christian, William Henry, William Robert;
                Misc: North Wales1835 Wrexham: Grocer &/or tea dealer: Samuel Giller, Hope st
                                                                     Tallow chandler: Samuel Giller, Hope st
                                                                     Wine & spirit merchant: Samuel Giller, Hope st
                         1841 Census Wrexham Town: Tuttle Street: Ann     30   Chairwoman   born in County
                                                                                         Emma   8                        born in County
                                                                                         John      5                        born in County
                                                                      Hope Street: Samuel   40   Grocer   born in County
                                                                                         Elizabeth 35               born in County
                                                                      Chester Street: Ellen   15   F.S.   born in County
GILL contd
     GILLERY 5 Llangollen: Evan,Sarah;
     GILLEY Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Gilley Pritchett, esq., Mill st
     GILLIARD 183 Llansannan:
     GILLOR 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: John, Samuel;
     Gillota (a feminine name)
     GILLS 233 Llanfwrog:
     GILLY   12 Llangollen: Hugh;
                552D Wrexham: 22 Jan 1718/19 bur/o Anne, wid.
     GUILE 138B Wrexham:
               348 Wrexham:
     GYLL 304 Wrexham:
              389 Hawarden: 4 Dec 1603 mar/o Richard GYLL & Elin FLETCHER
GILL contd
     JAILER 201 Wrexham:
     JELLAR 133A+B Holt:
     Jellieston, Strathclyde SCT
     JELLIS (Comon in Huntingdonshire - Addison)
                 24 Hawarden: John, Mary Ann;
     JELLY 24 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Thomas, Thomas Lewis;
               32 Hawarden: Thomas;
     JILLER 167C+D Gresford:


GILLAM (English re-spelling of Old French Guillaume 'William' )
     GELLING 552D Wrexham: 11 Jan 1716/17 bur/o Nicolas s/o William (innkeeper), Ye George
     GILHAM 375 Wrexham: 13 May 1870 bap/o Emma Ann d/o Henry (lab) & Mary, Llan y Pwll
     GILIM 363 Wrexham: Henry James, Jane;
     GILLAM   79 Gresford: Ann, Elizabeth, Elizth, James, Jane, Jno, John, Martha, Mary, Samuel, Thomas, William;

                                       13 Nov 1796 bap/o Ann GILLAM (PRICE) base d/o Timothy PRICE & Martha GILLAM
                                       19 Jul 1801 bap/o Mary GILLAM (ROWLAND) base d/o Willm ROWLAND & Martha GILLAM
                   167A+C+D Gresford:
                   227*A Ruthin:
                   363 Wrexham: Charlotte, James, Jane, John, John Edward;
                   370 Wrexham: Alice, Edward, Harriet, Henry, Mary;
                   374 Wrexham: Edward, Ellis, Emma, Henry, James, John, Mary;
                   375 Wrexham: 16 Dec 1872 bap/o Alice d/o ---- & Emma, Llan y Pwll
                   384 Wrexham: 13 Jun 1866 bur/o Emily, infant, Acton
                                         21 Dec 1868 bur/o Alice, infant, Bieston
GILLAM contd
                   404 Wrexham: Gwendoline, Susannah Marjorie;
                   405 Wrexham: James, Jane, Samuel;
                   407 Wrexham: Charlotte;
                   438A Broughton: Thomas;
                   441B Hope: Edward, Jane, William;
                   474A,B Gresford:
                   550 Gresford: Ann, Anne, Edward, Eliz'th, Elizabeth, James, Jane, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, William;
                   551A Hawarden
                        B Hawarden
                   553 Gresford: Eleanor, John, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                   565A Esclusham: 8 Apr 1947 bur/o Nellie, aged 31, Gardeners House, Erddig
Misc: Gresford MIs:  Eleanor, Elizabeth, John, Martha, Mary, Samuel, Thomas;
     GILLAN 359 Rhosymedre: Peter;
                  552B Wrexham: Richard, Sarah, William, Willm;
                       D Wrexham: Richard, Sarah, William, Wm;
     GILLEN 552B Wrexham: Edd, William;
                      D Wrexham: 30 Mar 1705 bur/o Anne w/o Richard (yeoman), Esclusham Below
     GILLIAM 474B Gresford:
                   553 Gresford: Eleanor, Elizabeth, John;
     GILLHAM 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Andrina, George Henry, John, Michael;
                    363 Wrexham: Jane, Mary, Thomas;
                    370 Wrexham: Henry, Mary, William;
                    375 Wrexham: Edward, Henry, Mary, Thomas;
                    393 Wrexham: 19 Jun 1875 bur/o Mary, aged 66, Brymbo
                    474B Gresford
                    486 Bistre
     GILLMAN 379 Wrexham: 19 Aug 1898 bap/o William s/o David (barber) & Annie, 28? Market St.
                    380 Wrexham: Annie, David, Henry, Margaretta, Richard;
     GILLOM 374 Wrexham: 3 Feb 1847 bap/o Mary d/o Edward (lab) & Mary, Beiston
     GILMAN 379 Wrexham: 1 May 1901 bap/o Jane Ann (b 20 Apr) d/o David (lab) & Anne, Cannon Yard
                  440B Hawarden

Gillamoor, North Yorkshire
     GALLAMOOR 392 Gresford: 2 Oct 1723 bur/o James s/o John, Chester
GALLEMORE Misc: Cheshire 1828-29 Knutsford: Tailor: Joseph GALLEMORE, Princess st
                                                             Wilmslow: Shopkeeper: James GALLEMORE
                                    Derbyshire 1828-29 Derby:  Smith: Wm GALLEMORE, Duke st
                                    Lancashire 1828-29 Manchester: Manufacturers & dealers in cotton goods/calico printers: GALLEMORE, LIDDEL & Co., 12 Cannon st
     GALLEYMORE Misc: Cheshire 1828-29 Macclesfield: Tailor: Isaac GALLEYMORE, Roe st
     GALLIMOR 500B Holywell:  14 Oct 1747 bur/o William
     GALLIMORE 498 Bodfari: 29 Jun 1734 bap/o Thos GALLIMORE s/o Wm & Dorothy
                         Misc: Cheshire 1828-29 Runcorn: Carriers from Preston Brook: Kenworthy & Holt to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Tamworth, Artherstone, Derby, and the Potteries.
                                                                           Agent: Wm GALLIMORE.
                                  Derbyshire 1828--29 Wirksworth: Tav/PH: Three Horse Shoes Jno GALLIMORE, St John 's St.
                                                                                  White/blacksmith: John GALLIMORE, St. Joh n's St.
                                  Lancashire 1828-29 Chorley: Baker & flour dealer: Joseph GALLIMORE, Pall mall
                                                                            Calico printers: GALLIMORE, LIDDEL & Co., Douglas vale
                                  Staffordshire 1835 Eccleshall: Bookseller/stationer/printer: Ambrose GALLIMORE, High street
                                                             Potteries: Earthenware manufacturers: Ambrose & Robert GALLIMORE, High Street, Lane End
                                                                            Tav/PH: Bull's Head Jane GALLIMORE, Cornhill, Lane End
                                                             Stone: Bookseller/stationer/binder/printer letter press (and sub-distributer of stamps); also Fire & Office Agent for ROYAL EXCHANGE:
                                                                                Ambrose GALLIMORE, Market place
     GALLOMER 287 Llanycil: 18 Aug 1816 bap/o John s/o William GALLOMER  (lab) & Anne, Gwernygeneu
     GILLMER Misc: Lancashire 1828-29 Liverpool: Brush maker: Joseph GILLMER, Clayton square
     GILLIMORE 324 Llysfaen: 26 Jun 1898 bap/o Rosinah d/o Albert & Sophia, Gipsies
     GILLMOOR Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Lieut. Clotworthy GILLMOR, Castle bank
     GILLMORE 138A Wrexham: 29 Aug 1789 bap/o James (b 22) s/o James & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                       440A Hawarden: 25 Dec 1864 mar/o Richard William GILLMORE (shipwright) ba/21 of St. Peters Parish, Liverpool s/o Richard GILLMORE (mariner)
                                                                            & Martha Bailey BEAVAN sp/20 of Sealand d/o Thomas BEAVAN (lab)
                       Misc: Lancashire 1828-29 Liverpool: Ham & bacon curer: Wm GILLMORE, 97 Whitechapel & Fleet Street
     GILMARE 208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr: 16 Jan 1736/37 mar/o Thos MAURICE & Margaret GILMARE
     GILMER 49 Holywell: 20 Jul 1834 bap/o William s/o William (cabinet maker) & Ann, Liverpool
Misc: Lancashire 1828-29 Kirkham: Clergy: Rev. Gilmer ROBINSON
     GILMORE 438A Broughton: 28 Oct 1905 bur/o William, aged 28 days, of The Cop Cottages, Bretton
                    Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Pilot (at Pill): John GILMORE
                             South Wales 1835 Fishguard: Grocer/dealer in sundries/draper: Samsn. GILMORE
                             1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire (published  by a member of Saltney & Saltney Ferry Local History Group in 1995)
                                          No. 9 Williams Row  Head of family: JOYCE Walter  mar/28   lab at Manure Works born Ireland
His wife Catherine 23 born Chester
                                                                                                    Children: Wilter W. 5, Richard 4, Mary L. 2, all born Saltney
                                                                                               GILMORE Thomas unmarried/21 Lodger   Railway Shunter at Slate Yard   born Ireland
           Also lodging at this address were Edward MOANEY and Michael MILLIGAN both born Ireland
     GILMOUR *380 Wrexham: 29 May 1904 bap/o James Gilmour Mann TYLEY (b 17 Mar)
                                                                                               s/o Thomas (carriage fitter) & Jessie, 49 Hightown Road

Gillcrux, Cumbria


GILLESPIE 'bishop's servant'  (Scots Gaelic)
     GALASPEY 31 Hawarden: James, Margaret, Robert;
     GILLEPSIE 31 Hawarden: James, Margaret;
     GILLESPIE 234 Minera:
                      353 Pentrobin:
                     *381 Llangollen: 8 Sep 1901 bap/o Hugh Gillespie PRYTHERCH (private,  26 Jul)
                                                    s/o ----------- & Dorothy, 10 Poplar Road, W
                      438B Broughton: Andrew, Rebecca;
                      440C Hawarden
                      565A Esclusham: 25 Jan 1941 bur/o Margaret, aged 47 yrs (died at Wrexham War Memorial Hospital), of Talwrn Cottage, Legacy
Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     GITHELLESPIE 294 Mold: George, James, Margaret;

     GILLET 552D Wrexham: 17 Mar 1705/06 ------,  sum poor man that dyed at Richard GILLET, Constable of Esclusham Below

GILLETA *555 Brymbo: 17 Sep 1879 bap/o May WILSON -/o Alexander Colhorm (Editor|) & Gilletta


GILLIAN fem. form of Julian
     GELLION 441A Hope: John;
     GILIAN *459 Mold
     GILLIAN  *353 Pentrobin: Maureen Gillian SHONE
                   *459 Mold
                     552D Wrexham: 9 Jul 1720 bur/o Eliz w/o Richard, Havod y bwch
     GILLION *388 Hawarden: 22 Dec 1661 bur/o Gillion MUNCSFIELD w/o John, Bretton
     JELLIAN *422 Hanmer: 26 Mar 1579 bap/o Margerye d/o Roger & Jellian
JILLIAN   *21 Holt: Jillian BIRKLEY
                 *383 Ruthin: 24 Mar 1654/55 bur/o Jillian JONES
JULAN *83 Ruthin: 4 Mar 1787 bap/o Mary d/o John & Julan

    GALLIBRAND 388 Hawarden: 6 Jul 1630 bur/o John;
    GELLIBURN 530 Chirk
    GILBRAND 346 Hawarden: Robt, Thomas;

GILLIGAN 375 Wrexham: 20 Oct 1876 bap/o Ann d/o James (coach man) & Diana, 5 Beast Market

GILLILAND 379 Wrexham: 26 Sep 1898 bap/o Ethel (margin note - privately)
                                                               d/o Arthur (shop assistant) & Margaret Annie, 6 Bersham Road
                   404 Wrexham: Ethel;


Gilling, North Riding of Yorkshire
     GILLIN 445 Wrexham
     GILLING   30 Wrexham: Anne, John;
                  *441B Hope: 8 Nov 1860 mar by Lic of Edmund Gilling MAYNARD (Lieut Col 88th Regt) ba/full of Plas Teg s/o John Charles MAYNARD, Esq.
                                                                          & Gertrude Trevor ROPER sp/full of Plas Teg d/o C. B. Trevor ROPER, Esq.


Gillow, Herefordshire
     GILLOW 552B Wrexham:  Edward, Sara;


River Gilpin, Westmorland
     GELPIN 410 Wrexham: Gilbert;
     GILPIN 30 Wrexham:   8 Mar 1766 bap/o Gilbert (b 8 Feb) s/o Benjamin & ----, Bersham furnace
                                 17 Oct 1767 bap/o Elizabeth (b 28) d/o Benjamin & ---, Bersham furnest
                                 27 May 1769 bap/o William (b 26 Apr) s/o Benjamin & ---, Bersham furnest
                                 20 Nov 1773 bap/o Sarah (b 27 Oct) d/o Benjamin (clark at the Furnest)
               38 Wrexham:  30 Jan 1780  bap/o Charlot Dorothy (b 17 Nov) d/o Benjamin  (stuart at Bersham Furnace)
                                                                (also states child bapt. 28)
               53 Wrexham: 17 Nov 1802 bap/o Margaret (b 27 Aug) d/o John (miner) & Jane, Wrexham Abbot
                                   15 Mar 1803 bur/o Jane, Wrexham Abbot
             138B Wrexham: 9 Feb 1793 bur/o Benjamin aged 52 of Bersham
             172 Holt: -- Feb 1723/24 mar/o John SWARTON otp & Elizabeth GILPIN of Farndon, Cheshire
             203 Denbigh: 3 May 1792 bur/o Elizabeth (Wd) aged 60
             234 Minera: Eliza, Elizabeth, Ishmael, John, Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Hannah, Philip, Thomas, William;
             249 Minera: 21 Dec 1874 Thomas GILPIN(sig.)wit. at a marriage
                             20 Feb 1875 Thomas GILPIN (sig) wit. at a marriage
GILPIN contd
             268 Wrexham: 22 May 1790 Eliz & Gilbert GILPIN wits. at mar by Lic of Samuel LINDOP & Pamela THOMAS both otp
                                 14 Feb 1797 mar by Lic of John WILLIAMS & Eliza GILPIN (sig. Elizabeth) both otp
                                                                       Wits: Richard WILLIAMS, Ann TURNER
                                   1 May 1799 mar by Lic of Richard TAYLOR & Maria GILPIN both otp
                                                                         Wits: Ann TURNER, John GILPIN
                                 29 Dec 1800 mar by Lic of John GILPIN & Jane DAVIES both otp
                                                                        Wits: Henry RATCLIFFE, Jane HANKEY?, Richd TAYLOR
           348 Wrexham: 11 Dec 1793 Eliza GILPIN wit. at a marriage
                                   1 Jun 1795 William GILPIN wit. at a marriage
GILPIN contd
           350 Wrexham St. Giles Church Yard MIs:
                                            No. 51:  3 Dec 1779 Elizabeth aged 38 w/o Benjamin, of Bersham
                                                         9 Feb 1795 Benjamin aged 52
                                                        19 Jan 1823 John aged 42
                                                        18 Oct 1827 Gilbert aged 62
                                                        22 Apr 1843 Edward aged 3 s/o Tubal Cain & Mary JONES, of Wrexham
                                                         9 Mar 1844 Mary aged 35 w/o the above Tubal Cain JONES and grand d/o
                                                                                above Benjamin & Elizabeth GILPIN
                                                        22 Jul 1844 John Williams aged 5 yrs 5 mo s/o Tubal Cain & Mary JONES
           364 Wrexham: 23 Jan 1846 bur/o John aged 20 of Esclusham Below
           365 Wrexham: 16 Nov 1817 bap/o Hannah d/o John (lab) & Jane, Esclusham Below
                                  20 Feb 1820 bap/o George s/o John (lab) & Jane, Esclusham Above
           366 Wrexham: 29 Mar 1828 bap/o Eleanor d/o John (lab) & Jane, Frondeg
GILPIN contd
           370 Wrexham: 4 May 1859 bap/o George s/o George (malster) & Ann, Bridge St.
           372 Wrexham: 14 Dec 1818 Jane GILPIN (x) & Evan HUMPHREYS wits. at mar by Lic, with consent of parents, of
                                                               Edward ROBERTS (lab) ba. otp & Anne EDWARDS (x) sp. otp
           373 Wrexham: 22 Jan 1823 bur/o John aged 46, High Street
           374 Wrexham: Ann(e), Charlotte, Frances, George, Jane;
           399 Wrexham: 4 Aug 1822 bap/o William s/o John (lab) & Jane, Esclusham Above
           406 Wrexham: George;
           412 Wrexham: Ann, Elizabeth, George;
           417 Wrexham: Ben, Benjamin;
           445 Wrexham
           487 Gwersyllt
GILPIN contd
           554 Brymbo: Margaret Ann, Robert, Sarah;
           555 Brymbo: Elizabeth Ann, Ellen, George, Hellen, Jennet, Margaret Jane, Mary Ellen, Robert, William;
           565A Esclusham: George William Jane Ann;
                B Esclusham: George William, Moses;
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Rev. Josh. Gilpin, Wrockwardine
     GILLPIN 38 Wrexham: 2 Nov 1776 bap/o Mariah d/o Benjamin & ----, Bersham Furnest
                                      2 Nov 1778 bap/o John (b 9 Oct) s/o Benjamin & ---, Furnest man

Gilson, Warwickshire
     GILLISON 554 Brymbo: Jane, John, John Ferguson;     
     GILSON 117 Mold:
                  466 Hawarden
Gilwern, Gwent

GILWIND 387 Hawarden: 7 Aug 1677 bur/o Samuel of Southall in Woor (?Woore, Shropshire)

GIMSON 334 Connah's Quay MIs: Gladys Ada;


GINGER for a dealer in ginger, or, possibly, also for a hot-tempered or a reddish-haired man.
             *365 Wrexham: Charles Ginger BAYLEY

GINN ME gin, ginne, an aphetic form of OFr engin 'skill, ingenuity', sometimes 'snare, trap'
     GINN 400 Wrexham: 16 Dec 1826 mar. by Banns of Ralph FOX (carrier) ba. & Elizabeth GINN wid., both otp
                                                                                Wits: John GOUGH, Sarah EDWARDS, Jas. COWPER
     GINNEY 412 Wrexham: 21 May 1856 bur/o David, aged 37, Cattle Market


GIRADOT 216A Erbistock:
                563B Erbistock: 15 Jun 1864 mar by Lic of
                                                           Henry GIRARDOT, Esq.  ba/ofa of Car Colston, Rushcliffe, Notts. s/o John Chancourt GIRARDOT (Clerk)
                                                           & Gertrude Mary BOATES sp/ofa otp d/o (Lieut Col') Henry Ellis BOATES dec.
                     C Erbistock: 26 May 1914 bur/o Gertrude Mary, aged 75, otp (Rose Hill)


Girvan, South Ayrshire
     GITTINS possibly see also
     GIVEINGS 306 Holywell:
                      500B Holywell
     GIVINGS 306 Holywell:
                   492 Holywell
                   500A Holywell
     GIVYNS 492 Holywell

Gisburn, West Riding of Yorkshire
     GISBOURN 360 Llangollen: Charles Thomas, Henry Thomas;
     GISBOURNE  *299 Mold: LLewelyn Gisborne ROBERTS
                           324 Llysfaen:


git   is Old English and dialect Norsk for 'boy' or 'mate' - Terry Sundby, 12 Feb 2005 (Clwyd Mailing List)


GATHIN 311 Hawarden:
GATTENS 67 Ruabon:
     GEATHIN *139 Cerrigydrudion:
     GEETINS 378 Holywell: 13 May 1725 bap/o Margt ----- (GEETINS) base ch/o Edward GEETINS & --------
     GETHEN 174 Holt:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Humphrey, Worthenbury   1633
     GETHER *304 Wrexham:
     gethin (Welsh) masc. 'dusky or swarthy'' (Old Welsh 'gethig)
     GETHIN  *55 Nantglyn: 22 Dec 1668 bur/o Gethin Veinor
                   63A Holt:
                   83 Ruthin: 21 Jan 1747/48 bap/o Anne d/o Philip (carpenter) & Elizabeth, of Llanfwrog
                   91 Llangynhafal: Dorothy, Edward;
                   92 Llanychan:
                   96 Gyffylliog;
                 133B Holt:
                *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                 166 Cilcain:
                 173 Holt:
                 174 Holt:
                 214 Llangynhafal:
                 217 Llanelian yn Rhos:
                 246 Llanfwrog:
                 247 Llanfwrog:
                 248 Llanfwrog:
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 267 Ruthin:
                 268 Wrexham:
                *275 Gwaenysgor:
                *325 Llangernyw:
                 340 Mold:
                 347 Hawarden:
                 382 Llanynys: Edward, Helen, Mary, Robert;
                 383 Ruthin: 25 Sep 1611 bur/o Morris;
                                   23 May 1686 bur/o Mary;
                 397A Llansilin: 3 Jul 1680 bap/o Letitia d/o Roger
                 397C Llansilin: Henry, Letitia, Lettice, Roger;
398 Gyffylliog: 29 Aug 1739 bur/o Robt;
                 402B Margarett;
                *407 Wrexham: 28 Sep 1885 bur/o David Gethin JONES, aged 8, 12 Wellington Road
429A Ysceifiog:  Ann, Anne, Edward, Samuel;
429B Ysceifiog; Dorothy, Edward, Robert;
                *443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                 447D LLandyrnog
                 466 Hawarden
                 471 Llanelian yn Rhos
                 482 Hawarden
                 483 Hawarden
                 484 Hawarden
                 506B Abergele
                 507C Betws yn Rhos
                 521 St Asaph
                 545 St Asaph
                *559A Rhosymedre: 15 Jun 1906 bap/o Gladys May MORRIS -/o Gethin (blacksmith) & Margaret, otp (Church St.)
                 Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                         John   1611
                                                                                         Lilly, Worthenbury   1633
                           Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Unicorn George Gethin, High st
     GETHING   21 Holt: Katharine;
  63A+B Holt:
                     174 Holt:
                     278 Chirk:
                     341 Ruabon:
429A Ysceifiog: Ann, Charles, Edd;
                     490 Chirk
                     Misc: North Wales 1835: Beaumaris: Rev. O. Gething Williams, Castle st
                                                          Holyhead:George Inn Susan Gething, Market place
                               Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Tailor & draper: Wm. Gething, Castle st
                                                          Broseley: Pipe maker: John Gething, Benthall
                                                                         Tailor & draper: Jas. Gething, Coalbrook dale
                                                         Wellington: Tailor, draper & hatter: John Gething, Market place


     GETHINGE 21 Holt: Anne;
     GETHINS 500B Holywell
     GETTER 27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Anne, Elizabeth, Thomas;
     GETTHIN 6 Isycoed: Deborah, Elizabeth, Jno, Luke;
     GETHYN 227*A Ruthin:
                   246 Llanfwrog:
                   250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                   268 Wrexham:
                   382 Llanynys: 10 Apr 1733 bur/o Edward (Wd) of Rhydonnen
     GETHYNG 247 Llanfwrog:
     GETHYNS 246 Llanfwrog:
     GIGTTINGS 353 Pentrobin:
     GIRVAN possibly see also
     GITENS 173 Holt:
     GITHIN 173 Holt:
     GITHING 446 Chirk: Benjamin;
     GITNES 167B Gresford:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  418 Wrexham: William;
     GITTEN 32 Hawarden: Martha, Sarah, Thomas;


408 Bangor-on-Dee: Edmund;
     GITTENS   51 Holywell:
                     63A Holt:
                     75 Marchwiel:
                   108 Minera Chapel: Elizabeth, John, William;
                   123 Ruabon:
                   156 Hanmer:
                   167A Gresford;
                   173 Holt:
                   201 Wrexham:
                   206A+B Hanmer:
                   208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                   223 St. Asaph;
                   249 Minera:
                   263A Llansilin:
                   266B Marchwiel:
                   304 Wrexham:
                   348 Wrexham:
                   353 Pentrobin:
                   364 Wrexham: Edward, Edwin, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Thomas;
                   366 Wrexham: George, John, Mary;
                   372 Wrexham: Tho's;
                   374 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellen, George, Mary, William;
                   375 Wrexham: Benjamin, Elizabeth, Fanny Alison, Caroline, George, Margaret;
                  *379 Wrexham: 16 Jan 1898 bap/o John HUGHES (b 22 Nov 1897 s/o John Gittens (sawyer) & Sarah Ann, 7 John St.
                   386 Ruabon: 12 Feb 1844 mar. by Banns of
                                                  Joseph GARDNER (x) (engineman) wdr. of Street Las s/o William (Gentleman's servant)
                                                & Elizabeth GITTENS (x) sp. of Old Furnace d/o Samuel (lab)
                                       26 Aug 1848 mar. by Lic. of
                                                   Thomas CLAY (clockmaker) ba.of Oswestry s/o Thomas Richard (clerk in the docks)
                                                 & Christiana GITTINS sp. otp d/o John GITTENS (farmer)
                   401 Wrexham: Jane;
                   406 Wrexham: Mary Ann;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Ann;
                   410 Wrexham: Alice, Catharine, Elizabeth, Mary;
411 Wrexham: Ann, Edwin, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, William;
                   424 Hanmer: 26 Feb 1626/27 bap/o Randal s/o Roger
                   442A Bangor on Dee
                   454A Llanrhos
                   474A Gresford
                   494 Chirk: 29 Dec 1745 mar by Lic of John MAYBERRY, of Brindswood Forge, Co. of Hereford
                                                                         & Mary GITTENS otp
                   552B Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Eliz, Elizabeth, Evan, George, Jane, John, Jon, Katherine,  Mary, Mathew, Richard, Robert, Samuell, Sarah, William, Willm;
                   561C Marchwiel: 27 May 1859 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 65, Cock Bank
                   565A Esclusham:  8 Mar 1937 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 71, The Vicarage, Rhostyllen
     GITTIN 29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: John (also referred to as John GITTINS)
                36 Ruabon: Mary, Zariah (fem.);
               104 Henllan:
     GITTING 250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
     GITTINGS 26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Elizabeth;
                    29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Benjamin:
                    30 Wrexham: John, Thomas;
                    36 Ruabon: Abraham, Anne, Eleanor, George, John, Mary, Richard;
                   124 Mold:
                   132 Hanmer:
                   138B Wrexham:
                   161 Mold: Ann, James, Thomas;
                   174 Holt:
                   183 Llansannan:
                   191B Ruabon:
                   282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                   353 Pentrobin:
                   392 Gresford: ---, Mary, Sarah, William;
                   414 Mold: 11 Mar 1837 mar. by Banns of Joseph ROWLANDS (x) ba. & Anne PHILIPS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                               Wits: Thomas PHILIPS (x), Anne GITTINGS (x)
                   434A Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth;
435 Gresford: Edward;
                   438A Broughton: Eliza, Fanny;
                   440B Hawarden
                   444 Ruabon
                   483 Hawarden
     GITTINS  16 Hawarden: Abraham, Ann, Anne, Elizabeth, Hannah, Martha, Peter, Samuel, Sarah, Thos, William;
                   18 Hawarden: Abraham, Ann, Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Esther, Frances, George, Hannah, Jane,
                                        Lydia, Martha, Mary, Peter, Richard, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, William;
                   22 Hawarden: Abraham, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Hannah, Peter, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;
                   24 Hawarden: Ann, Catherine, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Esther, Frances, Hannah, John, Mary,
                                        Peter, Rachel, Ralph, Richard, Stephen, William;
                   25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Elizabeth, Jane;
                   27 Llanarmon yn Ial: John;
                   29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: John (also referred to as John (GITTIN)
                   30 Wrexham: Ann(e), Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Martha, Mary, Robert,
                                       Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos., William;
                   31 Hawarden: Anne, Catharine, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, Hannah, Mary Anne,
                                        Peter, Sarah, Thomas;
                   32 Hawarden: Anne, Catherine, Edward, Edwd, Hannah, John, Mary, Peter, Rachael, Ralph, Richard,
                                        Richd, Sarah, Thos, William;
                   36 Ruabon: Elizabeth, John, Martha, Mary, Samuel;
                   37 Worthenbury: John, William (signed Wm);
                   38 Wrexham: Anne, Daniel, Ed, Edward, Edwd, Eliz, Elizth, Ellinor, Jane, John, Mary, Prudence,
                                      Richd, Robert, Robt, Saml, Samuel, Sarah, Thos, William, Willm, Wm;
                   40 Hawarden: Abraham, Edward, Martha, Mary;
                   44 Denbigh: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Robert;
                   45 Denbigh: John, Mary;
                   46 Worthenbury:
                   49 Holywell: Cathrine, George, Margaret, Peter;
52 Holywell: Margaret, Margt, Mary, Peter;
                   53 Wrexham: Ann(e), Catherin(e), Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Eliz., Harriet, Jane, John, Joseph, Joshua,
                                       Maria, Mary, Richard, Robert, Robt, Saml, Sarah, Thomas, Urias, William, Wm;
                   57 Ruabon: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Richard, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas;
                   61 Ruabon: 22 Jan 1838 mar. by Banns of
                                                       Thomas GITTINS (tailor) ba.of Dinhinlle Isaf s/o Richard GITTINS
                                                       & Hannah DAWSON sp. of Belan d/o Joseph DAWSON (keeper)
                   63B Holt:
                   67 Ruabon:
                   68 Ruabon:
                   75 Marchwiel:
                   76A Mold:
                  108 Minera Chapel:: Jane, William;
                  119 Mold:
                  123 Ruabon:
                  124 Mold:
                  138A+B Wrexham:
                  156A+B Hanmer:
                  161 Mold: Anne, Mary, Thomas;
                  165A+B Ruabon:
                  167A+C Gresford:
                  173 Holt:
                  177 Whitford:
                  179 Llangadwaladr:
                  183 Llansannan:
                  191A+B+C+D Ruabon:
                  195 Holywell: Edward, Jane, Margt, Peter;
                  198 Mold:
                  201 Wrexham:
                  203 Denbigh:
                  206B Hanmer:
                  209B Llangedwyn: Margt, Martha, Thomas;
                       C Llangedwyn: Jane, Margaret, Martha, Thomas;
                  223 St. Asaph;
                  233 Llanfwrog:
                  234 Minera:
                  263A+B+C Llansilin:
                  267 Ruthin:
                  268 Wrexham:
                 *278 Chirk:
                  292 Rhosymedre:
                  293 Hawarden:
                  294 Mold: Martha, Sarah, Thomas;
                  295 Mold:
                  298 Hawarden:
                  299 Mold: Charlotte, Edward, Mary;
                  302 Hawarden:
                  303 Hawarden:
                  304 Wrexham:
                  307 Ruabon:
                  310 Gresford: Edwd, Margaret, Roger, Thomas, William, Willm;
                  311 Hawarden:
                  313 Hawarden:
                  314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                  315 Ruabon:
                 *319+319 Hawarden:
                  323 Denbigh:
                  326 Llansannan:
                  340 Mold:
                  341 Ruabon:
                  345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                  347 Hawarden:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Ann, Catherine, Thomas;
                  352 Flint:
                  353 Pentrobin:
                 *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Gittins DAVIES
                  354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Charles, Elizabeth, Ethel Jane, Rosy;
                  355 Ruabon  St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Daniel, Sarah;
                  356 Ruabon: John, Samuel, Susannah;
                  357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: G.;
                  359 Rhosymedre: Mary, Mary J., Samuel, Thomas;
                  362 Penycae: Elizabeth;
                  364 Wrexham: Anne, Emma, Mary Anne, Thomas, William Edward;
                  365 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Jane, John, Richard, Robert;
                                               19 Mar 1820 bap/o Elizabeth PARRY (GITTINS)
                                                                base d/o --- GITTINS (lab) & Elizabeth PARRY (lab)   of Wrexham Abbot
                  366 Wrexham: Adam, Ann(e), Caroline, Edwin, Elizabeth, George, Gwen(n), John, Margaret, Mary,
                                        Robert, Thomas, William;
                                 25 Jun 1828 bap/o Ann GITTINS (FOULKS) base d/o John FOULKES (solicitor?) of Charles Str
                                                                     & Elizabeth GITTINS (servant) of Church yarde
                  370 Wrexham: Elizabeth, George, Jane, John, John George, Margaret, Robert;
                  372 Wrexham: Anne, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jane, Jn'o, Maria, Mary, Sarah, Tho's, Thomas;
                  373 Wrexham: Ann(e), Edward, Jane, John, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                  374 Wrexham: Ann(e), Edward, Edwin, George, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, William;
                 *379 Wrexham: 28 Jan 1900 bap/o Thomas HUGHES (b 23 Nov)
                                              s/o John Gittins (Gittens in transcription index) (sawyer) & Sarah Ann, 7 John St.
                  379 Wrexham: 27 Jul 1901 bap/o William (b 2 Jul - margin note: P) s/o William (collier) & Alice, 42 Manley Rd
                 *380 Wrexham: 13 Jun 1902 bap/o Amelia Mammie HUGHES (b 24 Feb)
                                                                                         d/o John Gittins (lawyer) & Sarah Ann, 7 John Street  
                  380 Wrexham: 17 Apr 1904 bap/o Susannah Fowler (b 6 Feb)
                                                                    d/o John Colemere (ironmonger) & Sophia Henriette, Plas Newton          
                  383 Ruthin: 10 Jun 1621 mar/o Edward GITTINS & Gainor LLOYD  
                  384 Wrexham: Ann, Caroline, Edward Herbert, Ellen, John, Margaret, Thomas, William;
                  386 Ruabon:
26 Aug 1848 mar. by Lic. of
                                                   Thomas CLAY (clockmaker) ba.of Oswestry s/o Thomas Richard (clerk in the docks)
                                                 & Christiana GITTINS sp. otp d/o John GITTENS (farmer)
                                     10 Feb 1849 mar. by Banns of Adam GITTINS (x) (collier) ba. of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o Edwin (moulder)
                                                                              & Sarah EVANS (x) sp. of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o John (collier)
                                     30 Jul 1853 mar. by Banns of Moses WILLIAMS (x) (lab) ba/20 of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o John (lab)
                                                                             & Jane GITTINS (servant) sp/17 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o Thomas (blacksmith)
                  387 Hawarden: 10 Nov 1688 bur/o ----- ch/o Jo. of Ewloe
                  392 Gresford: 26 Aug 1739 bap/o John s/o William, Gresford
                  393 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Margaret, Thomas;
                  399 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, George, Gwen, Jane, John, Mary, Thomas;
                  400 Wrexham: Ann, Edward, Elizabeth, Isaac, Jane, John, William;
                  401 Wrexham: Richard, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                  404 Wrexham: William;
                  405 Wrexham: Geoffrey Coleman, John Coleman, Mary Hannah, Robert William, Sophia Harrietta;
                  406 Wrexham: George, John;
                  407 Wrexham: John;
                  410 Wrexham: Ann, Jane;
411 Wrexham: Jane, John;
                  412 Wrexham: Harriet, James, Thomas;
                  414 Mold: 26 Dec 1834 mar. by Banns of Peter GITTINS (x) ba. of Hawarden & Mary LEWIS (x) sp. otp
                                                                              Wits: William HEWITT (x), Mary HEWITT
                                 26 Dec 1836 mar. by Banns of Edward GITTINS ba. & Mary Anne PIERCE sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: Richard GITTINS (x), Maria PIERCE
                  416 Ruabon: 12 Dec 1882 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Thomas LEWIS (x) (collier) ba/22 of Rhos s/o John LEWIS (collier)
                                                         & Mary GITTINS (x) sp/21 of Rhos d/o John GITTINS (collier)
                                      26 Jul 1896 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Alfred John JONES (collier, time keeper) wdr/33 otp
                                                                                                   s/o Samuel Wynn JONES (colliery mana