* = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES

dec. = deceased
otp = of this parish
p = written in the patronymic style
wcof = with consent of friends
wcop = with consent of parent
Wits. = Witnesses (ie to a marriage)
(x) made his/her mark

A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
Bishop's Transcript
DB =Domesday Book
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr = Old French
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh

Take note of the number(s) with the name in which you are interested and then, if necessary, refer to the KEY page (link above) to identify the transcription(s).

y cridd = cobbler (560p)
y go = smith (560p)

YALE    1 Llandegla: Rector 1760-1789 John YALE B.A.
           13 Llandegla: Rev. John;
58 Erbistock: David, Margarett, Thos;
          *65A Llangar: 1 Mar 1813 bap/o Frances Yale LLOYD d/o Richard Hughes, Esq. & Caroline (THOMPSON), Gwerclas
           77 Bryneglwys: David, Dorothy, Edward, Elisha, Elizabeth, Hugh, Humphrey, John, Margaret, Susan, Thomas;
        129B Treuddyn: Dorothy;
        173 Holt: Georg;
202 Bryneglwys: Vicar 1760 - 1789 John YALE B.A.
                                    ---, Benjamin, David, Dorothy, Edward, Hugh, John, Susan, Thomas;
        250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
        275 Gwaenysgor: Rector 1742-1762 John YALE B.A.
YALE contd
       304A Wrexham: Edward, John, Sarah;
             B Wrexham: John;
      *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 25 May 1879 bap/o Elihu Yale JONES s/o Edward (joiner) & Hannah, Rhos
      333 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Florence May, Harold Victor;
       348 Wrexham: 12 Mar 1781 mar. by Banns of Thomas Parry JONES, Esq., & Margaret PARRY (Miss) sp., both otp
                                                                          Wits: R.C.P. JONES, S. YALE, L.P.JONES, John YALE (Sen'r),
                                                                                   John JONES, John YALE (Jn'r)
       350 Wrexham St. Giles Churchyard MIs: 22 Jul 1721 Elihu YALE
                                                                                    born in America, in Europe bred, in Africa travelled, in London dead.(see 552D below)
       383 Ruthin: 15 Oct 1699 bur/o Dorothy, widow
       417 Wrexham: Sarah;
       422p Hanmer: 11 Aug 1565 bap/o Davyth s/o Edward ap Shone Yale & Elenor
       423 Hanmer: 18 Oct 1564 bur/o Rose w/o John, of Halghton
       425B Hanmer: 23 Apr 1607 bur/o Howell (a yong man)
       445 Wrexham: ---?;
       489 Marchwiel
       494 Chirk:   6 Jan 1712/13 bur/o ...ula
                       10 May 1716 bur/o Elizabeth, otp
                       29 Apr 1720 bur/o Susan
                       27 Jul 1747 mar by Lic of (Mr) John BASNET (grocer) & (Miss) Dorothy YALE, both of Oswestry
YALE contd
       538A Llangar
            B Llangar
            C Llangar
       552B Wrexham: David, Dorothy;
            D Wrexham: 23 Sep 1707 bur/o Mary VINKELY TAWNYMORE, Esclusham Below (servant to Elihu YALE, Merchant of Place Cronow)
                               22 Jul 1721 bur/o Eliugh, Esq. (see 350 above)
      *559B Rhosymedre: 15 Jul 1901 mar by Banns of Joseph Albert Edward HOLDEN (model maker) ba/29 otp (Rock Rd) s/o Joseph HOLDEN dec.
                                                                              & Sarah Ann JONES sp/25 of Brynfield, Ruabon d/o Edward Yale JONES dec.
Misc: North Wales 1835 Llangollen: Major --- Yale, Plas-yn-yale
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): David D.C.L., Chancellor, Diocese of Chester   1626
                   Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Milliner/dress maker: Elizabeth Yale, High st

YAPP Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Maltster: Thomas Yapp, Corve st
                                                          Eagle & Child Thos. Yapp, Corve st
Yardley, Birmingham, West Midlands; Yearsley, North Yorkshire;
     Eardisley, Herefordshire
EARDLEY (Common in Staffordshire - Addison)
                      37 Worthenbury:  17 Nov 1791 Wm. EARDLEY & Mary MORRIS
                                               wits. at marriage of Joseph ROBINSON & Margaret MORRIES
279 Llandudno: 30 Nov 1822 Marriage of John HUGHES bach. of Eglwys Rhos    by Lic
                                                                                 Rachel EARDLEY sp. otp
                                                                                 Wits: Richard HUGHES, Jane EVANS, Rich'd HUGHES

                      366 Wrexham: 10 Apr 1827 bap/o William s/o Joseph (officer of excise) & Elizabeth  of Mount Street
                                              1 Apr 1829 bap/o George Thos s/o Joseph (office of excise) & Elizabeth    of Wrexham
                      553 Gresford: Jane;
Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Straw hat maker: Sarah Eardley, Dean st
     EARSLEY 343 Hawarden: Hawarden 30 Aug 1668 bap/o of Ralph s/o Thomas
                                                             7 Mar 1669 bap/o William s/o Edward of Broughton
                     387 Hawarden: 24 Mar 1666/67 bur/o Thomas s/o Thomas;
     ERDLEY 410 Wrexham: 8 Mar 1826 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 8 months, Mount Street
     JEARSLEY 512 Nannerch:
     YARDELEY 422 Hanmer: 21 Jun 1594 bap/o John s/o Edward, Fenys
                       423 Hanmer: 27 Feb 1592/93 bur/o John s/o Edds
YARDLEY  21 Holt: 12 Jan 1675 bur/o John, Gent;
                                   14 Mar 1677 bur/o Thomas;
                      61 Ruabon: 17 Oct 1840 Marriage of James RICHARDS (pudler) bach of Cefn Mawr      by Banns
                                                                                                  s/o Richard RICHARDS (lab)
                                                                           Sarah YARDLEY sp. of Cefn Mawr
                                                                                   d/o John YARDLEY (pudler)
                    *123 Ruabon: 28 Apr 1834 Baptism of Thomas Yardley TOMKINS
                                                                                               s/o Ebenezer (collier) & Mary Ann,   of Cefn Mawr
                     123 Ruabon: 18 Jun 1832 Baptism of John YARDLEY (TOMKINS)
                                                                                  ill. s/o Ebenezer TOMKINS (collier) & Mary YARDLEY of Acrefair
                                         30 Jun 1844 Baptism of Edward s/o Thomas (grocer) & Ann
                     163 Ruabon: 15 Jun 1833 Marriage of Ebenezer TOMKINS (x) otp          by Banns
                                                                            Mary Ann YARDLEY (X) otp
                                                                            Wits: William RICHARDS (x), Elizabeth HUMPHREYS (x)
                     315 Ruabon: 6 Nov 1881 Baptism of Thomas Edward s/o Edward (druggist) & Esther
                                       13 May 1883 Baptism of Mary Hannah d/o Edward (druggist) & Esther
                                       16 Sep 1885 Baptism of William Herbert d/o Edward (chemist) & Esther of High Street
                                       17 Jun 1888 Baptism of Winifred Anne d/o Edward (druggist) & Esther of High Street
                                       20 Apr 1892 Baptism of Esther Beatrice d/o Edward (chemist) & Esther of High Street
                                       22 Dec 1895 Baptism of Joseph Hubert s/o Edward (chemist) & Esther of Tai Clawdd

                     338 Llangollen: 15 Apr 1837 Marriage of Thomas YARDLEY ba. otp        by Banns
                                                                                Ann SWAN (X) sp. otp
                                                                                Wits: William MORGAN, Sarah YARDLEY
                     356 Ruabon: 29 Dec 1904 bur/o Edward aged 60 of 2 Tai Clawdd
                    *374 Wrexham:
                               23 Aug 1839 bap/o Amelia Frances KYRKE d/o Richard Yardley (Gentleman) & Jane Maria, Summer Hill
                     386 Ruabon: 23 Jan 1854 mar. by Banns of Frederick MEREDITH (roller) ba. aged 26 of AF
                                                                                 & Elizabeth YARDLEY (lab) sp. aged 30 of AF
                                                                                  Wits: John MEREDITH (schoolmaster) & John YARDLEY (roller)     
YARDLEY contd 
                     416 Ruabon: 16 Apr 1879 mar. by Lic.
                                                       Edward YARDLEY (chemist) ba/34 otp s/o Thomas YARDLEY (Gentleman)
                                                       & Esther HALL sp/23 of Bangor d/o Joshua HALL (schoolmaster)
                     433 Llangollen: 8 Jul 1839 mar/o John PRICE (boatman) (x) ba/full of Trefor Isaf s/o John  FOX (lab)
                                                                     & Margaret FISHER (x) wid/full of Trefor Isaf d/o Hugh YARDLEY (lab)
                     487 Gwersyllt
                     554 Brymbo: Daniel, Frederick, John, Joseph, Mary;
Misc: Shropshire 1828/29 Wellington: Dun Cow Thos. Yardley, Dun Cow lane
                                                                            National School, Church yard: Thomas Yardley, Master
                              Welsh Wills Proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): John YARDLEY, Holt, 1663
     Yarley, Somerset
     YARLEY 437 Ruabon: 3 Nov 1688 bur/o John;
                   552B Wrexham:  1 Jun 1725 bap/o Rich'd YARLEY (LEECH) (b 31) d/o (Mr) John LEECH & Cath YARLEY of Malpas
                   Misc: Tattenhall, Cheshire:  Baps. 1793 Mary; 1795 John William; 1814 Ann;
     YARSLEY 156 Hanmer: 17 Oct 1713 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Richard of Bronington
                                           1 Jul 1716 bap/o John s/o Richard of Bronington
                     157 Hanmer: 23 Feb 1662 bap/o John s/o Richard of Tybroughton
                                          8 Feb 1687 mar/o Robert MOORTON of Acton Psh & Elizabeth YARSLEY otp
                     206B Hanmer: 11 Nov 1710 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Richard of Bronington
                                           1 Dec 1710 bur/o Richard of Bronington
                                           3 Dec 1717 bur/o John s/o Richard of Bronington
                     Misc: Staffordshire 1835 Wolverhampton: Rough Hill Colliery: Jno Turton FEREDAY, agent - Thos. YARSLEY
     YARSLY 157 Hanmer:  27 Jun 1686 mar/o John YARSLY otp & Mary DOD of Wrenbury
     YEARDSLEY Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Manchester: Pawnbroker: Wm. Yeardsley JONES, 4 Granby Row
                                   Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Hop & seed merchants: Yeardsley & Mottram, Mardol
     YEARDY 302 Hawarden: 15 Sep 1720 bur/o Tho, Windmill
     YEARESLEY 342 Hawarden: 22 Nov 1664 bur/o Thomas s/o Thomas, Mancot;
     Yearsley, North Yorkshire
     YEARSLEY OE 'boar's wood'
                         22 Hawarden: 9 Aug 1821 bur/o William aged 93, fmr of Moore
206B  Hanmer: 30 Jun  1736 bur/o Mary, wid.
                                               29 Dec 1739 bur/o Richard
                        207 Hanmer: 15 Jul 1759 bur/o Mary (Wdw)
                        302 Hawarden:  7 Jun 1723 mar/o Edward YEARSLEY & Elizabeth JOHNSON
                                              28 Jan 1724/25 bap/o John s/o Edwd, Moore
                                              31 Jan 1724/25 bur/o John s/o Edwd, Moore
                        303 Hawarden: 11 Mar 1729/30 bap/o Willm s/o Edwd, Moore
                                                 6 Oct 1729 bur/o ---- d/o Edwd, Moore
                                                24 Dec 1729 bur/o Anne (Wd), Moore
                                                23 Feb 1732/33 bap/o Anne d/o Edwd, Moor
                                               27 Feb 1735/36 bap/o Edward s/o Edward, Moor
                        305 Hawarden:  24 Nov 1699/1700 bap/o --- c/o Thomas, Broughton
                                               23 Aug 1702 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Richd
                                                2 Apr 1704 bap/o Wm s/o Richard
                                               28 May 1704 bap/o Abigail d/o Thomas, Broughton
                                                1 Nov 1706 bap/o Thomas s/o Tho., Broughton
                                              12 Nov 1707 bap/o Anne d/o Thomas, Broughton
                       311 Hawarden:  5 Sep 1755 bap/o Sarah YESLEY (YEARSLEY) d/o William & Mary(?), Moor
                                               7 Jan 1756 bur/o Sarah YESLEY (YEARSLEY) d/o William & Sarah, Moor
                                              17 Jun 1757 bap/o Sarah d/o Wm & Sarah, Moor
                                              28 Nov 1758 bur/o Wm, of Ewloe
                                               7 Oct 1759 bap/o Han'h d/o Wm & Sar., Moor
                                              20 Apr 1763 bap/o Frances d/o Wm & Sar., Moor
                                              10 Mar 1765 bur/o Han'h & Frances ds/o Wm & Sar., Moor
25 Jul 1770 bur/o Anne d/o Wm & Sarah, Moor
                        313 Hawarden: 12 Dec 1685 bap/o Rich. DENMAN (YEARSLEY)
                                                                          base s/o John YEARSLEY & Hannah DENMAN, Broughton
                                                7 Dec 1686 bap/o Jonathan s/o John, Broad Lane
                                              13 Aug 1691 bap/o Sarah d/o Edwd, Moore
                                              30 Sep 1691 bap/o Ellen d/o Thomas, Broughton
                       342 Hawarden:  17 Jun 1660 bap/o Edward s/o Edwd, Mancot;
                                                 4 Feb 1665 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edd, Broughton
                       343 Hawarden:  16 Jul 1666   Baptism of Elizabeth d/o Thomas
                                               21 Aug 1670 Baptism of Thomas s/o Thomas
                       347 Hawarden:     6 Mar 1746 Burial of Edward, of Moore
                                                 3 Jan 1749 Burial of Anne (wd) of Moore

                                                28 Jan 1752 Marriage of William YEARSLEY   of Moore
                                                                                    Sarah BUTTERS   of Ewloe
                                               12 Apr 1753 Baptism of Anne d/o William, of Moore
                        386 Ruabon: 6 Aug 1846 Peter G(Y)EARSLEY (lab) & Edward SAWMAN (lab) wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                      William SAWMAN (x) (lab) ba. & Alice PRITCHARD (x) wid., both of Rhosllannerchrugog
                        387 Hawarden: 17 Feb 168586 bur/o Richard, Broughton

                                                1 Jan 1685/86 mar. by Banns/o Thomas YEARSLEY & Hanna BRINE (Broad Lane)

                                               6  Jan 1686/87 bur/o Jonathan (inf.) s/o Tho, Broad Lane

                                                6 Feb 1686/87 mar/o Thomas MAYERS of Ewloe & Elizabeth YEARSLEY of Mancot

                                              27 Aug 1688 bur/o John s/o Edd, Moore

                                               16 Jun 1691 mar. by Banns/o Thomas YEARSLEY of Mancot & Jane STREET of Hawarden

                                                8 Nov 1691 bur/o ----- ch/o Edwd, Moore
                          388 Hawarden: 25 Apr 1663 bur/o Mary w/o Thomas, Mancot
                                                  5 Oct 1663 mar/o Thomas YEARSLEY & Elizabeth ISAAC (clandestina), Nr. Wrexham
                          482 Hawarden
                          483 Hawarden
                          484 Hawarden
                          489 Marchwiel
                          552D Wrexham: 29 Aug 1712 bur/o Anne, wid., The Green
                          Misc: From findmypast.com: 15 Feb 1790 mar. by Banns at St. Mary, Prestwich of
                                                                               James Yearsley (sig.) & Betty Gaskill (x) both of Hollinwood
                                                                               Wits: Joseph Yearsley, Thos. Lees
                                                       also: 1797 Will of James Yearsley of Congleton, Cheshire
Gloucestershire 1830 Cheltenham: Yearsley's Hotel   Moses Yearsley, 156 High st.
                                                                Newent: Boot and shoe maker: Geo. Yearsley
                                Lancashire 1828/29 Bolton: Dyer & Sizer: Elizth Yearsley, Little Bolton
                                                             Liverpool: Nile Tavern Wm. Yearsley, 15 Highfield st.
                                                                           Windsor Hotel (& bowling green): Richard Yearsley CLARKE, Windsor
                                                             Manchester: Perfumer & hairdresser: William Yearsley, 60 Deansgate
                                North Wales 1835 Welchpool: Grocer &/or tea dealer: Thomas Yearsley, Broad st
                                                                             Hat manufacturer &/or furrier: Clarke & Yearsley, High st
                                                                             Milliners/dress makers: Yearsley & Phelps, Broad st

     YEARSLY 303 Hawarden: 15 Aug 1730 mar/o Edward JONES of Llanerch & Mary YEARSLY of Moor
                                              2 Apr 1738 bur/o --- s/o Edward, Moor
                     313 Hawarden: 3 Nov 1684 bap/o Edw s/o Edw, Broughton
                     387 Hawarden:
23 Feb 1685/86 bur/o John, Broughton (YEARSLEY in transcription index)
     YERDLEY 389 Hawarden: 22 Mar 1604/05 bur/o Thomas;
     YERLEY 552B Wrexham: Mary, Thos;
     YERSLEY 151 Hanmer: 18 Aug 1752 mar. by Lic. of William YERSLEY of London & Mary LARGE otp
                     302 Hawarden:
15 Jun 1718 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edward, Moor
                                            13 Oct 1720 bur/o Martha w/o Edward, Moor
                                            30 Mar 1722 bur/o --- d/o Thomas, Broughton
                                            11 Jun 1722 bur/o Abigail, of Moor
                     305 Hawarden: 26 Sep 1701 bap/o Eliz. d/o Thomas, Broughton
                                            -- May 1714 bap/o Hanna d/o Edward, Moore
                                             4 Nov 1715 bap/o Mary d/o Edward, Moor
                     313 Hawarden: 13 Nov 1683 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas, Broughton
                                           13 Jan 1687/88 bap/o Margt d/o Tho, Broad Lane
                                             1 Nov 1688 bap/o Martha d/o Edwd, Moore
                                           17 Jan 1689/90 bap/o John s/o Edward, Moor
                                           25 May 1690 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas, Broad Lane
                                           -- Jul 1694 bap/o Willm s/o Edwd, Moore
                                          16 Nov 1694 bap/o Susan d/o Thomas, Broad Lane
                    387 Hawarden:  5 Jul 1672 bur/o Thomas s/o Thomas;
                                          21 Jul 1672 bur/o Mary d/o Edward, Broughton
                                          20 Aug 1672 bur/o Ralph s/o Thomas
                                          19 Nov 1672 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Thomas;

                                          20 Dec 1672 mar/o Thomas YERSLEY* & Katharine LACH
                                                                                                     (*YEARSLEY in transcription index)

                                          11 Sep 1679 bur/o Mary d/o Edward, Broughton
                                            5 Feb 1679/80 bur/o Edward, Broughton
                                          20 Dec 1684 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Thomas, Broughton
                                          25 Aug 1686 bur/o Mary, Broad Lane
                                           26 Jan 1688/89 bur/o Cath, Mancot
                                            29 Jul 1690 bur/o ---- ch/o Tho, Broughton
                                             2 Jan 1691/92 bur/o --- w/o Edw., Moore
                                           16 Mar 1697/98 bur/o Susan, Broughton
                    551A Hawarden:
                         B Hawarden:
     YERSLY 305 Hawarden: 12 Dec 1697 bap/o Thomas s/o Edwd, Moore
     YESLEY 311 Hawarden:  5 Sep 1755 bap/o Sarah YESLEY (YEARSLEY) d/o William & Mary, Moor
                                           7 Jan 1756 bur/o Sarah YESLEY (YEARSLEY) d/o William & Sarah, Moor


YARNELL 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Gwladys, John Edward;

River Yarrow, Lancashire
Yarrow, Borders; Northumberland; Somerset;
YARROW  45 Denbigh: Edward;


      IORWERTH *227 Ruthin: 22 Jan 1830 mar. by Banns
                                                              John DAVIES ba. & Anne EDWARDS sp., both otp
                                                              Wits: Elias DAVIES, Iorwerth? JONES
     YARWORTH 24 Hawarden: Catherine;
     YARWOOD  42 Holywell: Elizth;
                       195 Holywell: Anne, Elizth, James;
     YEARWOOD 552B Wrexham: Anne, Edward;
     YORKWOOD 74 Flint: Eleanor, Ellinor;

Yate, Avon
     YAT 346 Hawarden: Anne, Hugh, Margret, Willm;
     YATE 250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
              346 Hawarden: Ales, Hugh;
              388 Hawarden: 31 May 1629 bur/o Anne;
Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858: William, Yeo, Aston   1719
                       Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Boot/shoe maker: John Yate, Stone-way head
                                                                   Grocer/tea dealer & druggist: Benjamin Yate, Waterloo terrace

     YATES  6 Isycoed: Joseph, Samuel;
                10 Overton: Elizabeth;
                32 Hawarden: William;
                38 Wrexham: Eliz(th), Joseph, Mary, Sarah;
                51 Holywell: 27 Aug 1829 bur/o Rees, aged 50, Brynford
                53 Wrexham: Benjamin, Cath, Catharine, Eizabeth, James, John, Mary;
                62 Flint:  7 Dec 1765 mar. by Banns of George YATES (x) & Mary GREGORY (x), both otp
                                                                          Wits: John SMITH, John CLITHERO
               79 Gresford: 14 Feb 1773 bap/o Thomas JONES (YATES) base s/o Hugh YATES & Eleanor JONES
                                    5 Aug 1793 bur/o Thomas (alias STITCH), pauper
              138 Wrexham: 26 Oct 1800 bur/o Tho., Wrexham Regis
              151 Hanmer: 25 Jul 1763 mar. by Banns of William HALL (x) & Elizabeth YATES (x), both otp
                                                                             Wits: John PENLINGTON, Hannah BOTTS
              152 Hanmer: 9 Dec 1777 bap/o thomas s/o Thos. & Elizabeth, Bettisfield
              156 Hanmer: 13 Jan 1734/35 mar by Banns of John BUTLER of Ty Broughton & Elizabeth YATES of Bronington
              167 Gresford: 16 Jul 1799 mar. by Lic. of John PARRY singleman otp & Elizabeth YATES spinster of Wrexham
                                                                         Wits: Joseph RIDGWAY, Elizabeth RIDWAY            
              171 Bangor-on-Dee: Elisabeth, Elish, Hugh, Joseph, Josh;
YATE / YATES contd
              206A Hanmer: Elizabeth, William;
              266 Marchwiel:  22 Dec 1823 mar. by Banns of John HORTON ba of Wrexham & Elizabeth PARRY (x) sp otp
                                                                                   Wits: Thomas YATES, Margaret LLOYD (x)
              268 Wrexham: Mary;
              306 Holywell:
              310 Gresford:
              314 Rhosllanerchrugog: David, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Anne, Hannah;
              315 Ruabon:
              329 Meliden:
              330 Whitford:
              346 Hawarden:
              348 Wrexham: 31 Jan 1773 mar. by Lic. (sic). of Thomas YATES (sig. YEATS) (furneshman) of Gressford Psh
                                                                                & Mary EVANS sp. of Wrexham
                                                                                   Wits: Peter TRAIL, William MAITCHEL
                                    24 Apr 1793 mar. by Banns of John WILLIAMS (x) & Mary LLOYD?, both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Joseph YATES, Dav'd ROBERTS (x)
              351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Abigail, Isabel, Mary;
              354 Rhosllanerchrugog: David;
YATE / YATES contd
              366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah, Thomas;
              370 Wrexham: Ann, John, Thomas;
              373 Wrexham: Eliz'th, Joseph;
              380 Wrexham: 13 Apr 1902 bap/o John Thompson (b 30 Nov 1901)
                                                              s/o John Thompson (cabinet maker) & Mary Ann, Crescent Cottage, Beastmarket
                                    15 Nov 1903 bap/o Leonard (b 13 Sep)
                                                          s/o John Thompson (cabinet maker) & Mary Ann, Crescent Cottage, Beast Market
                                     21 Sep 1905 bap/o Knyvett (b 27 Aug)
                                                                             s/o John Thompson (cabinet maker) & Mary Ann, 16 Bernard Road
              387 Hawarden: 13 Jan 1672/73 bur/o Anne w/o Tho. of Mancot
                                     19 May 1673 mar/o Thomas YATES of Mancot & Ellin JOANES of Bretton
              388 Hawarden: 7 Jul 1659 bur/o ---- w/o ---- of Moore
              389 Hawarden: 19 Apr 1625 mar/o John PERRY & Margerie YATES
YATE / YATES contd

             400 Wrexham: 30 Jun 1828 Sarah YATES & James PUGH wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                      John GRIFFITHS (x) (ostler) & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp., both otp
             405 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Hilda Winifred, Joseph William;
             406 Wrexham: Abigail;
             411 Wrexham: 3 Jun 1833 bur/o William, aged 7, Mount Street
             412 Wrexham: 22 Sep 1856 bur/o John, infant, Rhosddu
             416 Ruabon: 15 Feb 1877 mar. by Lic.
                                                   Thompson YATES (valet) ba/32 of Wynnstay s/o John YATES (farmer)
                                                   & Marian PAYNE sp/23 of Wynnstay Kennels d/o Charles PAYNE (huntsman)
                                 10 Jan 1893 mar. by Banns
                                     Hugh Batt YATES (police constable) ba/26 of Birkenhead CHE s/o Benjamin YATES (game keeper)
                                     & Mary Eliza ALLEN sp/23 of Johnstown d/o John ALLEN (hotel keeper)
              417 Wrexham: Thomas;
              426 Hanmer: Mary;
YATE / YATES contd
             440B Hawarden
             442B Bangor on Dee
             443 Rhosllanerchrugog
             445 Wrexham: Robt, Thos;
             452A Whitford
             474B Gresford
YATE / YATES contd
             500B Holywell
             529 Rhuddlan
             544 Meliden
             553 Gresford: Ellen, Jane, Joseph, Mary, Rachel;
             555 Brymbo: 31 Oct 1883 bap/o Harriet BeatrIce -/o Edward (grocer) & Caudelia
                                  9 Jun 1886 bap/o Elizabeth May -/o Edward (grocer) & Cordelia, Fron
             565A Esclusham: 21 Aug 1882 bur/o Samuel, aged 6 yrs, Llwyn Enion, Esclusham Above
                  B Esclusham: 26 Apr 1886 mar by Banns of Albert EVANS (grocer)  ba/25 of Adwyr clawdd s/o George EVANS (miner)
                                                                                  & Sarah YATES  sp/23 otp (Llwyneinion) d/o Benjamin YATES (gamekeeper)
             Misc: North Wales 1835 Welchpool: Attorney: Thomas Yates, New st
                                                    Wrexham: Nail maker: John Yates, Mount st
                         1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: Abigail   40   Ind.   not born in County
                         Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Tailor: Henry Yates, High st
                                                    Broseley: Boot/shoe maker: Richard Yates, Madeley wood
                                                                   Maltsters: Francis & John Yates, Iron bridge
                                                                   Painter/plumber/glazier: Adam Yates, Madeley green
                                                                   Salt dealer: Francis Yates, Iron bridge
                                                    Oswestry: Richard Yates, esq.,  Mount Sion
                                                                    Ladies' Day & Boarding School: Mary Yates, Church street
                                                                    Nail maker: John Yates, Willow st
                                                    Wellington: Hatter: Richard Yates, New st
                                                    Wenlock: Horse Shoe  George Yates, Shinton st
YATE contd
    YATTE 383 Ruthin: 16 Dec 1690 bur/o George, Hospital
    YEAT 346 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Hugh;   
    YEATCH 467 Holywell
                  485 Holywell
    YEATES  53 Wrexham: 26 Feb 1804 bur/o Rebbecka d/o John, Brymbo
                                       26 Jul 1805 bur/o Mary d/o John, Brymbo
                  162 Overton:
                  267 Ruthin:
                  306 Holywell:
                  346 Hawarden:
                  408 Bangor-on-Dee: Joseph;
                  410 Wrexham: Joseph;
                  500B Holywell
     YEATS  30 Wrexham: Catharine, William;
                  53 Wrexham: Benjamin, catharine, Eleanor, John, Mary, Samuel;
                 171 Bangor-on-Dee: Elisabeth, Joseph;
                 316 Flint:
                 329 Meliden:
                 330 Whitford:
                 348 Wrexham: see YATES 348 above
                 349 Ysceifiog:
                 373 Wrexham: Isabella;
                 383 Ruthin: 22 Oct 1623 bur/o Alice w/o Thomas;


YCH THOMAS 434B Bangor-on-Dee:   Mary;


Yeadon, West Yorkshire
YEADON 227 Ruthin: 6 Aug 1815 bap/o George HaytonYEADON s/o Edward (excise officer) & Lucy, Clwyd Street

     YEASOR 552C Wrexham: 1 Jan 1726/27 mar/o Edward YEASOR (hatter) & Sarah ROBERTS


Yelden, Bedfordshire
     YELDOM 287 Llanycil:


Yelverton, Norfolk
YELVERTON Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: William Yelverton Davenport, esq., Davenport house


River Lox Yeo, Somerset


Yeoford, Devon

     EDMUND possibly see also  
     YEAMAN *317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:
                    *407 Wrexham: 3 Dec 1891 bur/o Yeaman (sic) STRACHAN, aged 61, Grosvenor Road
     YEAMON *168 Hope:
     YEDMAN 552C Wrexham: 2 Apr 1716 mar/o Sam YEDMAN (corvizer) & Mary MANNINGE, Wrexham Regis
     YEDMOND 552C Wrexham: 13 Dec 1703 mar/o John HUGHES (smyth) & Elizabeth YEDMOND, Wrexham Regis
                            D Wrexham: 13 Sep 1709 bur/o Mary, sp., Chester St.
                                               25 Mar 1711 bur/o Joseph (smyth), Wrexham Regis
     YEMOND 422 Hanmer: 28 Jan 1581/82 bap/o Catryne d/o John
     YEOMAN 152 Hanmer: 3 Aug 1766 bap/o Mary d/o William & Anne
                     304C Wrexham: John;
     YEOMANS 492 Holywell
                       500B Holywell


      YOEMANSON 389 Hawarden: 10 Nov 1598 bur/o John
                                                   16 Jun 1600 mar/o William YOEMANSON & Elizabeth BRINE
                                                     2 Feb 1606/07 mar/o Harry SHONE & Margret YEOMANSON



Yeovil, Somerset
     EVERLEY, EVERLEIGH possibly see also  
     YEVILY Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Tea dealers: Wm. Yevily & Co., High st
     YOULE possibly see also



YOLANDA  fem. a variant form of Viola - Claremont


York, North Yorkshire
     YARKER *341 Ruabon: Yarker RUSHTON
                   *370 Wrexham: John Tarker RUSHTON, Tarker RUSHTON, Yarker RUSHTON;
  75 Marchwiel:
                183 Llansannan:
                268 Wrexham: Priscill;
                375 Wrexham: 22 May 1872 bap/o Alfred Tinworth s/o ------ & Emily, Crescent Terrace
                445 Wrexham: Simon;
                540 Overton
Misc: North Wales 1835 Denbigh: Surgeon: William York Jones, Vale st
                         Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Baker/confectioner: William York, New st

     YORKE  75 Marchwiel:
                  79 Gresford: Charles Wynne, Diana, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Philip, Philip Wynne;
                 163 Ruabon:
                 167D Gresford: Philip;
                 183 Llansannan:
                 266 Marchwiel: 20 Dec 1834 bur/o Simon, aged 63, Erthig
                 268 Wrexham: Prisilla;
                 310 Gresford:
                 370 Wrexham: Agneta Susan, Simon, Victor Joseph, Victoria Mary, Victoria Mary Louisa;
                 374 Wrexham: Etheldred Mary Anne, Philip, Simon, Victoria Mary, Victoria Mary Louise;
YORK / YORKE contd
                 471 Llanelian yn Rhos
                 474A Gresford
Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                 482 Hawarden:
                 550 Gresford: Anne, Etheldred, John, Margaret, Simon;
                 561B Marchwiel: 18 Aug 1896 mar by Banns of
                                                          Henry WILLIAMS (clerk in Holy Orders)
ba of Kerry, Mont. s/o Evan WILLIAMS (clerk in Holy Orders)
& Agneta Susan YORKE sp of Erddig d/o Simon YORKE (Gentleman)
                      C Marchwiel: 18 Nov 1848 bur/o Margaret, aged 70, Henton-Admiral, Co. of Southampton
                                          16 Feb 1894 bur/o Simon, aged 82, Erddig Park
                                          28 Jan 1895 bur/o Victoria Mary Louisa, aged 71, Erddig Park
                 565B Esclusham: 16 Jul 1895 mar by Lic of Ebenezer Wood EDWARDS (Clerk in Holy Orders) wdr of Ruabon Vicarage
                                                                                                           s/o William EDWARDS (Clerk in Holy Orders)
                                                                                  & Etheldred Mary Anne YORKE sp of Erddig d/o Simon YORKE (Gent.)
Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Simon Yorke, Esq., Erthig
Gresford MIs: Philip Yorke FISHBOURNE - Eustace   FULL, c.1920? Grave List:  Apex
                                   (begins at the apex of the churchyard nearest the stone school looking towards the Yew Tree)


     EUDE 302 Hawarden:
     EWD 173 Holt:
              343 Hawarden:
              346 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Thomas;
              387 Hawarden: 7 Feb 1686/87 mar. of John WEIGH of Moor and Eliz. EWD of Mancot
                                     1 Jun 1594 bur/o George
              389 Hawarden;
     EWDE  46 Worthenbury:
                302 Hawarden:
                303 Hawarden:
                313 Hawarden:
                342 Hawarden:
                343 Hawarden:
                346 Hawarden: Ales, Dorothy, Edward, George, Jane, John, Margret, Rich, Richard, Thomas, William;
                387 Hawarden:  8 Aug 1681 mar. by Lic. of Thomas FOX of Hawarden & Anne EWDE of Aston
                                      13 Nov 1681 mar. by Lic. of William EWDE of Aston & Priscilla ITHELL of Mancot
                                       7 Feb 1685/86 mar. by Lic. of Thomas EWDE, & Sushan KINGSLEAY of Aston
                                     25 May 1686 mar. by Banns of William MILLING & Elizabeth EWDE, both of Pentrobin
                                     25 Aug 1695 mar. by Lic. of John EWDE & Margery WILCOCKE

                                     Alice, Anne, Edd, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Katherin(e), Margery, Price, Richard, Robert,
                                     Thomas, William;
YOUDE / EWDE contd 
               388 Hawarden: 18 May 1639 bur/o Jane
                                      17 Nov 1641 bur/o Jane (wd)
                                      31 Aug 1642 bur/o Elen
               389 Hawarden:  3 Aug 1586 bur/o Anne
                                     17 Dec 1592 bur/o George
                                     25 May 1594 bur/o Margaret
                                      9 Jun 1599 bur/o Humfrey
                                    12 Aug 1604 bur/o John
                                      3 Mar 1622/23 bur/o Richard
                                    30 Jul 1623 bur/o Margret w/o Rich EWDE
                                    18 Nov 1625 mar/o Roger EWDE & Margret THOMASON
                                      3 Feb 1625/26 mar/o Rich. BENET & Elizabeth EWDE
              392 Gresford: 1726 one of the Church Wardens: Wm EWDE
YOUDE contd
     EWDW 342 Hawarden:
     EWOOD 389 Hawarden: 20 Feb 1604/05 bur/o Elin
     YEALD 459 Mold
     YELD 127B Mold:
     YEND 63A Holt:
     YEOADE 167C Gresford: Samuel;      
     YEOUD 171 Bangor-on-Dee: John, Saml;
     YEOUDE 215 Llanrhydd:
     YEOULD 501 Northop
     YEOWARD *478B Llantysilio
     YEUD 172 Holt:
               173 Holt: Eleanor, Elleanor, John;
               174 Holt: 24 Feb 1744/45 bap/o Joseph & Eliz. twin s&d/o John
               489 Marchwiel
     YEWD 171 Bangor-on-Dee: Esy, George, John, Mary, Peter, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                173 Holt: Anne, Elizebeth, George, John, Richard, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                174 Holt: John, Richard, Thomas, Watkin, William;
                313 Hawarden:
                342 Hawarden:
                387 Hawarden: 7 Jul 1686 bur/o John of Mancot
                388 Hawarden: Alice, Ellin, Jane, Margret, Rodger, Thomas, Willm;
                392 Gresford: 20 Feb 1736/37 mar. by Lic. of John YEWD of Holt & Elizabeth ROGERS otp
                442B Bangor on Dee
                Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Richard, Holt. Glazier. Administration. 1751
                                                                                                                     (An Infra Will or Administration)
YOUDE contd
YONDE 373 Wrexham: Charles; (but might be for YOUNG)
     YOUD  6 Isycoed: Ann, Anne, Benagmen, George, Jain, Jno, Martha, Mary, Phebe, Richard, Robard, Robart,
                                Robert, Thomas;
               16 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas;
               53 Wrexham: 3 Mar 1811 bap/o Catherine (b 24 Dec 1810) d/o John (lab) & Jane, Abenbury Vechan
               63 Holt:
               75 Marchwiel:
               79 Gresford: 24 May 1773 bur/o Elizabeth, Issacoed
               81A+B Hope:
YOUDE / YOUD contd
              132 Hanmer:
              133 Holt:
              138A Wrexham:
              155 Caerwys:
              167C Gresford: Ann, John, Peter;
              171 Bangor-on-Dee: Samuel;
              172 Holt:
              173 Holt: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Richad, Richard, Tho.;
              174 Holt: ---, Elizabeth, George, John, Mary, Richard, Richd, Roger;
              197 Hanmer: Elizabeth, Jane, John, Robert, Samuel;
YOUDE / YOUD contd
              231 Hope:
              302 Hawarden:
              303 Hawarden:
              305 Hawarden:
              311 Hawarden:
              319 Hawarden:
              342 Hawarden:
              347 Hawarden:
              348 Wrexham: 30 May 1778 mar. by Banns of William SPEED (x) (weaver) of Alford & Magt HUXLEY sp. otp
                                                                                  Wits: William YOUD, Edw'd EDWARDS
YOUDE / YOUD contd
              351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: John, Maria, Robert;
              353 Pentrobin: Dorothy, Evelyn, Samuel;
              358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Lilian;
              372 Wrexham: John;
              374 Wrexham: Anne Jane, Benjamin, Eliza, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Mary;
              384 Wrexham: 4 May 1867 bur/o Robert, aged 73, Beast Market;
                                    8 May 1869 bur/o John, aged 24, Sandbach, Cheshire
              393 Wrexham: 17 Feb 1881 bur/o Sarah, aged 63, W House
YOUDE / YOUD contd
              404 Wrexham: Thomas;
              405 Wrexham: Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Stanley, Thomas;
              406 Wrexham: Maria;
              407 Wrexham: Margaret Elizabeth, Stanley, Thomas;
             *408 Bangor-on-Dee: 24 Mar 1799 mar. by Lic. of
                                                               Thomas BROWN of Halghton, Hanmer & Ann Youd ALLEN (sig. M.A.YOUDE) otp
                                                               Wits: George BROWN, Annabilla BROWN
408 Bangor-on-Dee: 2 Jan 1792 mar. by Lic. of
                                                                 Edwd JONES (farmer otp & Mary YOUD (sig. YOUDE) sp. of Marchwiel
                                                                 Wits: William SMITH, John LLOYD
YOUDE / YOUD contd
              438A Broughton: Ann, Benjamin, Elizabeth, James Benjamin, John, Leslie, Lizzie, Samuel, Thomas, William;
                   B  Broughton: Benjamin, Elizabeth, Martha, Robert, Thomas;
              440A,B Hawarden
              441B Hope
              482 Hawarden
              483 Hawarden
              484 Hawarden
              489 Marchwiel
YOUDE / YOUD contd
              551A Hawarden
                   B Hawarden
              552B Wrexham: Mary, Rich;
                   C Wrexham: 10 Apr 1727 mar/o Richard YOUD & Mary LEWIES, Wrexham
                   D Wrexham: 12 Mar 1728/29 bur/o Mary, child of Richd (glazier), Wrexham Regis
              Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Beast Market: Robert     45   Shop keeper   born in County
                                                                                          Maria       35                       not born in County
                                                                                          Thomas     9                         born in County
                        1881Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
                        Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                        John, Higher Kinnerton, Yeo., Tuon*+Administration. 15 Feb 1814
                                                     (*Tui=Guardianships over orphaned minors - boys under 15, girls under 13)
                                        Thomas, Kinnerton. Farmer, July 1829
                        Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Dyer: George Youd, Watergate st
                                               Whitchurch: Wheelwright: Robert Youd, Doddington        

     YOUDE   16 Hawarden: Mary,Thomas;
                    36 Ruabon: 29 Sep 1775 bap/o Thomas Watkin s/o Thos (Revd) & Sarah, Plasmaddock
                                     30 Aug 1776 bap/o Edward Lloyd s/o Thomas (Revd) & Sarah, Plas Maddock
                                     24 Oct 1777 bap/o Charles Maddock s/o Thos (Revd) & Sarah, Plas Maddock
                                      5 Feb 1781 bap/o Sarah & Edward d&s/o Rev. Thos. & Sarah, Plas Maddock
                                     16 Sep 1783 bap/o Julia Elizabeth d/o Thos (Revd) & Sarah, Plas Madoc
                                      7 May 1787 bap/o Harriet d/o Revd. Mr. ---- & Sarah, Plas Madoc
                    38 Wrexham: Cath(erine), Mary, Peter;
53 Wrexham: Benjamin, Jane, John, Margaret, Thomas;
                    63A Holt:
                    67 Ruabon: 23 Apr 1806 bur/o Thomas (Rev) aged 69 of Plas Madoc
                    75 Marchwiel:
                    83 Ruthin:
                   101A+B Llanynys:
                   138A Wrexham:
                   161 Mold: Elizabeth, Mary, William;
                   165A+B Ruabon:
YOUDE contd
                   171 Bangor-on-Dee: Francis, Mary, Saml;
                   173 Holt: John, Richd;
                   197 Hanmer: Elizabeth, George, Samuel, Sarah;
                   201 Wrexham:
                   212 Llangollen:
                   233 Llanfwrog:
                   246 Llanfwrog:
                   266C Marchwiel: 27 Nov 1819 bur/o William, aged 79, otp
                   267 Ruthin:
YOUDE contd
                   302 Hawarden:
                   303 Hawarden:
                   307 Ruabon: 24 Oct 1777 bur/o Thos. Watkin, inf. of Plas Madock
                   319 Hawarden:
                   338 Llangollen:
                   340 Mold:
                   342 Hawarden:
                   347 Hawarden:
                   348 Wrexham: 18 Jan 1773 mar. by Banns of John DAVIES (x) (lab) wdr. of Gressford Psh
                                                                                   & Ann PHENIX (x) wid. otp
                                                                                      Wits: Thomas YOUDE, ---------- ----------
                   355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs:
                                         No. 348 Sacred to the memory of Sarah YOUDE only daughter and heiress of Jenkin LLOYD
                                                     of Cloh Faen in the county of Montgomery, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and
                                                     heiress of Edward LLOYD of Plas Madoc in this parish, Esq., and relict of the late
                                                     Rev. Thomas YOUDE who to the unspeakable grief of her afflicted and sorrowing family
                                                     departed this life 20th December 1837 in the 93rd year of her age.
                   364 Wrexham: Anne Jane, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Robert;
YOUDE contd
                   365 Wrexham: Charles, Elizth, Francis, Jane, John, Peter, Thomas;
                   366 Wrexham: Anne, Benjamin, Jane, John, Margaret, Maria, Robert, Sarah, Tho's, Thomas;

                   372 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Thomas;
                   374 Wrexham: Benjamin, John, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Mary Ann, Robert, Sarah, William, William Robert;
                   383 Ruthin: Dorothy, Eubule, John, Thomas;
                   388 Hawarden: 14 Jun 1629 bur/o Jane (wd)
                   393 Wrexham: 27 Aug 1880 bur/o Margaret, aged 72, 4 Willow Road
                                         23 May 1882 bur/o Samuel, aged 72, 14 Lambpit St.
YOUDE contd
                   400 Wrexham: 27 Aug 1826 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                            Edward HUGHES (x) (moulder) ba. & Martha YOUDE (x) sp., both otp
                                                            Wits: William HUGHES, Rebecca HUGHES (x)
                                         28 Sep 1828 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                            Benjamin YOUDE (farmer) ba. & Margaret JONES sp., both otp
                                                            Wits: Robert YOUDE (x), Mary YOUDE (x)
                   404 Wrexham: Benjamin, Hannah;
                   407 Wrexham: Elizabeth, William;

                  *408 Bangor-on-Dee: 24 Mar 1799 mar. by Lic. of
                                                             Thomas BROWN of Halghton, Hanmer & Ann Youd ALLEN (sig. M.A.YOUDE) otp
                                                             Wits: George BROWN, Annabilla BROWN
                   408 Bangor-on-Dee: 2 Jan 1792 mar. by Lic. of
                                                                 Edwd JONES (farmer otp & Mary YOUD (sig. YOUDE) sp. of Marchwiel
                                                                 Wits: William SMITH, John LLOYD
YOUDE contd
                   410 Wrexham: John;
                   411 Wrexham: Ann, Catharine, Margaret, Mary;
                   412 Wrexham: George, Thomas;
                   413 Mold: 15 May 1815 bur/o Mary, aged 1 year
427 Ruabon: Sarah;
434A Bangor-on-Dee: Mary;
                  *438A Broughton: 22 Apr 1839 bur/o Martha Youde BAILEY, aged 20, d/o John (verger) & Mary, Bretton
                                              5 Feb 1887 bur/o William Youde MUDFORD, aged 4 mo., Bretton
                    438A Broughton: 24 May 1887 bur/o John YOUDE, Saltney
                        B Broughton: Martha Bailey, Thomas;
                   440A Hawarden
                   442C Bangor on Dee
                   444 Ruabon
                   450 Llanycil
                   452 Whitford
                   484 Hawarden
YOUDE contd
                   553 Gresford: Elizabeth, Ellen, Mary;
                   561B Marchwiel: 8 Apr 1848 mar/o Daniel ROBERTS (lab) ba of Bedwell s/o Robert ROBERTS (lab)
                                                                      &  Ann YOUDE (servant) sp of Bedwell d/o Robert YOUDE (stonemason)
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Ruabon: Mrs --- Youde, Plasmadoc
                            1841 Census Wrexham Town: Wrexham Fechan: Benjn.        30   Farmer   born in County
                                                                                                    Margaret     30                born in County
                                                                                 + Thomas 8, Margaret 5, Benjamin 3 - all born in County
  1881Census Saltney, Flintshire/Cheshire:
Gresford MIs: Grave List ?1920, Row No. 19:
                            Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                          Elizabeth, Higher Kinnerton, Sp., 27 Jan. 1814
                                          John, Higher Kinnerton. Administration Bond, 16 Feb 1805
                                          John, Higher Kinnerton. Will. 1838
                                          Thomas, Higher Kinnerton. Farmer. 31 Aug 1816
YOUDE contd
     YOUDS  53 Wrexham: 13 Dec 1809 bur/o John c/o John, Abenbury Vechan
                 124 Mold:
     YOULD 76A Mold:
     YOWD 173 Holt: John, Thomas, William;
                 388 Hawarden: 15 Jan 1658? mar/o John YOWD of Aston & Elizabeth SHONE of Pentrobin
     YOWDS 383 Ruthin: 19 Sep 1716 mar/o Roger YOWDS of Chester & Mary TWAINBROOKS otp
     YUDE 174 Holt: 12 Jan 1763 bur/o Ann w/o George, Isycoed


Youghal, Ireland
     YEONALL 534 Bagillt
     YEONEL 534 Bagillt
     YOULE 292 Rhosymedre:


     YEONG 525 Whitford
     YONDE 373 Wrexham: Charles; (but might be for YOUDE)
     YONG  81B Hope:
               157A Hanmer:
               168B Hope:
               206A Hanmer: Edward, Ellenour, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Randle, Rowland, Thomas;
               368 Abergele: 9 Aug 1730 bap/o Anne d/o Mathew & Catherine of Dolganer
               377 Holywell: James, Jane, John, Mary, Mathew;
               403 Holywell: Anne, Henry, Jacob, James, John, Matthew, Thomas, Ursula;
               422p Hanmer: 12 Nov 1570 bap/o Joan base d/o Robt Yong & Gwen vch Shone
                                     14 Jan 1571/72 bap/o John eldest s/o Thomas Yong Croxton & Margaret, of Croxton
                                     28 Dec 1596 bap/o Davydd base s/o Richard Yong otp & Elizabeth vch Ellice of Bangor Psh
2 Jul 1599 bap/o Margeret ALDERSLEY d/o John & Anne Yong
               422 Hanmer: Anne, Edward, Elenor, Frannces, Jane, John, Margeret, Richard, Robt, Rondulphe, Thomas, Willm;
               423 Hanmer: 22 Aug 1575 mar/o Robt. YONG & Elyn GERVES
                                  19 Apr 1594 bur/o Gwenhoyvar (wd - a verry honest woman)
                                  29 Oct 1599 bur/o Angharad (an ould wd)
                                  20 Aug 1600 bur/o John s/o Richard
               424 Hanmer: Elnor, Ermyne, Humfrey, John, Richard, Robert, Tho, Thomas, William;
               425A Hanmer: 15 Sep 1604 mar/o John EDWARDS & Elisabeth YONG
                    B Hanmer: Ellen, Humphrey, John, Robert, William;
               436B Hope: Catherine, Elis, Ellis, Jane, Margaret;
               488 Hope
               506B Abergele
     YONGE  30 Wrexham: Ellis, Penelope;
                 *39 Halkyn: Harriet Yonge PIERCE
                  81B Hope:
                 128 Treuddyn:
                 138A Wrexham:
                 156 Hanmer:  1 Jun 1709 mar/o John YONGE & Elizabeth LLOYD both otp
                                    11 Feb 1710/11 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas
                                    22 Feb 1711/12 bap/o Thomas s/o John, Bronington
                                     5 Jul 1713 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas
                                     5 Mar 1716/17 mar/o John YONGE & Elizabeth JONES both otp
                 157A Hanmer:
                 168B Hope:
                 175D Llandyrnog:
                 206A Hanmer: Jane, John, Mary, Tho, Thomas;
                      B Hanmer: Elizabeth, Humphrey, Jane, Rowland, Thomas;
                 222 St. Asaph:
                 304 Wrexham:
                 308 Bodfari: 2 Apr 1769 bur/o Robert (inf.), of Geinas
                 320 Hope:
                 346 Hawarden: Anne, Harry;
                 348 Wrexham:
                 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Catherine;
                 365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellis, Hannah, John, Thomas;
                 372 Wrexham: Ellis, John;
                 373 Wrexham: Tho's;
                 374 Wrexham: 11 Dec 1843 bap/o Emma d/o Thomas (gardener) & Susannah, Acton
                 378 Holywell: 3 Sep 1726 bap/o Joseph s/o Edward, Greenfield
                 393 Wrexham: 30 Dec 1878 bur/o Catherine, aged 79, Erddig Road
                 399 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellis, George, Hannah, Henry, John, Mary, William;
                 410 Wrexham: George;
                 417 Wrexham: Ellis;
                 422p Hanmer: 21 Jun 1574 bap/o Margaret HOPKYN d/o John & Alyse Yonge
                 422 Hanmer: Edd, Edward, Elisabeth, Gwen, Humfrey, Margeret, Marye, Robt, Roger, Thomas;
                 423 Hanmer: St. Andrews Day 1563 (30 Nov) mar/o Thomas ap Shone & Elizabeth YONGE
                                     3 Sep 1596 bur/o Gwen w/o Edward
                 424 Hanmer: Mrs ---, Anne, Edward, Elianor, Elizabeth, Gwen Hymffrey, Humphrey, Jane, John, Mary,
                                    Richard, Rondle, Thomas, Willm;
                 425A Hanmer: 23 Oct 1615 mar/o Roger GRYFFYTH s/o Roger, & Mary YONGE d/o Thomas of Croxton
                      B Hanmer: Anne, David, Edward, Humphrey, Jane, John, Jone, Richard, Thomas;
                 436B Hope: Anne, Barbara, Dorothy, Ellis, Frances, Jane, John, Richard, William, Wm;
                 470A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                 480 Rhuddlan
                 488 Hope
                 538C Llangar
                 552B Wrexham: Churchwarden: 1708-10, 1710-11  Willliam YONGE
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Ellis, Esq., Acton   1792
     YONGER 513B Rhuddlan
YOUNG contd
     YONGUE 81B Hope:
     YOUG 157A Hanmer:
     YOUNG  7 Llanferres: Jane;
                 12 Llangollen: Susanna;
                 18 Hawarden: Jane, Mary;
                 26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Jane;
                 30 Wrexham: Barbra, Ellis;
                *31 Hawarden: Frederick Young TRIGG
                 31 Hawarden: Jane, Mary;
                 38 Wrexham: John, Mary, Tho;
                 40 Hawarden: Sarah;
  61 Ruabon:
                 62 Flint: Charles, Edward, Ellinor, James, Jane, Thomas, William;
                 63B Holt:
                 66A Penley:
                 74 Flint: Edward, Ellinor, John, William;
                 76A Mold:
                 79 Gresford: 14 Aug 1804 bur/o James
YOUNG contd
                101A+B Llanynys:
                108B Minera Chapel: Susana;
                127B Mold:
                132 Hanmer:
                138B Wrexham: 4 May 1791 bur/o Margaret, Stansty
                151 Hanmer:  4 Dec 1769 mar. by Banns of George PRESTON (x) & Sarah WILLIAMS, both otp
                                                                                Wits: John YOUNG, Wm SEERTON (x)
                                    4 Aug 1771 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WYNN & Elizabeth VERNON (x), both otp
                                                                            Wits: John YOUNG, Mary VERNON (x)
                                    6 Mar 1782 bur/o Eliz d/o Wm & Martha otp
                                    8 Jul 1784 mar. by Banns of James PENLINGTON & Sarah YOUNG, both otp
                                                                              Wits: John JEPSON, Peter HIGGINS
                152 Hanmer: Charles, Elizabeth, George, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Thos, William, Wm;
                156A Hanmer: Edward, John, Katherine, Sarah, Tho, Thomas, William;
                     B Hanmer:  1 Jan 1718/19 mar/o Edward CARTWRIGT & Eleanor YOUNG both otp
                                      3 Aug 1725 mar by Banns of John BYCOT (day lab) & mary YOUNG sp., both otp
                                     22 Apr 1731 mar by Banns of Thomas YOUNG wdr & Anne ap Evan wid., both otp
                                      5 May 1736 mar by Banns of John THOMAS wdr & Elizabeth YOUNG wid., both of Bronington
                157A Hanmer:
                159 Holywell:
                163A Ruabon:
                165A Ruabon:
                167C Gresford: Henry;
                168B Hope:
YOUNG contd
                188A Halkyn:
                189 Holywell: 28 May 1806 bap/o Margt WILLIAMS (b 26) d/o John & Mary (YOUNG), Greenfield
                191A+C+D Ruabon:
                197 Hanmer: Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                206A Hanmer: Margaret, Mary, Randle, Thomas;
                     B Hanmer: (Wid) ----, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Rowland, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                207 Hanmer:
                215 Llanrhydd:
                216A+B Erbistock:
                222 St. Asaph:
                228 St. Asaph:
                229A+C St. Asaph:
                243 Hanmer:
                245A Llanrhydd:
                251A+B Corwen:
                256 Corwen:
                267 Ruthin:
YOUNG contd
                292 Rhosymedre:
                303 Hawarden:
                304A Wrexham: Wyhos;
                306 Holywell:
                307 Ruabon:
                308 Bodfari: Henry, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Thomas, Thos, Wm;
                310 Gresford:
                311 Hawarden:
YOUNG contd
               *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 9 Aug 1868 bap/o Amelia JONES d/o James (clerk in holy orders) & Olivia Young, Rhos
                316 Flint:
                317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                321 Llanasa:
                331 Ysceifiog:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: David Young SELKIRK
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Margaret Ann, William Charles;
                341 Ruabon:
                348 Wrexham: 28 Apr 1777 mar. by Banns of (Rev) William Davies SHIPLEY,(Dean of St. Asaph) ba. otp
                                                                                 & Penelope YOUNG (Mis) (sig. YONGE) sp. otp
                                                                                    Wits: Ellis YONGE, John EDWARDS
                351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Hannah;
               *356 Ruabon: John Young PARFREY
               *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ann Young LLOYD
                358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Graham;
               *359 Rhosymedre: William Young HUGHES
YOUNG contd
                360 Llangollen: Mary;
                363 Penycae: David, Priscilla, William;
                364 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Emma;
                370 Wrexham: Alfred, Ann, Charles, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emily, Emily Caroline, Henry, Margaret, Mary Ann,
                                      Mary Jane, Susanna(h), T-----, Thomas, William;
                371 Llangollen: 11 Nov 1866 mar. by Banns of David John YOUNG (clogger) ba/24 otp s/o John (shoemaker)
                                                                                & Mary ROBERTS sp/23 otp d/o John (mason)
                372 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
                373 Wrexham: Martha;
                374 Wrexham: Charles, Eliza, Elizabeth, Frederick, George, Hannah, James, John, Mary Anne, Sarah,
                                      Susanna, Thomas, Walter;
                375 Wrexham: Agnes, Eliza, Margaret, William;
                377 Holywell: Charles, Edward, Jane, John, Mary;
                378 Holywell: Charles, Ed(ward), Elizabeth, Harry, John, Margt, Reuben, Tho;
                379 Wrexham: Benjamin, David, Edith Maud, Elizabeth Clara, Ellen, Sarah, William;
YOUNG contd
               *380 Wrexham: 5 Feb 1906 bap/o Patrick Noel Young CRAIG (b 19 Dec 1905)
                                                  s/o Donald (colliery director) & Violet Mabel Thurlow, Richmond House
                380 Wrexham: David, David Cyril, Edith May, Ellen, Florence May, Sarah, William:
                383 Ruthin: 20 May 1686 bur/o Edward;
                                    5 Sep 1694 bur/o George;
                384 Wrexham: 14 Dec 1866 bur/o Thomas, aged 48, Beast Market
                                       12 Oct 1867 bur/o John, aged 42, Union
                                       11 Oct 1869 bur/o Thomas, aged 50, Pentrefelyn
                                       15 Aug 1871 bur/o John, aged 30, Workhouse
                386 Ruabon: 18 Apr 1849 mar. by Banns of David YOUNG (brassworker) ba. of Afoneithaf s/o William (gasfitter)
                                                                            & Elizabeth THOMAS sp. of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o William (skinner)
                393 Wrexham: 21 Mar 1882 bur/o Alfred, infant, Manley Road
YOUNG contd

               401 Wrexham: Christmas, David, Jo's;
               402A Denbigh: Robert;
               403 Holywell: Jane, John, Richard;
               404 Wrexham: Benjamin, David, Florence May, Priscilla;
              *405 Wrexham: 11 Dec 1889 bap/o Frank Young GRIFFITHS (b Jan 1887)
                                                                                              s/o Richard Robert (draper) & Sunnie, Church Street
               405 Wrexham: Annie Eliza, Thomas John Edward, Winifred Amelia;
               407 Wrexham: Daisy, Gertrude, William;
               410 Wrexham: John;
               411 Wrexham: Ellis, Letitia, Walter;
               412 Wrexham: Charles, Penelope, William;
               414 Mold:  4 May 1834 bur/o Isaac, aged 32
                               1 May 1837 mar. by Banns of Samuel MANLEY ba. & Eleanor YOUNG sp., both otp
                                                                           Wits: Robert HUGHES (x), Mary WILLIAMS (x)
               415 Northop: 14 Nov 1801 mar. by Banns of Samuel PIERCE (x) ba. & Elizabeth CHATHRAL (x) sp., both otp
                                                                               Wits: John YOUNG (x), Margt WILLIAMS (x)
               416 Ruabon: 25 Dec 1895 mar. by Banns
                                                      Joseph PUGH (lithographer) ba/23 of Wrexham s/o Edward PUGH (lab)
                                                      Mary YOUNG sp/26 otp d/o Moses YOUNG (lab)
YOUNG contd
               424 Hanmer: Anne, Ellinor, Humphry, Hanna, Katherin, Margeret, Marget, Richard, Thomas, William;
               425A Hanmer: 9 Aug 1629 mar/o Thomas YOUNG otp & Elizabeth NASHE of Wem
                    B Hanmer: Elen, Elizabeth, Hanna, Humphrey, John, Margart, Mary, Richard, Tho;
               426 Hanmer: Anne, Eliz, Hannah, John, Martha, Mary, Ottewell, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm;
429B Ysceifiog: Thomas;
               436A Hope: Griffyth;
                    B Hope: Catherine, Edward, John;
               438A Broughton: 15 Jul 1863 bur/o Daniel (blacksmith) aged 75 years of Glynne Arms Inn, Broughton
               440A Hawarden
               445 Wrexham: ---?;
               449 Trelawnyd
               465A Halkyn
               474A Gresford
YOUNG contd
               486 Bistre
               487 Gwersyllt
               491A Henllan
               493 Llantysilio
Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
               498 Bodfari
YOUNG contd
               500B Holywell
               501 Northop
               504B Llannefydd
               506A Abergele
               510A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                    B Llandrillo  yn Rhos
               517A Llanasa
                    C Llanasa
               521 St Asaph
               523A Llansanffraid Glan Conway
               525 Whitford
               532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
               533A Overton
               534 Bagillt
               546 Bodfari
YOUNG contd
               550 Gresford: Ann, George;
               552B Wrexham: John, Mary;
                    D Wrexham: 18 Jan 1705/06 bur/o Mary PRYCE, Hope St (servant to Mrs ----- YOUNG)
                                         1 Oct 1720 bur/o Mary, child of John, Wrexham Regis
                                        24 Oct 1722 bur/o Daniell, Ye Green
               553 Gresford: Elizabeth, Lake;
    Misc: North Wales 1835 Beaumaris: Circulating library: Margt Young, Castle st
                                                    Rhyddlan & Rhyl: Miss Barbara Young, Bodryddan
                         1841 Census Wrexham Town: Chester Street: Thomas      20   Labourer   born in County
                                                                                              Elizabeth    25                  born in County
                                                                                              George         2                  born in County
                                                                       Pentreffelin:  William   18   Tanner's J.   born in County
                                                                                          Henry     16    Ag. Lab.      born in County
                                                                                          Charles   14      -do-          born in County                 
                                                                                          Mary         5                     born in County
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                        Edward, Halghton   1612
                                                                                        Humphrey, Yeo, Hanmer   1713
                                                                                        Jane, Wid, Hanmer   1703
                                                                                        John, Bettisfield    1749
                                                                                        John, Yeo, Hanmer   1662
                                                                                        Thomas, Hanmer   1680
                                                                                        Thomas, Worthenbury   1681
                          Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Ladies' Day & Boarding School F. M. Young, St. John's Hill
                                                     Shrewsbury: Coal Merchant: George Young, Canal wharf
YOUNG contd
     YOUNGE  17 Llanarmon yn Ial: William;
                     46A Worthenbury:
                     53 Wrexham: 2 Jun 1811 bap/o David (b 15 May) s/o John (sawyer) & Hannah, Stansty
                    132 Hanmer:
                    151 Hanmer:  8 Aug 1755 mar. by Lic. of William YOUNGE (x) & Mary DAVIES (x), both otp
                                                                                Wits: Robert MADDOCKS, Matthew JENKIN
                                       16 Dec 1755 mar. by Banns of William STRETCH & Catherine YOUNGE (x), both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Matthew JENKIN, Mary SHONE (x)
                                         4 Oct 1783 mar. by Banns of David YOUNGE (x) & Elizabeth RICHARDS (x), both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Peter HIGGINS, Thomas JENKIN
                    152 Hanmer: Anne, Attywell, Mary, Sarah, William, Wm;
                    177 Whitford:
                    201 Wrexham:
                    206B Hanmer: Mary;
                    207 Hanmer:
                    246 Llanfwrog:
                    248 Llanfwrog:
                    268 Wrexham: Mary;
                    304C Wrexham: May;
                    306 Holywell:
                    307 Ruabon:
                    308 Bodfari: Edward, John, Margaret, Margt, Thomas, Willm;
                    318 Henllan:
                    348 Wrexham: YOUNGE sic. see YOUNG 348 Wrexham
                    364 Wrexham: Hannah, John;
                    373 Wrexham: Mary;
                    374 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Frances, George, Henry, John, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, Walter;

                                          23 Jun 1849 bap/o Robert JONES (YOUNGE) base s/o Henry YOUNGE (lab)
                                                                                    & Elizabeth JONES, Street Draw
                    411 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John, Mary;
                    419 Halkyn: 1 May 1634 mar/o Ellis ap Thomas IEUAN, Caervallwch & Elinor YOUNGE otp
                    423 Hanmer: 18 Nov 1589 bur/o Thomas (a fine honest gentleman)
                    425B Hanmer: Elizabeth, Thomas;
                    436B Hope: Jane, William;
                    462 Bodfari
                    488 Hope
                    500B Holywell
                    552B Wrexham:11 Feb 1706/07 bap/o  Daniol PHILLIPS (YOUNGE) (b 6) s/o Baxter YOUNGE of Wrexham Abbot & Hanna PHILLIPS of Penybrin
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Gwenhwyvar, Wid, Tybroughton    1594
YOUNG contd
     YOUNGER 315 Ruabon:
     YOUNGRE 364 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
     YOUNGS *374 Wrexham:
                             24 May 1848 bap/o John Youngs PARFREY s/o Benjamin Richard (farmer) & Sarah, Esclusham above

     YONGHUSBAND 4 Llangollen: Margt;
     YOUNGHUSBAND 212 Llangollen:


Yoxall, Staffordshire

     YOXON 551B


YVES masc. a yew tree (French-Germanic) - no references found to date so see EAVES for now

YVONNE  fem. form of Yves - Claremont
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Yvonne GREEN, Yvonne WADCOCK
      *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Marjorie Yvonne ROWELL